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Emmett’s Nursery: Neutral Baby Boy Nursery

Last month, I shared how I made this wall hanging for Emmett’s nursery. In that post, I debated what his room should be called– a nursery or bedroom. Well, I’ve opted to go with nursery. I know you’ve been wondering. Well, today I’m sharing Emmett’s nursery!

I was trying to be a good blogger and come up with a way to describe the nursery in the title for SEO purposes, but like with Owen’s nursery, there really isn’t a theme so “Emmett’s Nursery” it is.

Emmett actually slept in his nursery for the first time on Friday night. I was shocked when he only woke once around 5AM but easily went back to sleep with a little comforting. And I had to go in and wake him up at 9:30AM. Cue the confetti cannons.

I talked in depth about this faux fiddle leaf fig on Instagram Stories when I bought it. Check it out by heading to my profile and click on my “Plants” highlight. To give it some more height, I put a box inside the basket and set the FLF on top of the box.

I reused three pieces of furniture from Owen’s nursery— the glider/recliner, IKEA Hemnes dresser, and crib mattress. But everything else is new.

gray glider with brown leather ottoman

We did buy a new crib. I wanted something different, and when I came across this crib I was all “Yep, gotta get that one.” I loved the color of the wood and the brass details. I’m slightly nervous though because this crib isn’t as tall as Owen’s. Owen never climbed out of his crib the nearly four years he slept in said crib, and Emmett is showing signs that he’ll be the crib-climber-outter in the family. So just in case, we’re holding on to Owen’s old crib.

The crib is sold out in this wood color. But it’s still available in white and graphite blue.

baby boy crib with wall art above

Emmett loves these guys. He often waves to them. Which is a relief, because I was afraid they’d scare him, and then I’d be SOL when it came to art above his crib. They still need names.

My color inspiration for the room came from this baby blanket. Lighter blues, gray, white, gold/tan.

There’s this little part of angled wall in Emmett’s nursery. It’s not my favorite, but I understand why the layout of upstairs needs it. In an attempt to minimize the appearance of the wall, I put a faux fiddle leaf fig in front of it. I don’t know if that rationale is actually working, but I’m happy with it. The fiddle leaf fig isn’t the best faux out there but it’s 6 feet tall, and it was less than $100.

The Hemnes dresser has held up considerably well over the past 4.5 years. I did touch up the paint on the top edge by the changing pad. This thing holds so much stuff it’s crazy. We keep all of Emmett’s diaper changing stuff in two of the top drawers so we don’t have to have them cluttering up the top.

white IKEA Hemnes dresser

I also swapped out the black knobs that come with the dresser for these wooden ones. They come unfinished so I just used some poly to seal them.

white IKEA Hemnes dresser

Our house is exploding with toys, but I’ve realized that we don’t have a ton of babyish tchotchkes. So I decided to fill up this wire shelf with newborn photos.

I also had to include some puppies because Emmett’s nickname is Puppy. The two Beanie Babies are actually mine from the 90s. And yes, the tags are still attached because I’m sure they’re worth $500 each on eBay.

I’m eating my words because a few years ago I spoke out against woven wall hangings on my short-lived and now-defunct podcast. I may or may not have said that they were pointless dust collectors. But when I spotted this one, I was all “That would look great in the nursery!” and here we are.

I actually don’t like that bear wood carving behind Emmett’s sound machine. It was a clearance impulse buy, but once I got it home, its eyes have increasingly creeped me out. Its days are numbered.

From this view, the wall looks really sparse, but it doesn’t in person. Plus, I couldn’t really put anything by the changing pad because Emmett would rip it off the wall. Seriously, why can’t babies keep their hands to themselves?

