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Pantry Organization

On Wednesday, I shared my pantry makeover with you guys. Today I’m back to show you where everything is located in our pantry. Get excited!

organized pantry

I tried to keep like items together. They may not be on the same shelf, but they’re near each other (see “snacks”). I tried to put the items I use most higher on the shelves and the items I use the least on the lower shelves/floor. I’m tall, so reaching the top shelf isn’t an issue for me.

Pantry Organization

Yes, I have an entire bin dedicated to nut butters (peanut butter and almond butter). Trader Joe’s was out of my favorite almond butter for two months so when I recently went in, and to my surprise there were some available, I grabbed every single jar on the shelf (4 total). Don’t hate. A girl’s gotta have her almond butter.

The shelves are deep enough that I could line our bottles of booze along the wall and lay the wines in front. I keep a basket of koozies for when we have friends over and they need to keep their beers frosty. I put the basket on our kitchen island and everyone grabs a koozie. I’m basically the beer whisperer.

I keep a crate with tailgating supplies because it makes it so much easier when we go tailgating to just grab the crate instead of trying to find everything.

Pantry Organization

I store my vases upside down (to keep the dust out of them) on the top shelf of the pantry.

The small appliances I use most often (handheld mixer, food processor, large crockpot, small crockpot) are on the second shelf from the bottom.

I kept all of the paper plates, napkins, straws, and plastic cutlery together.

Serve ware I use for special occasions is stored on the floor.

pantry organization

Remember, this is how I chose to organize our pantry because it’s how it will work best for us. When organizing your pantry, do what will work best for you. If something isn’t working you can always change it.

GREAT pantry organization tips and tricks!

Has my snowed-in-induced pantry organization spurred anyone else to tackle theirs?

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  1. So need to take the time to do this and organize every kid closet in this house along with that! Looks great! Love the bin colors! they say blue is one of the most appetizing colors! I better choose green for my bins, or maybe red like “don’t do it” 🙂 haha!!

  2. Deb Myers says:

    Go HOOSIERS!!! (couldn’t concentrate on your presumably lovely pantry once i spotted that IU (cooler?) bag on the top shelf!!

  3. Christine F. says:

    beautiful! I have pantry envy…. 🙂 Mine is organized but is a third of the size of yours. I will say, I never thought to store appliances in the pantry – I am definitely going to see if I can make that work on my floor area in the pantry.

  4. Christine says:

    Your pantry looks awesome! Just wondering where you got those bins from?

  5. So very jealous of your pantry. And I love that you have enough koozies for a basket.
    I am the girl who will buy all the Peanut Butter Oat Bars on the rare occasions we’re in Indy and I can get to TJ’s, so no judging from me about the almond butter ;P

  6. I’m curious to know what is your must-haves for tailgating and what you keep in the basket!! always looking for ideas for tailgating/Jimmy Buffet concerts

  7. If my pantry was that large, organization would be no problem! My pantry is not even 1/5 that size! Give me a break!

  8. Looks great! Where did you find those baskets??

      1. Linda Alberts says:

        Love your pantry organization, love the bins! What did you use to label them and how did you attach the labels?

  9. I have been trying to figure out how to organize my pantry so that my husband will put everything back where he found it! The baskets using my own labels would be perfect! Thank you for the ideas!

  10. Woul love to know where you got your baskets…thanks in advance. I am in love with that color!!!!!

  11. Thanks for sharing! I just did mine based off your ideas. I’m embarrassed to say how many spices we have. I think this will help hubby (& me 😉 out a lot!

    Also, mine is quite large, which is why I think I ran into trouble in the first place.

  12. Gina wallace says:

    Simply beautiful !!

  13. Patricia Schroll says:

    I love your pantry. Mine is very small and it is impossible for me to do what you did. Well organized!!
    One thing I did do was all food that we have not eaten for months, I donated them for Christmas food baskets.

  14. I really found your information easy to read and loved the variety of photos! I don’t have quite your space, but I’m going to incorporate uniformity and some colour into my pantry- I like the Office Depot baskets! Great work!! ?

  15. I’m late to the party but WOW, your pantry is gorgeous. It doesn’t matter your pantry size the key is organizing it to fit your needs. Even small pantries can be organized. Love, love, love those baskets! 🙂 Do you label your baskets? I can’t tell if the label is on the picture or actually on the baskets. LOL Gorgeous. BTW, found your blog while searching for office ideas. Gorgeous, gorgeous decorating!

    1. Scratch the label statement, I went back and looked. LOL

  16. I love the soft teal crates….it helps create a uniform look and feel. I also appreciate that you shared your what foods or items you organized per crate.
    This gave me ideas to get started on. I moved in to my new home 1 year ago. Just getting unpacked was what mattered. NOW…I need to move to the next level and get my pantry organized.
    Thanks for a great inspiration.


  17. What brand are your wire shelves and did you buy them from a box/chain store?

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