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Pantry Makeover

Hey, friends! Today I’m sharing a fun before and after makeover with you– our pantry.

Since I’ve been trapped in our house since Saturday morning (thanks to Snowpocalypse/Polar Vortex/etc.), I figured what better way to spend my time than overhauling our pantry. Trust me, it needed it.

Let’s begin by ripping the Band Aid right off– the before picture. I’m obviously not proud of the before picture because it’s very hoarderish. As you’ll see, this overhaul was majorly needed. I hated going into our pantry get something because it made me anxious, but it was a monster I created. It’s just so easy to shut the door, well when something wasn’t in the way, and forget about the hot mess that was our walk-in pantry.

Pantry Organization

Did that image make you feel anxious, like how I feel after watching Hoarders? Did you say “Oh. My. Gosh.” out loud?

I don’t blame you.

Now, let me redeem myself with the after image.

organized pantry

Isn’t she pretty?

I used bins that are very similar to these for the majority of the storage. The bins are the perfect size for our shelves and they hold the right amount of items. Oh, and I’m in love with the blue color.

pantry organization

I organized the pantry into sections so like items are near each other. Click here for my detailed post on how I have everything organized and what is in each bin.


I also added a fun magnetic dry erase board so I can write down items we need.

pantry message board

Since we have wire shelving, I always had to lay my cookbooks down on the shelves so they wouldn’t slip through. Then I had an aha moment– magazine files. Genius, if I do say so myself.

cookbook organization

Now I’m determined to keep the pantry organized and clutter free.

You wouldn’t believe the giant box of items I need to donate after going through this room. But I’m happy about that. I feel so much better after getting rid of stuff I haven’t used in forever.

pantry organized with bins

And for fun, here’s a side-by-side before and after shot.

pantry before and after

CLICK HERE to see how I decided to organize the pantry and exactly where everything is!

Organized pantry makeover!

So, what do you think about the pantry makeover?

Organized pantry makeover!

This post was brought to you by Office Depot. As always, opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Stunning! Love all the blue. Cannot wait to come back to read how it’s all organized!!!

    1. Don’t worry about you pantry being a mess, you should see mine.. LOL!! But I love what you did with yours, it gives me hope that I could do the same for mine. Thank you for sharing and giving others hope of doing something that is easy enough to do our self’s.

  2. What a difference those baskets made. It looks awesome. And, I am LOVING those blue baskets. I might have to find a place for them in my house. Did I mention I have an obsession with baskets?!?! 🙂

    1. Baskets are a pretty amazing invention. I love when I find good baskets (like these) that I’ll be able to use for years and years.

      1. Where did you get all those bluefish baskets love them!

  3. What a beautiful transformation, Chelsea! I’m super excited to see the “how you did it” post! Excellent job!

  4. I love those baskets and the magazine holders! I organize all important documents, etc in binders and have the same problem with those wire shelves in the closet I keep them in. Guess I should head to Office Depot!

    1. Aren’t the magazine holders great? I love the herringbone print too. I’m a big binder organizer too, so I feel ya on the binder on wire shelf issue.

  5. It looks great! I love your blue bins. 🙂 You have the same configuration as mine, but mine is so much smaller! Can’t exactly call mine a walk-in pantry because nobody fits in there. LOL Mine is in a slight disarray right now. A few of my shelves never stay organized. I need more bins and I hate the wire shelving. I have the same as yours, but also have the metal brackets that screw into the wall to hold the shelf up. Those are in the way. And my slim storage containers from IKEA don’t like to stay standing and topple over. I have talked hubby into replacing the shelving with melamine shelves and the track system with brackets. It’s a more costly option, but things will stand better for me and easier clean up. 🙂

    1. Hah! Before I organized it you could barely shut the door. Brad walked into the pantry when I was done organizing and said “Wow, I can actually stand inside here!” Haha! I think it’s okay to splurge a little in some areas of our homes (as long as one can afford the splurge) if it means it will make life easier. Plus, I think a walk-in pantry with a nice storage system is very sellable if/when one puts their house on the market.

    2. I use to have the same problem with my wire shelving. I purchased some thick poster board, cut it to fit my shelves, then covered with pretty paper. They are now the base for my shelves. Items no longer slip through plus, the paper,adds some color.

    3. Patsy Ghysels says:

      Slip a sheet of plexiglass on top of the wire shelving. No show and that gives you a smooth surface for your baskets/bins/magazine holders to stand up straight.

  6. I think it looks amazing!!! And I’m jealous, because the before picture looks quite identical to my own pantry. My second thought, though, was that it looks EXPENSIVE. Bins like that aren’t usually cheap! I’d love a more budget-friendly pantry makeover solution!

    1. Thanks, Jenny! The bins are $7.99 each which is a splurge, especially because my pantry and I used quite a few bins. But I plan on keeping these bins for a long time. And they’re very durable so I can see myself holding on to them for years. I don’t expect everyone to go out and buy these exact bins for their pantry. If someone is on a tighter budget I’d recommend looking for similarly sized bins that are more within their price range.

