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Budget-Friendly Living Room Window Treatments

Last week I shared on Instagram and on the blog how our living room is slowly turning into an adult-looking space. One of the ways I accomplished this was by adding some living room window treatments to the mix. We also got new couches, in case you missed the post and need a refresher on what the living room looked like before.

I’m going for more of a casual vibe in the living room. And after looking over a lot of my inspiration photos, I noticed many of the living rooms had bamboo roman shades paired with white curtains. So this this the route I took.

Finding the woven shades was difficult because everything I came across was so expensive. Seriously, similar shades to the ones I purchased were around $200-$250 each. And I don’t know about you, but I can think of much better ways of spending that much money.

budget-friendly window treatments

Before and After

To get an idea of how much window treatments can change the look of a room, I thought I’d show a little before and after. So here’s what the right living room window that flanks the fireplace looked like sans window treatments:

And here’s how the window looks with the living room window treatments:

woven shades with linen curtains

We hung the woven shades first, and Brad was all, “This is fine, why do we need curtains? I think it’s going to be too much.” And I was all, “Trust me. I know what I’m doing.” Wouldn’t you know, he said, “I have to admit, it looks really good with the curtains”?

*brushes dirt off of shoulder*

The Curtain Rods

Because our set of three living room windows is so wide (120 inches to be exact), I doubled up on the curtain panels. I went this route so everything would look balanced. Because when you have a big set of windows and one curtain panel on each side, it looks off. I also doubled up so the curtains can stretch across the windows.

I’m not typically a fan of using black in my home decor, but I decided to go with black curtain rods. I think they tie in nicely with the black fireplace surround. Plus, I was able to use 20% off coupons to save a little cash on the curtain rods.

For reference, the set of three windows has a 120″-180″ rod and the two windows that flank the fireplace have 36″-66″ rods.

Click HERE to buy the curtain rods!

living room with white curtains and woven shades

The Curtains

Since I’m going for a more casual vibe in the room, I opted for unlined linen cotton curtains. And because we have 9-foot tall walls downstairs, I got the 108″ length, unlined. The curtains were on sale for $25 per panel when I bought them, which is an amazing deal for 108″ linen cotton curtains. And speaking of Instagram Stories, I’ll try to post some videos of the shades and curtains later today so make sure you’re following me.

The curtains are more cream/off-white than pure white. Our trim is SW Extra White in semi-gloss to give you an idea of the color. I should probably hem them because they pool more than I’d like. But that’s not high on my priority list right now.

And remember, when hanging curtains, you want them to be high and wide. Mount the curtain rod a few inches from the ceiling. And the curtains should barely cover the windows when drawn open. This makes the window appear to be larger than what it really is. You can see an example of this method in my bedroom curtain post.

Click HERE to buy the curtains!

Woven shades with white curtains

The Woven Roman Shades

When it came to the living room window treatments, I knew I wanted woven shades. And I’m so happy I finally came across these budget-friendly bamboo shades. They’re a great color (no orange undertone), cordless, and very budget-friendly. There’s also a gray driftwood color as well.

I ordered five 35 inch by 70 inch bamboo shades at $46.78 each for a total of $250.27 (that includes tax).

Click HERE to buy the roman shades!

natural bamboo shades

Since the woven shades are cordless, I use my hand to maneuver them up and down.

This is what the backside of the shades looks like.

cordless woven shade

Here’s how the woven shades look when they’re pulled all the way down. They block the harsh sunlight and darken the room. If I want the room darker, I pull the curtains shut.

We don’t really have a need for blackout curtains in the living room, so the curtains are unlined.

living room window treatments

Not Completely Private

You can somewhat see through the shades because they aren’t lined. So if you’re a very private person or have a neighbors in close proximity, I recommend pairing these with curtains that you can close on top of the woven shades so people can’t see inside your house.

window treatments for a living room

If you’re looking for window treatments for a living room, I highly recommend these budget-friendly woven shades and linen cotton curtains.

Want to see the woven shades in another space? My friend, Annie, used them in her living room too.

Click HERE for the sources and paint colors for this room!

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Budget-friendly living room window treatments!

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  1. Betty Bashaw says:

    I absolutely LOVE the roman shades. Where did you purchase these shades?

      1. Christine says:

        Can you tell me where to buy this beautiful curtains?

  2. You tree in the woven planter is exactly what I have been looking for! Can you tell me where you got that. Your living room is beautifully decorated!

  3. Love your paint colour, what’s the name?

  4. Beautiful! I would also like to know the paint color of your walls. 😊

  5. Looks like classic gray by BM.

  6. Hi there!

    I LOVE this window look! Are the links to the Home Depot shades and the curtains the exact same ones you bought? Just asking because they look different, especially the shades look a lot darker on Home Depot (like they won’t let lots of light through, which is super important to me)

    Thanks! So beautiful!!

