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Decorating Ideas for a Warm and Cozy Fall Front Porch

This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. All opinions are my own.

When decorating our front porch for fall, my goal is always to make it feel cozy, warm, and inviting. So today I’m sharing decorating ideas for a warm and cozy fall front porch.

Vary the Size and Shape

If you like to incorporate pumpkins into your fall front porch, buy them in various sizes and shape. This adds more visual interest. So grab a couple short and stubbies, tall and lankies, and perfectly round pumpkins.

pumpkins and mums on porch steps

Try Something New

It’s good to mix things up. A couple years ago I did a monochrome orange fall front porch, which was beautiful. I did orange pumpkins, mums, and an orange floral wreath on the front door. Last year, I left orange completely out of the mix. I stuck to shades of purple, red, and pink. And I went with white and green pumpkins. This year chose orange, red, green, and dark magenta. So mix it up and experiment a little. Have the neighbors guess what your front porch will look like year after year.

burnt orange mums

Create Cozy Moments

Make your outdoor space inviting by creating cozy moments. This can be accomplished by adding throw blankets and pillows in fall hues and black lanterns with ivory flameless LED motion flame pillar candles.

Tip: for the motion flame candles, use the timer function. Set it to turn on at dusk and 5 hours later, they will turn off.

front porch chair with cream and orange plaid throw pillow. Side table with two black lanterns with candles and small pumpkin

Lanterns in various sizes is always the best look. And groupings of three always looks best, so add a little pumpkin between the lanterns.

two black lanterns with candles inside. small orange pumpkin in front

A raised wood bench is great for extra seating. When not in use, decorate the bench with other fall items, like an additional lantern with a motion flame candle and more pumpkins. And up the cozy factor with a throw pillow and blanket.

Black bench with dark red throw blanket, gray and white plaid pillow, black lantern with candle, and pumpkins

Texture, Texture, Texture

It can’t be all smooth pumpkins and frilly mums. Add in additional textures with ornamental grass, throw pillows with tufted details, a velvet throw blanket, shiny galvanized planters, and a dried golden wheat wreath.

dried wreath on front door

The ornamental grass planter with mums at the base is a Better Homes & Gardens insert. It comes pre-made in a container. All you have to do is transplant it into a planter. How convenient is that?! I used my black planters from last year.

And I love these Better Homes & Gardens mums in tall galvanized containers. They’re the perfect height. When the season is over, I plan on keeping the containers to reuse next year. Or I could use them for my front porch Christmas decorations this year. Wouldn’t they look great with some winter foliage in them?

Mums and pumpkins on front porch steps

The ornamental grass is so pretty when it sways in the crisp, autumn breeze.

ornamental grass

fuchsia mums

Put all those tips together and this is the end result.

Front porch decorated for fall with mums, pumpkins, ornamental grass, and dried wreath on the front door

I typically keep the front porch decorated like this until I start decorating for Christmas. And even then, I don’t feel like that’s enough time to enjoy it.

Front porch decorated for fall with mums, pumpkins, and ornamental grass.

This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I love it — and I love how you do a new approach to colors and texture each year. Great job!

  2. Jessica C says:

    Chelsea I absolutely love the galvanized planters!!! I’m going to order some! Looks gorgeous

  3. Christeen says:

    Beautiful fall front porch.

  4. I love the modern color combo.

    1. It’s all so simple and beautiful!

  5. So festive and inviting!!

  6. I love this Chelsea! Great color and texture

  7. Ok this is incredible!! I have mum envy. I need to get about 6 more. 🤣🤣 love the plaid pillow

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  13. So cute and fall festive! I wish I lived somewhere it wasn’t still 100 degrees at the end of September, but this gives me inspiration to figure out some ways to do some of the elements inside.

  14. Definitely saving this one… we should be in our new house by Christmas and I’ll finally have a porch to decorate next year!☺️

  15. It’s beautiful, I love the colors you chose this year! I’ve been looking for mums in containers and will have to go check my local store now to find these!

  16. Love it! Still can’t believe it’s time for mums already.

  17. Love the bench and the pots for the mums!

  18. What a perfect porch!!! I am green with envy.

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  20. I love this! The different textures and rich colors are perfect 😍

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  22. I love your mix of colours. I look forward to seeing what you do each year! I love the galvanized tubs for the mums this year too.

  23. It looks so good!! You have really opened my eyes to Better Homes and Gardens!! They have great stuff – thanks so much for all of the ideas!!

  24. I hope someday I have a porch like this to decorate. It’s so pretty.
    And that wreath is my favorite part-it’s subtle but beautiful.

  25. Looks so great! I’m totally snagging those black lanterns – timeless and perfect for so many seasons!

  26. Wow, it’s so beautiful! I love all the colors and variety. The mums look great in those galvanized pails!

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  29. Stunning! I literally googled “Two Twenty One front porch” last week for inspiration because it is always so beautiful! I ordered the checkered rug and a welcome mat, and now I need to get those mums in galvanized metal pots! And I feel like the lanterns can work throughout the year. Great post!

  30. Very pretty! Love all the fall colors!

  31. This might be my favorite porch of yours yet! I always stick to the same colors… maybe next year I’ll switch it up like you do!

  32. Debi Padgett says:

    Chelsea, I love all of this. Those galvanized planters! And I love the color combo of mums with the pumpkins.

  33. Great use of color and texture! I *need* those galvanized buckets!!

  34. Christine says:

    I looks so welcoming! I love the galvanized pots!

  35. I love all your decorations and you mentioned that you try to keep it that way till ready for Christmas! Do u have a secret for keeping your mums looking fresh and lasting longer? I did order a bloom fertilizer from Amazon this year, hoping that might help mine last longer! My porch faces West so they get quite a bit of heat in the afternoon!

  36. Lakeisha Manson says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!! This has inspired me to decorate!

  37. I love the wreath on the door. WAIT… I really love the whole thing and am now motivated to try this at my house. Will post photos.

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