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Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray: A Great Neutral Greige

If you need the perfect paint color for your whole home, give Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray a try. I’ll take you on a mini tour of our home and show you what it looks like in every room of our house!

It’s pretty rare that you can find a wall color that adds a feeling of warmth to a room. And a color you can use in every single room and not get sick of it.

Sometimes you see a color online or on Instagram and when you put it in your house it just doesn’t look the same but Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray is not that way. We’ve used it in just about every single room in this house!

Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray. The best greige paint color.

In the tons of options of greige paint colors, this one is definitely my favorite!

1986 Ethan Allen campaign-style night stand, bed with gray tufted headboard, pillows, blue and white striped duvet and vintage quilt. Shibori wall art above bed.

Is Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray a Greige Paint?

Yes! It definitely is. There are some greige paints that lean more towards brown undertones like Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey, and some that show more of their true light grey color like this one.

What Undertone Does Worldly Gray Have? Cool or Warm?

Worldly Gray is a less intense, slightly more gray shade of greige. Worldly Gray is the lightest color on Sherwin-Williams color strip 245 of the fan deck. The darkest color on strip 245 is Urbane Bronze. Urbane Bronze is a dark brown with an added gray aspect. So you get the same thing with Worldly Gray– warm but also cool.

Let me prove it to you.

What Is the Light Reflective Value of Worldly Gray?

The light reflective value or LRV of Worldly Gray is 57, making it a darker light colored paint.

What Trim Color Goes Well With Worldly Gray?

Bright whites like Sherwin Williams Extra White look great with Worldly Gray. 

Worldly Gray in Real Spaces


With the natural light coming in from this door, you can see its brown undertones, but it still is very neutral. Up against the white trim (SW Extra White), you can see that it really is a nice, warm gray.

You can see the cooler undertones of Worldly Gray here, especially with our blue rug.

Entryway with SW Worldly Gray on the upper walls. SW Extra White on the door, board and batten, and trim.

Living Room

I know some of you guys call this a family room, so whatever. Lots of windows up in here lighting situation wise, so the dark gray turns into light gray. To me, the living rom is always a great room to show a shade’s true color because more often than not, the most windows in your house will be here.

Living room with Worldly Gray walls and SW Extra White fireplace surround and trim. Greige sofas. Woven shades on the windows with white curtains.


Since we have a lot of kitchen cabinets in here, Worldly Gray is a great neutral backdrop for my show stopping peonies which are the real star of the show, right?!

This color could take on a different tone if you don’t have white cabinets, but I think for those of you who do, Worldly Gray is going to be a great option for you!

Kitchen with Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray walls and white shaker cabinets.

Dining Room

Another room of ours with allll the windows is our dining area. With bright white trim and bright white chairs, this is another room with a ton of natural light that brings out the light colored blue undertones.

Dining room with SW Worldly Gray walls and Extra White trim. Long wooden dining room table with white chairs.


Does Worldly Gray work in a bedroom? Specifically a kids bedroom? That would be a yes. I specifically designed Emmett’s nursery around the wall color because I didn’t feel like painting the room. I brought color into the room with furnishings– adding a blue rug and a big faux fiddle leaf fig.

Worldly Grey nursery. Koala and panda artwork hung above a wooden crib. Blue and cream patterned rug.
bed with vintage quilt, blue and white striped duvet, blue striped euro shams, white pillows, and light pink pillow. Shibori wall art above the bed. Wall color is Worldly Gray.


Worldly Gray is a great neutral bathroom color. It’s easy to accessorize with a multitude of colors. Or keep it neutral with other neutral shades. This room receives no natural light so you can see how Worldly Gray looks in a darker room.

Bathroom with Wordly Gray walls. Blue striped shower curtain.


What, you thought I was kidding when I said I have this gray painted in every room of our house? I know I’m funny, but I’m not a liar so, yes. Here it is in yet another room in our house, our playroom.

If you look on either side of the window, you can see how it can looks in light (left side) vs. dark (right side).

Playroom with Wordly Gray walls and Extra White trim. Light blue rug and two sets of three windows.


Talk about a room that gets the least natural light – our basement. Here the greige does have a more tan look to it, but that’s the point – it’s not gray, it’s not beige. It’s like gray was like, “Meet me at the alter in your tan dress, beige,” and then they got married and had a really awesome baby.

Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray in basement. Greige sectional with a tufted navy ottoman.

Worldly Gray vs. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

At least on paper, Repose Gray is the cooler of these two paint colors. I actually painted our great room at our previous house with Repose Gray. It’s a great greige but I prefer the warmth of Worldly Gray over Repose Gray.

Wordly Gray vs Repose Gray

Worldly Gray vs. Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray

Mindful gray is also a super cool greige paint color with slight green undertone. It is a little darker of a gray color than Worldly Gray.

SW Wordly Gray vs SW Mindful Gray

Worldly Gray vs. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter is probably one of the most popular greige’s out there, but when have I ever listened to anybody else? It’s not that I didn’t like it, but when I saw them side by side, I just decided that I liked Worldly Gray better.

Again I think it all goes back to the cool undertones of SW Worldly Gray that made me lean more towards that color. Although super popular, when I have seen BM Revere Pewter in real rooms and online, to me it has way more of the brown undertones than gray undertone that I’m just not super crazy about.

I think that it looks beautiful in a lot of spaces, but knowing the layout, the flow, and the fact that our basement doesn’t have a ton of natural light, I would rather have more of a cool greige so that it doesn’t feel as brown.

Worldly Gray vs Revere Pewter

Regardless of what paint colors you choose, always test a sample in your home on a real wall. You can even get those paint swatches that just stick on your wall, but I would caution that they’re still not paint and can be an augmented version of what the color truly will be.

At the end of the day it’s just paint, so you can always do it again if you hate it. But I promise you that you can’t go wrong with Worldly Gray!

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  1. Oh this was super helpful. Love seeing it in all the different lighting situations, and also compared to other grays.

  2. Sarah Chang says:

    New home is worldly grey, I think it’s the best of all the greys I’ve seen.
    Your review is awesome

  3. I am so excited to paint my house Wordly Gray. I have bought so many samplize paint samples and studied the lighting through the day in my home and noticed this color doesn’t shift color like all the other popular gray others. For instance, gossamer veil is almost identical to this color on the chroma well, but its chroma is less than Wordly gray. Paint colors with low chromas will show purple undertones during the day. Worldy gray is one of the few that doesn’t. If you want blue undertones choose repose gray, purple undertones gossamer veil, blue-green undertones agreeable gray.

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