      1. Chelsea – you posted that your Home Depot bamboo shades were $46.78 for 35×70 size. Did you buy them on sale? Or has the price really increased so much since you purchased yours? They are now showing $61.55. Thanks in advance.

        1. They must have increased the price because they weren’t on sale when I purchased them.

      2. I’m looking for those curtains but I dont see your links? Thanks in advance

  7. Hi there! I am looking at buying the Radley from Macy’s. It is currently on sale. I know you mentioned having your first one located in the basement. I have read some reviews about the cushions sagging after a short period of time. Just wondering how is your holding up. I love this piece and there seem to be a lot of positive reviews. Thanks in advance!

  8. Love the blinds! I have been debating purchasing them for awhile and think I am finally ready to go for it. What is the length of your windows? The windows I am planning on using them for are 52” long (of course 😒) so I’m wondering if the 72” ones will be ridiculously long/bunched up. I do plan to have them open the majority of the time but feel like it would look worse to have them be 4” short when pulled all the way down. I’m hoping maybe the 72 inch would still work ? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. Do you think these would work with me having 10 foot ceilings? Love the look!

  10. Love this look! Did you get lined or unlined curtains from West Elm?

  11. You should have selected white or off white rods to complete this look

    1. I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that one, Karen.

      1. Your living room is excellent the way it is, Chelsea, and I very much like the contrast of the black rods against the other, lighter colors. Makes it look as if a professional designer stepped in and offered a suggestion or two :-). Beautiful room, very adult, very comfortable looking.

    2. No one buys white curtains rods.! They’re either black or gold.

  12. Can you please give us the name of the paint color and brand?

  13. I love this look and will be purchasing the roman shades after seeing how lovely they look here. I have a big window that is 75 inches wide and was hoping to buy 2 shades for the window. Can you tell me with instal, did you screw them into the top of the window frame or the sides? Obviously if I go with two shades with one window it would only work if I can screw them into the top of the window frame. Thanks so much for your help. You home pictured here truly is lovely!

  14. Hi!
    Wondering where you got your striped throw pillows!?!
    They look great!

  15. Beautiful!!! I am working on updating my living room windows. My paint color is almost identical to yours and I have the same curtain rods. Ordering the shades from HD. Deciding on the curtains. Right now I have unlined linen in ivory. I would go for white, but it would need to be soft white rather than stark crisp white. Could you tell me if these curtains are crisp or soft white. Thank you! Love your taste in decorating!

  16. How many curtains did you purchase on the wall with 3 windows? Are those two sets on each side (4 total) or one on each side (2 total)?

  17. Absolutely beautiful! I have been struggling to find the perfect window treatment and this is it! I love that you actually have links to items that are still available. Thank you! The curtains look sooo sheer on the website. Are yours lined with the blackout?

  18. I live in am older rambler and Windows LG and odd size pennys had a great sale behind us they built million dollar LG 2 story homes so I bought sheets and drapes. Sheets of we need yo filter sun by day then at night drapes closed for privacy. If we did not have homes behind us I would of bought the small stationary rod for each side for softness look

    1. I bought bamboo Roman shades in oak color from pennys

  19. Sheers if we need to filter sun

  20. This room is stunning!!! I am very interested in making my living room look similar. Could you guide me towards where you got the throw pillows and the rug? Thank you! I plan on purchasing the window treatments thanks to your beautiful post.

    1. Never mind, I found it! Thanks!

  21. Christina Luhmann says:

    I’m amazed that you scored such and awesome deal on these curtains. They are currently on sale for $70 per curtain. Should I hold off on purchasing?

    1. Cory Tubbs says:

      Same birthday at here!

  22. Brenda Baez says:

    Hi! Loved this design, I’m trying to recreate it!! But can you help me with these questions:
    My ceiling is not too high and windows are weirdly positioned [ like 3’ bellow ceiling and 2’ above floor]. My goal is to create the illusion of higher ceiling….
    1) -Should I still put the rod highest as possible? And what measurement you recommend for the sides?

    I also have a sliding door [access to patio] on the same room.
    2) I will put the curtains, but what about the shades? What are my options here?

    Thank you in advance, love your content.

  23. Deborah Hancock says:

    Just my luck the curtains are $100 each now and the shades have gone up, as well;(

  24. Just bought these exact shades after reading this post- thank you so much! **Question- what color paint do you have on your walls? We are in the process of painting our living room and I want a color similar to this. Thank you!

  25. Lisa Bearden says:

    I LOVE the window treatments! They are absolutely gorgeous! I am trying to buy the bamboo shades but the link does not seem to be working for me. Can you please tell me where to purchase them? Thanks!

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