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Nursery Dresser Organization Update

I’ve gotten some questions about Owen’s nursery organization dresser recently. Some people wanted to know if it’s still as organized as it was when he was first born. Others wanted to know if it looks the same. So I thought I’d share how it looks now that Owen is 7 months old.

You can see how I initially organized the nursery dresser here.

I forgot to snap an updated photo of the exterior of the dresser (IKEA Hemnes in white stain), but it looks mostly the same. However, all of his shoes are now in his closet.

ikea dresser nursery

The diaper drawer hasn’t changed– there’s still a plethora of diapers in it. I used to store a couple packages of wipes in the drawer, but I keep all of those in his closet now.

diaper organization

This drawer is also pretty much the same. Wash cloths, changing pads, diaper bags, bulb syringes, and diaper rash creams (which we’ve never had to use, thank goodness, but I don’t want to get rid of just in case).

organized dresser

This drawer used to be dedicated to all of his newborn sized clothes. Now it’s for his pajamas which are size 12 month and 12-18 month, depending on the brand. Tear.

organized nursery

What used to be his 0-3 clothes drawer is now his burpy bibs and burp cloth drawer. Thankfully, he doesn’t require these as often, but I highly recommend stocking up on burp cloths for the early months. Holy spit up, Batman.

nursery organization

His miscellaneous drawer hasn’t changed much. Although he’s added more hats to his collection.

nursery organization 3

I put the clothes he’s currently wearing in this drawer– pants, short-sleeved onesies, long-sleeved onesies, extra burp cloths, baby legs (which he, unfortunately, can’t fit into because he has meaty thighs), socks, and some extra pajamas that are currently a smidge too big.

nursery dresser 2

Owen’s bibs, bibdanas, aden and anais swaddle blankets, and clothes that have been washed, but he’s not fitting in yet, are in the bottom right drawer.

dresser organization 1

The blankets, crib sheets, and Boppy covers drawer hasn’t changed much either.

nursery dresser 1

So as you can see, the dresser is still organized but I’ve moved some things around.

I don’t feel like it’s hard to keep it organized, especially with the IKEA Skubb organizers. I LOVE these drawer organizers. They provide designated places for everything. And I like how I can swap them out and move them around to organize different things within the drawers. Rolling his clothes and folding the other items certain ways helps everything remain tidy within the organizers.

We’re still very happy with the dresser itself. It’s starting to show some wear where we stand to change Owen’s diapers but it’s not that big of a deal to us, especially because we only paid $229 for the dresser.

You can see Owen’s entire nursery here.

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Organized dresser!

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  1. Great job keeping everything together! I still love the wall color you chose, looks great. I can’t believe he is SEVEN MONTHS old!!

  2. I love Owens nursery! Love that dresser. I love how organized it is. I wish we had Ikea here in South Africa. They have such stunning stuff at really affordable prices.

    Don’t get rid of the diaper rash creams. Diaper rashes come so quickly and I am sure he is starting to eat more and more solid food and more variety too. My son got a diaper rash recently as he is obsessed with Pepper dews from the garden and they are quite spicy and now that his last molars are coming through at 20 Months diaper rash creams are always on hand.

    Can’t Believe that Owen is 7 Months already!! Where has the time gone?!?

    1. You should start a petition for an IKEA. 🙂

      Noted on the diaper cream. I’m just happy we haven’t had to use it yet.

      I know. It feels like he was born last week.

  3. I hope when I have kids I can be this organized. I can’t believe Owen is already 7 months old! He is such a cutie!

    1. The Skubb organizers make all the difference. His dresser would be a hot mess if I didn’t have them. I can’t believe he’s 7 months either. The time has gone by too quickly.

  4. Ashley Bee says:

    I use Skubb organizers in my pantry of all places… PERFECT size/depth for standard wire pantry shelves and a variety of sizes. (I use the black so they don’t look dingy.)

    He’s getting so big – I also can’t believe he’s 7 months already!

  5. Thanks for providing this update– in my second trimester now and strongly leaning toward the Hemnes dresser (as opposed to dressers I’ve been looking at on Craigslist that just aren’t quite right). Love that the Skubb organizers are still working out and are functioning well as things get changed around a bit. I want the white dresser (as opposed to the white stain that you have), so now I just have to figure out a white crib that won’t clash with the slightly off-white normal Ikea white. 🙂 Thanks for all the nursery/baby organizational info, I find it very helpful.

    1. No problem! Best of luck finding a crib! I swear, I must’ve logged 30+ hours researching and agonizing over furniture choices, mainly the crib and glider.

