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Coat Closet Organization

This post is brought to you by Command™ Brand. As always, opinions are 100% my own.

I recently decided to get my coat closet organization on and tackle the accessories in our entryway closet. In all honesty, this closet needs a major overhaul. Brad and I need to go through our coats and donate some of them. However, I decided to start with the winter accessories. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.

Here’s what the closet looked like before– all of our scarves, mittens, gloves, hats, etc. thrown on the top shelf. Super organized. When we’d try to grab a certain item, five other items most certainly didn’t simultaneously fall down, causing us to pick them up and put them back on the shelf. That never happened.

closet before

While I was organizing the closet, I decided it was time to say goodbye to the five pairs of gloves and various hats and scarves I haven’t worn in years. And I also asked Brad to get rid of some stuff he hadn’t worn in a while. We threw the unwanted items in a box to take to a donation center.

donation box

After taking inventory on the items we decided to keep, I came up with my organization idea.

And here’s what the closet looks like now:

closet after 2

Why yes, those are Spirit Fingerz gloves. Thanks for noticing.

Alright, here’s what you’ll need to complete this project:

• Cluttered closet items to organize such as hats, mittens, ear muffs, etc.
• Lightweight dowel rods cut to size – this project used two rods cut to 20 inches
• Spray paint in the color of your choice – this project used white
Small curtain rings with clips – this project used seven
Command™ Medium Wire Hooks – this project used four


If desired, spray paint the dowels in the color of your choice and set aside to dry. This project used white spray paint. NOTE: Be sure to follow all manufacturer instructions on the paint can.

Remove small, easily misplaced items such as hats, gloves, ear muffs, etc. from cluttered closet shelves.

Determine where you plan to create additional storage and follow all surface prep instructions on the back of the packaging. This project took advantage of the space on the back of the closet door.

closet door before

Following the package instructions, adhere two Command™ Medium Wire Hooks to the inside of your closet door, placing them at the desired height directly across from each other.

closet door during 2

NOTE: If more than one hook is used to hold an item, make sure that the weight is evenly distributed between the hooks. Hooks need to be level when holding rods. When more than one hook is used to hold an item, the total weight capacity remains the same as one hook.”

Repeat step 2 to adhere two more hooks several inches below the first to allow space for the items to hang.

closet door during 1

Once the dowels are dry, slide 3-4 curtain rings onto the rods. Then, hang lightweight items such as hats, mittens, gloves and ear muffs on the clips.

closet door after 2

Place the first dowel on the top two hooks, ensuring that the items are evenly spaced across the rod. Repeat to hang the second rod.

closet door after 3

I put the scarves I wanted to keep in this extra basket I had laying around. Now, when I need I scarf, I can just pull the basket down, grab what I need, put the basket back, and head out to the frozen Indiana tundra.

scarf basket

closet after 1

This post is brought to you by Command™ Brand. As always, opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Me encanta…..gran idea porque los guantes y bufandas, siempre desaparecen. gracias. bsos

  2. Our entry closet doors are the ones that open v style if that makes sense, so I can’t do this project here (though I do have other closets with normal doors). I bought 3 clear plastic bins that are a little larger than a shoe box and I labeled one for each person in the house and that’s where I keep the hats, gloves and scarves. I’m thinking this would be a good idea for my excessive scarf collection in my bedroom closet though.

  3. CHELSEA! This is genius. Seriously, the most genius closet organizing tip i’ve ever seen in my life. Dramatic, no? 🙂 But really, we have baskets chalk-full of cold weather gear and I can never find what I need, this is such a pretty solution! Totally implementing this come cool weather. (Which should be soon, right? My pregnant self might die of heat stroke before summer ends!) Thanks for sharing!


    1. So glad you like the idea! Ugh, I don’t miss being super pregnant during the hottest months of the year. Fingers crossed our next kid is a spring baby. Hah! Stay cool!

  4. So clever. I love using otherwise wasted space!

  5. Well, I’ll be stealing this idea for my upcoming coat closet overhaul. Looks like we have the same set up and I hate it. It’s so small and cramped and crammed!

  6. Chelsea! You’re a genius! I have our gloves on command hooks on the back of our coat closet door, but they are constantly falling off. The curtain clips + dowel?! Genius, I say! 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Such a great idea! I’ll be keeping this in mind when I eventually organize my closets.

  8. Sarah Kressaty says:

    That is one great idea!!! I am going to do that in my coat closet!! Looks like we have the same shelf!! You can get foam board at the Dollar Tree and cut it to fit the shelf (or any you have like that) to keep things from falling thru. Just started doing that!! Keep up the good work!!! Hugs to that cute Owen!!

  9. SO smart to have the gloves hanging on a clip together! I have our gloves in a gloves basket but i always struggle to find a match!

  10. I love the closet door idea. It will make it easy to find the right gloves/mittens and hat for the weather conditions.

  11. I love how you transformed this closet! It looks nice and makes everything so much easier to grab and go.

  12. Great idea! I hoard those command wire hooks, they are SO freaking handy! I have a bunch and some heavy duty clothes pins with loops on them. I’m going to use the pair to get our gloves and ear muffs out of the basket mess at the top of our closet. Thanks!

  13. Great idea, I love the creativity. Do you have any suggestions for organizing Christmas, birthday, etc. Cards that I would like to keep? Right now it’s all in a box.

  14. Hi Chelsea!

    I love your blog for a ton of reasons! Mainly, because I live in Indianapolis, in the exact same model as your home, I went to IU, and have a 6 month old baby boy. I sort of feel like your blog was designed to tell me how to lay out my own life! (Our names even rhyme… it’s
    Here’s where I’m stumped right now… I use this closet in MY house to store coats, but also to store the vacuum. It’s not the most convenient setup, but I’m not sure where else to put it. Where do you store yours?

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