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Diaper Bag Organization

Do you remember what diaper bags used to look like? I’m talking circa 1980-90. The ones I remember were always so bulky and pastel in color. They weren’t very attractive and screamed “THIS IS A DIAPER BAG!” Thank goodness diaper bags have become more fashionable.

Diaper bag organization

I purchased this Kate Spade Stevie diaper bag (similar one found here and here) during one of their awesome surprise sales earlier this year with some of my birthday money. And I love it. Oh, and please don’t assume that I spent $300-400 for this bag. I’m not completely nuts. I looked it up, and I purchased it for $164.78 (that includes tax + shipping), which is a steal. Seriously, sign up for Kate Spade emails and follow them on Facebook to get the skinny on their surprise sales.

Okay, back to diaper bag organization. In total, this particular diaper bag has five inner compartments and two outer compartments. It comes with a matching changing mat and it has its own compartment (under the yellow fabric in the photo below). In the other inner compartments, I keep a diaper bag dispenser, an outfit change (one piece), diapers, and disposable diaper mats.

diaper bag organization

Here’s all the baby stuff I can fit in the bag.

aden and anais blanket
DIY burp cloth
wipe clutch
• 5 diapers
nursing cover
• one-piece outfit
pacifier wipes
diaper bag dispenser
disposable changing pads (for public restrooms)
portable sound machine
• NOT PICTURED: bib (it was in the dryer when I took this pic)

organized diaper bag

And here’s all the adult stuff I carry in the bag.

• cosmetic bag (see what I keep in it here)
• keys
• phone
• wallet (found here)

diaper bag

I love using the cosmetic bag for all my little things. When I run errands without Owen, I can quickly grab my wallet and cosmetic bag out of the diaper bag and throw it in my purse. And vice versa when I take Owen out and need the diaper bag. I keep my keys and phone in the outer side pockets of the diaper bag since it’s a lot easier to access them on the ends of the bag.

Since it’s Halloween, I’m compelled to share a couple photos of Owen dressed up in his costume.

My mom helped me craft this minion costume last weekend because I’m mildly obsessed with minions. So dressing my own child in minion costume makes my heart want to explode from the cuteness.

minion baby

I’m not planning on posting a tutorial for this one like I did with his short stack pancake costume. Mostly because my mom and I winged the hat so there’s no set pattern to share. I cut everything else out of felt (goggles and “G” on the overalls). And I used pipe cleaners for the hair. Owen already had the overalls, and I bought the yellow long sleeved onesie. My mom put a few stitches on the overalls to attach the “G” so I can clip the stitches after Halloween and the overalls can go back to normal overalls.

o minion

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  1. Super cute costume- well done! I bought a $50 bag from Babies R Us 7 years ago and it’s been fantastic. It has been through 4 children and is still in great shape!

  2. A woman after my own heart! I used the Okkatots backpack with my second assuming a backpack style would be best for chasing one while holding the cumbersome infant seat – and so hub could just grab & go without having to move stuff into a man bag, lol. It was ridiculous size-wise, but a compartmentalizer’s dream! We’ve since switched to a 31 OUT for the car and a smaller 31 tote to take with us. Once your little is a little bigger, add some small scissors to your cosmetic bag – I must have used mine a thousand times to cut down too-tall straws for the tot when she was younger. Thanks for the happy pictures and letting me know I’m not the only one! 😉

  3. Omg! I adore your diaper bag. I’m going to sign up for Kate Spade emails right now!!!

  4. Such a cute little minion! I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that when baby tries to eat your nose the look like a minion – one eye since each of your eyes can only see to about the eyeball with them that close. 🙂
    My diaper bag is blue pastel, but I bought it as a work bag long before kids! Coach diaper bags were always my work bags in the city. 🙂
    I love your blog and found you through your contributions on I Heart Organizing. 🙂

  5. Hi! Where did you buy your wipe clutch from?


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