      1. Hi. Target sometumes carries the bin holders in hot pin and blue in their $1 to $3 section as you walk in the door. You could recover them.

        1. Love the baskets of like items but Dollar Tree has dish pans that are about the same size, not the pretty color, but getting 8 for the cost of your 1, I can deal with not as pretty. Prices will vary with similar discount stores in your area.

  7. I love your pantry makeover! I’d love to have a pantry that looks like that… actually I’d love to have a pantry. I’d have to label all of the baskets though because my husband would never be able to find anything.

    1. Yeah, we hit the pantry jackpot with this house. I thought about labeling the baskets, and maybe I’ll do that down the road.

  8. The baskets are gorgeous and you have a lovely huge pantry! I just don’t find this post to be very realistic for most people to spend nearly $200 on pretty baskets and bins. Then I noticed that this was a sponsored post so of course you have so many bins, you didn’t pay for them! Oh to be a blogger and get free stuff!

    1. Yeah, I get what you’re saying. I did the post to show one way you can use the See Jane Work bins somewhere other than in a home office setting. I don’t expect everyone to go out and recreate the pantry makeover down to the same bins I used and the amount of bins I used. Did I pay for the bins? No, not directly, but I technically worked for them since this blog is a source of income for me, and I use sponsored posts as part of that income. Yeah, being a blogger definitely has its perks, but I like to think I’ve worked hard the past 3 years to enjoy said perks.

  9. Oh wow! I love how your pantry turned out, there is nothing more pleasing to me than being able to get in the pantry and find what I need quickly! I’m going to have to order some of these bins at $8 a pop this is very affordable since my pantry isn’t NEARLY this big … totally jealous here!

  10. Wow!! Your pantry looks fabulous :o) and so much space! Love the containers and that pretty blue color.

  11. Love it! And I’m totally jealous of the size of your pantry.

    1. Thanks, Robyn! Trust me, I realize I’m spoiled with the size of our pantry. It’s one of the reasons why I got my booty in gear and organized it because I know there are people out there who would kill to have a walk-in pantry.

  12. I think my pantry looks worse than your before picture. But it is also about a fraction of that size. I have tried over and over again to organize it, but I can’t find the right system for such a small space. Baskets take up too much room and I seem to fit more in by the hoarding method. LOL you are inspiring though! I love how yours turned out! Maybe one day when we move out of this tiny apartment I will come back to this post for fresh inspiration. I love everything you do!

    1. Patsy Ghysels says:

      I use plastic milk crates and store boxes vertically. Cans are my problem. Sometimes using pop dispenser trays. Larger cans I don’t know.

  13. It looks amazing! I love that the bins add some fun color the pantry. I’m also super jealous that you have such a huge pantry…mine is just a couple of cupboards!

  14. Hey Chelsea,

    So glad I saw this post on Goggle. My pantry is also in need of a makeover and I have yet to find inspiration that I love as much as yours. Thanks for the pictures and I look forward to the followup post on Friday.

  15. Love the change! I bet it’s a whole lot easier to find everything now.

  16. Love it! Is there a particular reason you store your vases upside down?

    1. FebruaryFilly says:

      If you store them upright, dust collects in them so you have to wash them out every time before use (or contaminate your flower water, which can shorten their lifespan). This way you can grab a vase and fill it with water for those flowers a house guest just brought you. If the outside is dusty, you can wipe that down with a cloth later, but full re-wash is not necessary. Most people store cups, wine glasses and other bar ware upside down for this reason too.

  17. amy Berry says:

    Beautiful! Would love to start following your blog:-)

  18. Sigh I say as I search thru the rubble of my pantry! Peanut butter falling out and almost giving me a concussion – I need to get organized like this!

  19. Ugh, I keep on putting off cleaning my pantry because it’s just insane how disorganized it is! Maybe your awesome transformation will be the fire I need. I love how those pretty baskets make all the difference!

  20. Love this! Now you need an extra empty bin to throw ingredients in to carry to the kitchen. Have you heard of “mise en place” cooking? You prep all your ingredients first, or at least have them all in the same place, so that you reduce your stress while you’re cooking. I think the empty bin thing would be perfect for making that happen!

    Check me out: http://mommakels.blogspot.com


  21. What a huge difference that made and it didn’t look too hard. Love it.

  22. Love the baskets, but phew…at $8 a pop and I think I counted about 20 in there? that gets a little pricey.

    I though about baskets in our tiny pantry but felt they would end up ‘wasting space’ because all the space in between them is virtually unused. So I am not sure, but your pantry does look nicer! 🙂

  23. Ofelia, from Mexico City says:

    Hi. Nice blue bins. I wish I could find those in our local Home Depot. My little kitchen have wire shelves too, but I linned them with a piece of thin of foammy paper. That way, eather books, vases or other tools get slip. I read your blog every time, but today is the first time I post a comment, and I would like to send greetings from Mexico city.

