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Organized Homework Station

This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. All opinions are my own. 

School is in full swing around here! So it’s the perfect time to create an organized homework station– a place for all the pencils, glue sticks, crayons, and markers. Last fall, I put together a homeschool area for Owen, but with him doing in-person learning this year, I decided to tackle the small office area by the playroom.

So here are some of my tips for creating an organized area for all things school and crafts.

tiered wooden tray with pencils, glue sticks, and scissors in clear cups

Keep Everyday Items Handy

To keep everyday items, like pencils, glue, and scissors accessible, I put them in clear tumblers. And to keep those organized, I set them on a tiered tray. That way if Owen needs to do some homework while I cook dinner or while Brad works on his laptop, we can move the tiered tray to the kitchen island and Owen can work in the kitchen.

tiered tray with school supplies on it

Ditch the Boxes

It never fails that the marker and crayon boxes always get torn or otherwise destroyed. To solve that issue, I put he colored pencils, crayons, markers, dot markers, and dry erase markers in their own clear containers. I used these and these. The clear containers have an easy to open lid for little hands. But I could see them being a struggle for two years. I don’t see that as a bad thing though.

Markers, crayons, colored pencils in clear storage containers. The containers are inside wire and wood baskets.

Cozy It Up

To cozy up the space a little, I added a small tabletop lamp. And to attempt to protect it from harm, I put it inside a wire and wood tray. The lamp is the perfect size for this space. Plus, it puts off a good amount of task light.

A small lamp and giraffe print inside a wood and wire tray.

A Place to Sit

I opted to go with simple, white chairs in the homework station. Two chairs can fit somewhat comfortably in this area, but for the sake of photos, I only kept one. I know some people are scared of white with kids, but trust me, these show less dust and scuffs than darker chairs.

white chair in homework area

Additional Storage

You wouldn’t think we’d need more storage in this area, but we do. The cabinets house all of our miscellaneous craft supplies, board games, and other random things. Plus, the cabinets are rather small. So I added these white, 2-cube storage organizers and hyacinth baskets under the desk area. I intend to store school papers and crafts that we need and want in the baskets.

Cube storage shelves with 4 cubes. Hyacinth storage baskets in each cube.

Make It Theirs

We have shelves between the two upper cabinets in our homework area. I chose to decorate it with their toys and LEGOs Owen has built. Owen actually prefers him up there because he can climb on the counter and reach the shelves while Emmett can’t.

I used their crafts and artwork to decorate the backsplash area. I love seeing their art displayed here.

Homework area with wall cabinets and a built-in desk area.

I’m really liking how this space turned out. I’m hoping that by giving things designated containers and spots, it will help keep the kids organized and this area area tidy.

Homework area with wall cabinets and a built-in desk area.

This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. Love the pop of colors!

    1. I love that it’s not the kitchen table, when my kids were little we used our dining area and I felt like it was a chaotic disaster, looking back I think this would have made homework a bit more tolerable and calm.

  2. This is a great idea! I have de-canted markers and crayons as well, but put them in the $1 reusable party cups that the kids get when they go to birthday parties. Whatever works, right? Best of luck for a great, and healthy, school year!

  3. Love this!! The lamp is darling and I love their art hung on the walls.

  4. Ooh, I love how organized this is! And such a great point about the boxes! I bet using your kids artwork for pops of color makes them feel like a million bucks 🙂

    1. Love these ideas and the colors!
      My grandson starts in person kindergarten in September, but I have a sinking feeling grandma might need a distance learning school spot.

  5. I love the containers for crayons and markers! I always struggle on how to keep those organized. These will make things so much easier!

  6. Love love this!!! Great ideas.

  7. What an awesome space! I’m a big fan of ditching the boxes that crayons and markers come in as well. Baskets and cups make them so much easier to access!

  8. Really loving how you organized with those clear containers. Very cute and organized space for kids!

  9. Hannah C. says:

    Gorgeous as always!

  10. Stephanie says:

    Perfect for kids homework and adult home office alike!

