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Two Twenty One Talk 007 : Reader Q&A

In this week’s episode of Two Twenty One Talk I’m answering some hard-hitting reader questions. And instead of me asking myself the questions and answering them, I asked my BFF, Natalie, to ask the questions. It makes things a little more interesting.

TTOT Reader Q&A

Here’s the links to stuff I talked about in this episode:

Owen’s personalized name blanket

our vacuum

And I said I’d link to something else but I forgot what it was so if you happen to listen to this episode let me know the mystery thing I need to link to.

I promised photos of Natalie and me, some dating back to 2004, so here you go!natalie and me collage o fun

If you have a potential love interest for Natalie, shoot me an email ([email protected]). I’m not kidding.

If you enjoy the TTOT podcast, I’d LOVE for you to take a couple minutes and leave a positive review on iTunes.

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  1. Welp that’s a really great pic of me in the background there. 😉

  2. We have that vacuum too. love it!

  3. I’m so pleased I made my way into not just one but TWO episodes! 😀 #beerfridge

  4. You two are hilarious!

  5. So looking for ideas for who to interview? I was going to suggest you but clearly you’re already on top of that! How about Jordan from funcheaporfree.com?

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