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10 Kitchen Organization Projects

Guys, it has been beyond gloomy, rainy, and depressing here the past 7-9 days. I mean, our lawn looks great, but the weather has been killing my photography opportunities. I’ve been trying to take photos of our new bathroom lighting fixtures for days only to hate how they turn out. The good news is that the forecast is sunny for the next 6 days! Can I get an “Oh yeah!”?

So I compiled these 10 lovely kitchen organization projects of mine in case you’re looking for some spring organization inspiration. As you’ll see, some are much older than others.

Baking Cabinet Organization

kitchen cabinet 2

Baking Sheet Organization

how to organize baking sheets

Coffee Station

coffee drawer

Utensil Drawer

kitchen utensil drawer


organized kitchen cabinet

Dog Cabinet

 dog leash organization

Under the Kitchen Sink

under kitchen sink organization

Junk Drawer

how to organize a junk drawer

Hidden Kitchen Command Center

Hidden kitchen command center! Non-permanent so it's prefect for homeowners OR renters!

Hidden Kitchen Organizer

 hidden kitchen organizer

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  1. Hi Chelsea! Looks great, well organized! Tks for sharing some ideas!
    kisses ML
    PS Oh yeah!! Hope you enjoy the next days!

  2. Love these ideas. Look forward to your post on the new lighting bath fixtures.

  3. Love the hidden kitchen organizer. I’m going to do this for sure! Thanks for posting!

  4. The benefits of choosing unfinished kitchen cabinets are numerous if you have decided to remodel or install new cabinets in your kitchen.

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