  11. So inviting and organized! Love using toys and crafts as part of the decor.

  12. I love this space! What a great idea to create his own little space for learning. ❤️

  13. Having an area designated for homework is a great idea! And something I highly recommend to parents!

  14. So cute! Love the lamp! I may steal some of these ideas for my home office!!

  15. Putting the supplies in an easy carry container is genius. I always end up with markers and glue sticks scattered all over every room.

  16. This looks so great! I want to do MY work there!

  17. So cute! This is major design inspo.

  18. It looks great and love that you have some handmade artwork up too!

  19. It looks great! So well organized

  20. Would you like to Vancouver, BC and create this in my home? I love the colours, the storage and all the little touches.

  21. I love this! It’s simple yet beautiful and likely very easy for kids to maintain. Great job!!

  22. What a bright and organized space! I love it!

  23. This is so awesome! Always appreciate your tips and tricks 🙂 Love the colorful toys and crafts!

  24. It turned out great! Love the baskets, I may need to pick some up for myself.

  25. This is the perfect homework area, I love how you mix some colors into it!

  26. This is fabulous – and I love that it’s organized and bright while still being fun and kid-friendly! Now can you come to my house and make my office look this amazing?!

  27. So awesome! Love the artwork.

  28. Lori Johnson says:

    Everything looks awesome! I’m starting to set up an area for my grandsons. This gives me some great ideas.

  29. I like that this is streamlined but not sterile; it’s like you’re curating a gallery of their creative work! And that lamp is about to sell out, I’ll bet the farm on it.

  30. Great organizing tips! The two tier tray is genius to utilize vertical space.

  31. Organization is my love language. Just looking at this brings me peace.

  32. Love this! What a good idea to ditch the boxes the crayons, etc come in!
    Hope the boys have a great & safe year!

  33. I love this. Makes me want to be a kid again.

  34. Lots of greats tips. Being able to see all the supplies definitely makes it easier for all! Use lots of those BHG bins in my pantry, they are a favorite

  35. This is such a well organized space. Easy for kiddos to know where to put everything back – a place for everything and everything in its place!

  36. Love the space! Inspiring and thoughtfully organized!

  37. Love this! I’m inspired!

  38. Love these ideas! Everything looks nice and organized and also so inviting and fun!

  39. Love containers for everything! Makes my heart happy even when they aren’t put back the same way….🤪

  40. This looks awesome! I love the clear bins. I’m going to try to organize ours this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

  41. Perfect little set up! I love that it’s organized, it still designed. Well done 👍🏽

  42. 1) using those containers for markers and crayons is genius- I’m stealing that! 2) I feel like I’ve never seen this part of your house before!

  43. I love this! Those clear containers are great for little hands…as my 2 year old discovered By sitting in the pantry eating Oreos. 😆🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m going to put crayons in them now.

  44. I love smart storage! Corralling kid stuff can be such a pain but looks like something even I could pull off!

  45. Ditch the boxes!! Looks so good!

  46. Love the tiered tray with the school supplies! Functional and cute enough to leave out on the counter.

  47. What a great place for him! Bright, organized, and beautiful!

  48. Wow this looks great and so functional. I have so many leftover school supplies because I love buying them so I may need to do something like this lol

  49. It looks amazing! Love the kids artwork, the toys and all the storage!

  50. I really like the way you’ve organized everything. Although they have everything they need, it’s easy on the eyes with no clutter!!

  51. I love the container idea for containment and to provide additional color to a space.

  52. Love these ideas — especially the clear containers for craft supplies. I’m curious to see how this space is layer out in relation to your kitchen — is it adjacent to it? Great job!

  53. I love how everything is accessible to the kids and still looks great in your hone!

  54. Love these ideas! Our school room needs a makeover, this is perfect I can update the home school area and get it organized.

  55. Kelsey+Murray says:

    That’s, ah, quite the upgrade from my childhood desk in the kitchen that was jam packed with all of our homework and take-home papers.