  6. We use the Skubbs everywhere. You’ll fine they’re very nice for corralling smaller toy parts when Owen is older. I used to buy a set every time we went to Ikea. I think I finally have enough. 🙂 I can’t decide if I like the easier to clean vinyl fabric they use now or the old school heavier but nicer feeling canvas.

    1. I’m already using a small one in the freezer for his teethers. Hah! I’m so glad I stocked up on them when we went almost a year ago. I’m hoping I can talk Brad into another trip this spring to get more stuff.

  7. I love the Skubb organizers! I gifted them to my best friend for her nursery dresser based on your recommendation and she swears by them!

    1. Hah! I was picking up what you were putting down. 🙂 We don’t have an IKEA near us either. The closest one is in Cincinnati, and that’s 2 hours away. So we try to go once a year. If I can’t make it my best friend, who lives in Chicago, will make a run for me and bring the stuff down when she visits.

  8. I just adore his nursery! I’m due in September, and I find myself browsing your nursery/baby posts more and more as time goes by. They’re pretty useful.

  9. Wow! props to keeping it organized! I did the same with my first child and then the second came along, and all organization went out the window. We still keep the close pretty organized but not like before.

  10. Great blog post! I’m impressed at how organised you’ve stayed with a little one keeping you up at night! I’ve mentioned the IKEA Skubb Organisers in my latest blog post, mentioning this blog post at the end for more inspiration.

  11. First of all, I love your blog! 🙂

    Secondly, I love the Skubb organizers too! I use them in both of my kids room, and just recently made my sister buy some for herself & her two boys. They are the best. Like you, I love the flexibility of being able to move them around, and I think they’re quite durable as well.

    Here is a post I did on my daugther’s room, with the Skubb organizers: http://organizingplus123.blogspot.com/2015/01/peek-inside-professional-organizers.html

  12. I am working on my first nursery, and I would love to buy a dresser instead of a changing table like you did. I have a silly question though, does the pad slip all over the place when you are changing him since it doesn’t have any thing holding it in? Did you use anything to keep it from moving?

    1. Our changing pad (a hand-me-down from a friend) has a strap that we secured to the back of the dresser with a screw. We still always keep a hand on Owen when we’re changing him because I’m more afraid of him propelling himself off the dresser.

  13. You are so organized! I love it! I can’t wait to do this to my baby’s dresser 🙂 thanks for the inspiration!!

  14. Hi! I’d really love to make some burp cloths for my wee one as well as my god-daughter. Where can I find fabrics similar to the gorgeous ones you have? Thanks!

  15. Megan Browning says:

    Any advice on how to roll baby clothes like you do?

  16. Rachel Milstead says:

    My little man is due in about a month so I’ve been re-reading all your baby and pregnancy blog posts! I got a few of your handmade burp cloths last week at my baby shower from Kristin (thanks!) Just to let you know … they are charging $17.54 for the 6-pack of the Ikea drawer organizers now!! I still think I’ll invest in them or find something similar from the dollar store or Wal-Mart. Thanks for all the info and helping me prepare!

  17. We are also considering using this dresser for a changing table and baby organizing station. How do you secure the changing table to the top of the dresser? Does it slip and slide around a lot with changing?

    1. Our changing pad (a hand-me-down from a friend) has a strap that we secured to the back of the dresser with a screw. It doesn’t slide around much because it’s secured. We still always keep a hand on Owen when we’re changing him because I’m more afraid of him propelling himself off the dresser.

  18. We have the exact same dresser and organizers but your tips are way better than what i did so i will be stealing! Haha. My question, i hate folding the lil clothes. How do you go about rolling such tiny things? And i wish i thought to put the kallax (sp?) in the closet, that would have saved us space. Thankfully we live 20 min from an IKEA!

  19. Emily Negus says:

    So glad I found your blogs. I’ve got the malm dresser from IKEA so only have 6 drawers but I was really panicking about how to organise them. I just have 2 questions.
    1) Do the drawer organisers fit my drawers?
    2) How do you roll the clothes (or have you got a link to a video) looks a lot better for space saving.
    Can’t wait to read the rest of your blogs!

  20. So I know it’s been a while since this post, but I’m wondering how you organized the drawers when your child was a toddler. What did you put in there? I copied your organization when my son was a baby but when he got older we hung all of his clothes and the drawers went to our newborn. Now both kids are toddlers and my older (almost 3) is going to switch to a regular bed and he’ll get the drawers back. I just can’t imagine what I’m going to put in there though since all of his clothes are hung. Any help you could give would be appreciated!

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