Organizing the Kitchen Utensil Drawer

I hope I’m not the only person out there who’s guilty of a ridiculously messy kitchen utensil drawer. By ridiculously messy I mean when you open the drawer it gets stuck because you have so many things jammed into the drawer. Or when getting into the drawer you have to be careful not to cut your fingers on the rogue cheese grater.

kitchen drawer organizing

Enough was enough. I had it with my hot mess of a drawer and decided it was time to get it under control. During a trip to the store I picked up three drawer organizers for about $5 each. I took everything out of the drawer and wiped down the drawer for good measure. Miscellaneous crumbs have a tendency to sneak into drawers. After the drawer was lemony fresh, I grouped the utensils together in the organizers– rubber spatulas, spoons, and spatulas. And here is the end result.

kitchen utensil organization

Can you tell I have a thing for rubber spatulas? They’re my favorite kitchen utensil. Well, next to my corkscrew, of course. As with diamonds, chocolate cake, and semi-nude photos of Channing Tatum, you can never have too many rubber spatulas.

kitchen utensil drawer

Now, some items were evicted from the kitchen utensil drawer. They are finding a new home very soon. I have a plan. I just need to execute it, and when I do you’ll be the first to know.

This little organization project took me all of 15 minutes and cost me all of $15. Time and money I’m perfectly fine parting with if it means not having to battle with that drawer anymore.

What does your kitchen utensil drawer look like?
What’s your favorite kitchen utensil?
Got a must-have kitchen gadget you’d like to share with the rest of us?

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  1. That is on my list of things to do this week. I still have several kitchen drawers that are in need of some attention. Where did you pick up those organizers? I like how the snap together.

    1. Hey, Shari! I purchased them from Walmart. They’re by Rubbermaid.

      1. Omg.. our utensil drawer is an EXACT replica of the one shown above!??
        I am SO pleased that you’ve solved our little Deawer Dilemma ?. I’m about to wake my son up and go to Walmart RIGHT NOW. Lol-I’m a bit excited if you can’t tell ?. Please let me know what exactly these are called? I’d like to search my local stores website to see if they are in stock.

  2. ugh, ours wouldn’t ever close either! With only two drawers in our kitchen, my way out was to evict the infrequently used items to a basket that lives on a top pantry shelf. That way, I still have my lime zester around, but not junking up my drawers 🙂

  3. My drawer was/is very similar. To close it I always have to do the smother/wiggle of the stuff, try to close it, wiggle them some more so they lay down, try it again, then take out what is causing the problem and wash it again. I may try to fix it and I like the basket in the pantry idea too! No more smother/wiggle utensil dance {hopefully}! Whoop!

  4. My kitchen drawer is exactly like that! Except we also have tools, screws and junk in there… don’t ask!
    But in my new condo there will be organization on a grand scale and I am pondering whether I want o keep these in a drawer or in a container on the counter (easy access) I haven’t decided yet.

  5. I am finally able to organize my utensil drawer because in the kitchen I just moved into, it is the first time I have had a big enough drawer to hold them all in one. I got some bamboo organizers at TJ Maxx a few years ago and that’s what in there. My favorite kitchen tool is this knife/scissor/choppy tool from Pampered Chef. (Very technical terms). Thanks for posting “regular things” like this kitchen drawer post. Thats one of the reasons I love your blog!

    1. Whew. I thought people were going to be all “Snoozefest, Chelsea! No one cares about your kitchen drawers.” And I’ll have to look into this Pampered Chef knife/scissor/choppy contraption you speak of.

  6. OMG, I want everything in your drawer. Is that weird? I have a small obsession with plastic spatulas as well, but they can be expensive!!

  7. But if it IS possible to have too many rubber spatulas, YOU are definitely guilty. There’s a rubber spatula shortage somewhere in the world and you are to blame. Actually, I probably have that many at the bottom of my utensil drawer and just don’t know about it.

  8. YAY you! Great job! Love the simplicity, cost and overall outcome! You rocked it as usual!


  9. My drawer definitely rivals yours. It really is dangerous to reach in there, and it’s ALWAYS getting stuck.
    I think it might be time to pare down some of the weird items in there.

    I’m also in love with rubber spatulas. I use them for everything, and get really sad when my favorite tiny one is dirty.

  10. “As with diamonds, chocolate cake, and semi-nude photos of Channing Tatum, you can never have too many rubber spatulas.” Haha, you crack me up, girl!! Love it! Awesome project!!

  11. Good work. This is actually on my list for the weekend. Actually, all the cabinets and drawers need an overhaul. I love a good whisk. I use the hell out of my whisk and tongs. 😉

  12. OMG I love the blue and aqua spatulas! Can you tell me what brand they are or where you got them?

  13. Half naked pictures of Channing Tatum. Haha that cracked me up.

  14. My drawer is stuffed with way too many utensils and dangerous as there are many large knives in there too. the other day my 4 year old grandson went to get the scissors out of there, fortunately they were right at the front and easy to find. Has made me aware of the need to get it organized now, before he gets hurt. My thing is wooden spoons. Not the cheap poorly made ones you buy that break with the first use, but the industrial kind that have a 4 inch spoon. I have 3 and use them all the time. LOL I think I might have 1 spatula. Thanks for the organizing tip, will be heading right down to Walmart to get some of these organizers. Will need a contraption to attach to the inside of a door to store my plastic wrap and wax paper that are taking up one of my drawers because I am pretty sure in order to organize my drawer I will need 2 drawers.

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