  56. So nice! I especially love the baskets/containers for the markers and crayons! Looks like a great homework nook!

  57. I wish I had my act together like this when my kids were little! This is a perfect set-up for tear-free homework times, bright, cheery and organized – bravo!

  58. Love the art supply storage ideas! This is perfect for my kindergartner

  59. Love the idea of those clear containers! I made the mistake of using mason jars…with a 2 year old around. Sad choice.

  60. So fun and clutter-free! Love it

  61. Great ideas. Now it got me thinking how I can set up an area for my two boys.

  62. I love this!! Stealing the idea of putting crayons, markers etc in to new containers!! So smart. I love the tiered tray too..I need it!

  63. Love how colorful it is! Bins and glasses are perfect for organizing! The artwork and Legos make it perfect.

  64. Great ideas! I especially love that you put the most often used supplies on a tray so you can move it to other work areas. We have a plastic caddy, but I’ve got to upgrade to a pretty tiered tray like you!

  65. I’m also team ditch the boxes! And I love the rainbow stuff up top on the shelves!! So cute per usual 🙂

  66. I love the tiered tray idea. Everything is so very well thought out, as always. Great work, Chelsea!!!!

  67. Love the idea of putting the craft supplies on the tiered tray. My kids can’t seem to figure out how to keep things organized even though I try so hard to set them up for success. I think I’m going to try the tumblers and the tray and see how it works. Thanks for the inspiration-this space is so cute and fun!

  68. Always need more storage never enough storage. Also, love the colour pops

  69. Using the food containers is genius! As a teacher, I’m loving this idea!

  70. Hi Chelsea – Great job, looks awesome!! Sorry if I missed this (and I may very well have, it has been that kind of night around here ), but the chairs linked look different than ones in the picture. Were they ones you already had? Only asking because the ones in your picture would be perfect in my daughters rooms! Thanks!

  71. This is so great! I’m gonna use so much from this, my kids really need an organized homework area, thanks!

  72. I want to buy all of these things!

  73. I love how organized it looks, and practical for the kids to use! Hope the school year is good and healthy for your family.

  74. Kendra Koehne says:

    Looks so nice! Love BH&G items, especially the wire baskets.

  75. KrickettwithaK says:

    Getting rid of the boxes is always a good idea. I’ve usually just used ziploc bags. Your idea is surely more anesthetically pleasing! I’m going to have to try that!

  76. I like how the storage underneath can also double as a footrest for a wiggly child!

  77. Love the space! All the little touches of baskets and especially the tiered tray. every mom’s organization dreams!

  78. Christine says:

    So cute! Love the pops of colors and the decanting of supplies.

  79. Such a great homework area! I’ve been looking for a tiered tray for my kitchen and the one you used is perfect. So I just ordered it!

  80. What an inspiring space! I’m a big proponent of “if they can see it, they’ll use it.” Putting things on display like this helps items be used more frequently!

  81. I’m all for ALL the containers!!

  82. Lakeisha Manson says:

    I love it!!! I’m stealing a few of your ideas!!

  83. Love this so much! I just love school supplies, much like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail. “I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

  84. I love this! It looks like a space that will grow with your boys!

  85. You are the best organizer I know!

  86. Love this! How inviting!

  87. Love it! The wire baskets are so good!!!

  88. The space looks great Chelsea! Love the organization with the clear containers, the task lamp, and the personalized backsplash with the boys’ artwork.

  89. Melissa Dionne says:

    This is such a cheerful and organized space to work on homework!!

  90. Wish I had a separate area for crafts other than our kitchen table. Looks great!

  91. I’m continuously impressed with the BH&G line at Walmart. Thanks for sharing the new stuff!

  92. The colourful art is my favourite part! I would have loved to do homework in this space!! The organization really speaks to my heart ❤️

  93. I love this, that everything has a place! That wood and wire basket is to die for.

  94. We recently moved and now have a great sized space for crafts/homework stations and I was drawing a blank on how best to organize it, but you have given me so many great ideas. Love the space!!

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