  24. Love it! We are 3 wks out from closing on our new house and while my pantry is not a walk-in, it is a decent pantry- something I’ve never had so I’m excited and ready to hit the floor running and keep it organized. I’m not however excited over the builder grade wire shelving. Ugh. But- this seems to be a work around. I’ve seen different ideas where people line this type of shelving with the vinyl tiles. I have some awesome solid baskets from IKEA- but I love the blue on these. I LOVE the idea of using the magazine holders for the cook books! Great job and thank you for sharing. (sponsored post or not) 😀

  25. Go Hoosiers!

    What a nice before & after! I saw those lovely baskets last week at Office Depot, and I would love to put them to use in my house. However they don’t fit in the current budget. Way to use your free time during the recent cabin-fever epidemic! I hear another one is on it’s way, at the least the bitter cold is! Time to get ready for some craftiness!

  26. Wow! There’s an Office Depot in my small hometown and I’ve never even been to it, but thanks to this post I’m totally going today! I was even able to use their website to make sure the baskets were in stock at my local store so I don’t waste a trip out there, and it says they’re in stock! What a perfect shade of blue too, I could not be more excited! Thanks for this post, and way to go, Office Depot!

  27. I love the idea of grouping similar things together in bins! Brilliant! I have clear flat storage boxes for paper plates, napkins, etc. and a basket for koozies, but this is definitely the next level! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Love before and afters! Your pantry looks amazing! I bet you can’t stop looking at it…and I am definitely on my way to pick up some of those baskets. That blue is perfect!

  29. Can you tell me the approx dimensions of your pantry….I’m trying to visualize mine off a floor plan and its so hard

  30. Hi- Organizing my pantry is on my weekly to do list! Thanks for the inspiration – I am actually looking forward to organizing my pantry after seeing your before and after pictures!

  31. Elizabeth M says:

    GAH! How I wish I had a pantry that size:-)

  32. What do you do with your cereal? I don’t any cereal boxes or large containers for cereal?

  33. Thank you! You give me hope

  34. That is so amazing.. My pantry is big like yours and a complete mess. Thank you for sharing. We’ve been trying to figure out how to organize ours and this is perfect.

    1. You’re welcome! I’m afraid that whenever we move I won’t be able to get a pantry the size that we have now. I love how big our current one is! Happy organizing!

  35. Chocollette says:

    Great idea. What was your investment in materials?

  36. Wow! My pantry looks exactly like your before picture!! I started dying laughing and took to show my hubby so he’d know I’m not the only one. What an inspiration you are!! Definitely my new organization project:)

  37. Chelsea, love the bins and the matching bulletin board too. Your post was one of the most viewed at our party last week so it will be featured this week at our first Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop of 2016. Congrats!

  38. This is so pretty and organized! I love the colors you chose

  39. Oh my goodness….it’s beautiful!! You not only organized the space, but totally transformed it! I love the bins/baskets that you used – and how they brightened up the spot! Thanks for sharing – lots of good inspiration! Happy New Year!

  40. I love what you have done. I’ve been wanting to do something in my pantry and I’m going to copy your idea! I hope you don’t mind. You have inspired me. I’m going to look for the same containers this weekend. I look forward to reading your next post.the how to. Hugs, Sandi

  41. This looks awesome, Chelsea! I LOVE those aqua bins (fellow aqua and mint lover over here). We need to make this happen in our (much smaller) pantry. The wire shelves drive me nuts because smaller bottles tip on the uneven surface, so this takes care of that! Thanks for sharing!

  42. It looks beautiful! you did an amazing job. I did the same thing about three years ago and I am happy to say it has stayed organized since I added the bins. Have a great day! Maria

  43. Cheryl Harper says:

    Very good ideas. Now I need ideas/help on my bathroom.

  44. I love it! I keep trying to stay on top of our organizational systems in the kitchen but I have a couple of older family members in the house who make this a full time job! They’re set in their ways about where things go and then complain that they can’t find anything which just makes me nuts. This is inspiring.

  45. I love the bins…very pretty…makes it seem so serene!

  46. Looks great! I had a very organized pantry in my old house, but no specific pantry in my new place, just a cabinet, which totally needs to be organized now!

  47. Patricia Schroll says:

    I love your large pantry. I always wanted one that large but never happened. I loved the cookbook holders. I have been looking for some that large. That will be my next shopping day. As a repeat of comments I also love the baskets and the blue that you chose. As always you do just a nice job.
    I hope that you are doing well. When is your due date?

  48. Those pretty blue baskets are nice if you don’t plan to have very much in your pantry as they waste space. I much prefer an organized pantry with all like items stored together. My food pantry is 36″ x 72″. I have lots of shelves, some placed close together that will fit canned foods easily. I place my cans in rows of each food item, I.e. canned kidney beans, corn,peaches, etc.. I also have shelves placed wider apart. I place my stainless steel mixing bowls and things of this nature. The bottom shelf I place my cookie sheets and platters.

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