IKEA Hemnes dresser in nursery

The nursery doesn’t have a ton of stuff in it because my kids only use their rooms for sleeping. I’ll have to share some nighttime photos of the room soon. It’s so cozy and calming.

baby boy nursery with glider, crib, and dresser


crib … Target

crib mattress … Amazon

crib sheet … Target

baby blanket … Pottery Barn Kids

koala wall art … HomeGoods but available here

panda wall art … HomeGoods

crib sheet … Target

glider/recliner … Buy Buy Baby // similar

pillow … HomeGoods

pouf … Wayfair

rug … Target // keep an eye on it because I only paid $150

garden stool … HomeGoods

floor lamp … Target

curtains … West Elm

curtain rods … Amazon

6-foot faux fiddle leaf fig … eBay

basket … HomeGoods

stuffed dog … Cuddle + Kind

white and gray basket … HomeGoods

dresser … IKEA Hemnes in white stain

wooden knobs … Lowe’s

wire shelf … Target

changing pad … Amazon

changing pad cover … Amazon

woven wall hanging … HomeGoods

lamp … HomeGoods

tray … H&M but it’s out of stock

sound machine … Amazon

creepy wooden bear … Target

farm wall hanging … DIY project

33″ fiddle leaf fig … Target

two-tone basket … Target

gray and white striped storage bin … Target


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  1. Dorinda Selke says:

    One of the most restful looking nurseries I have ever seen ! Great job, Chelsea ! Hugs, Dorinda

  2. Rachel Steck says:

    I love it!
    And I vote to name the artwork Winnie and Nelson.

  3. Super cute! question – how are you keeping your changing pad attached to your changing table? Mostly i’ve seen those square boxes around them and was wondering if there was another option. We’re going with a standard dresser, but weren’t sure how/what to use to keep the pad in place.

  4. Oh I would totally do a wall of book shelves on that angled wall. Like the ones from a rain gutter, you know what i mean?

  5. Such a beautiful, peaceful space! Nice work!

  6. Love how calm and cool the room is! Would love to see an update on Owen’s big boy room if you have it done!

    1. Thanks, Brooke! I’m still working on his room. I know I sound like a terrible mother but he is literally only in his room to sleep. So I’m having a hard time getting motivated to decorate his room when the common areas in our house, that we’re in most of the time, still need love. I hope that makes sense.

  7. Beautiful job! Hi Bernie and Dotty!

  8. Very nice! Phew how the heck do you change an almost one year old on the dresser/changing table? My kid would have been leaping off of there! By 9 months he was changed on the floor or on the run usually!

  9. Looks so good! Where was Emmett sleeping before he transitioned to his nursery?

  10. How are the pictures secured to the wall? Growing up in California I’ve always been paranoid about a big earthquake so when we lived with family for a year and they had a mirror on the wall above the crib held up by push pins I panicked and took it down and have never felt comfortable putting a crib/bed under any wall decor or windows.

  11. Insanely gorgeous. Seriously.

  12. So gorgeous and cozy room, I love your style. Koala wall art is so nice for your nursery, I am totally in love with your idea. Really cool. I want this basket too. Seems like I am going to go shopping tomorrow haha 🙂

  13. I love that you’ve gotten 4.5 years out of the Hemnes dresser. I’m considering purchasing it for my baby’s nursery in the white stain, however I’m concerned about the drawers sagging/sinking in the center, as I’ve read reviews claiming they’ve experienced this. Perhaps they were using it for adult clothing(which would be heavier)?, and not baby items, have you experienced the sagging of the drawers over the past few years? And besides repainting the dresser, have you had to upgrade or repair the dresser? Thanks in advance!

  14. LOVE IT!!!! Could you tell me the wall color in this room, it’s perfect.

  15. Katyrece H. says:

    I’m in love with this room for Emmett! I’m going for a modern crib maybe white or white & tan(brown) crib color. And would love to have a woven wall hanging just like yours. I love that light hint of blue and now my hunt is on. I know its 2020 now but I pray HomeGoods still have that woven (macrame) wall hanging. That is the piece, I wonder if I cant find it would someone be able to recreate it…. can you tell I’m in love with it, lol. It’s like when we see something we want for tbbt e nursery we must find it and I’m hunting for that exact one.

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