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Neutral Entryway Table Vignette

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Brad and I held an impromptu garage sale Saturday morning in attempt to purge some stuff that was taking over our garage. In the end, we made $98.50. Not very impressive, but good enough for only putting 2 hours of prep into the garage sale and sitting outside from 8AM to 12PM. We were most happy that everything in our large “free” pile was taken. Hey, less stuff we have to haul to the donation center.

My sciatica is still in full effect. I’m waiting for someone to offer me a motorized scooter in the grocery store. Seriously, people were staring at me the other day as I waddled/hobbled through the produce section at a snail’s pace. I should start wearing a sign that says “36 weeks preggo with extremely painful sciatica. Nothing to see here, move along.”

Now on to the topic of today’s post, our entryway table. I recently shopped our house and put together this neutral, green and white vignette. I didn’t want it to be too seasonal or theme-y because I’m guessing I won’t have the time to constantly style it once the nugget arrives. The next time I’ll probably change the look is in September/October for fall.

neutral entryway

Like I said, I shopped our house so I didn’t go out and buy anything new to slap this together. But in case you’re curious, I’ll list where I got everything at the bottom of the post.

I love the quatrefoil Kate Spade picture frame we received as a wedding gift. You put a wedding photo on one side and your wedding invitation on the other side.

entryway table

Moss covered rocks are nice decor pieces to keep around. They take up minimal space when you need to store them (I keep them in the box they came in), and they can be used almost year round because they’re so basic.

moss covered rocks

I put a large, two-tone woven basket, which holds some of our shoes and sandals, and a wooden box filled with three moss/greenery balls on the bottom shelf of the entryway table.

neutral entryway table

The basket was a Target clearance find from a few months ago. I figured it would look good in this spot and would be a good place to throw shoes and sandals.


I bought the two greenery/moss balls on the bottom, and I made the one on the top. Although I don’t think it’s very hard to figure out how to make a moss covered ball, I plan on posting the tutorial on how I made it on Wednesday. It’s super easy. I made it while watching a DVRed episode of Don’t Be Tardy— so about 20 minutes.

moss balls

Here’s where I got everything. Keep in mind the majority of the items were purchased 3-5 years ago, so I can’t guarantee that you’ll still be able to find them. Sorry, one of the drawbacks of shopping the house.

mirror:  Target
table:  Amazon.com
lamp:  Lowe’s
picture frame:  Kate Spade/gift
white pedestal thing:  gift
moss covered rocks:  JoAnn Fabric
two-tone basket:  Target
wooden box:  HomeGoods
top moss ball:  DIY– I made it
bottom greenery ball:  HomeGoods
bottom moss ball:  Hobby Lobby

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  1. Love that table! Do you know the name of it? Or if it comes in any different colors?

  2. I love the simplicity of your entryway! Definitely need to make some moss balls. PS: I love Don’t be Tardy!!!

  3. Love this!!! How long did you buy the basket at Target? I have been eyeing that for weeks just waiting for it to go on clearance. Did I miss yet another good clearance sale at Target? I always seem to miss them!

  4. You sound very busy. You may not have time to change the table again before fall, and that’s ok because it’s so pretty to look at right now. Love those moss covered rocks. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday. I need to shop my house!

  5. love the basket idea my kids are always throwing their shoes around love the display thanks for sharing have a great week

  6. Beautiful job!! Love the color
    On your walls! Any idea what the name and brand are?? Such a bright and warm space 🙂

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