Simple St. Patrick’s Day & Spring Vignette

I’m Irish so I feel like it’s necessary to decorate (and celebrate) in some way for St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, my last name is so Irish that 9 out of 10 people mispronounce it. It’s whatever because 5 out of 10 people mispronounce my first name. Anyway, I didn’t want this vignette to look like a leprechaun regurgitated all over our entryway table so I went for an understated look. Plus, I wanted to be able to carry this vignette into spring.

I pulled out my $7 Bed, Bath, & Beyond clearance lamp, moss/nest/egg/cloche combo, $9 Hobby Lobby bargain frame (regular $90! yes, 9-0), mossy ampersand, and some random fake grass thing I picked up at Kohl’s a few years back. I feel like there’s something missing or off about it, but I have accepted it and moved on. (I think it’s the brown nest.)

99% of you probably don’t know this, but five years ago I was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. (Insert “man, time sure does fly” and “wow, I feel old” comments here.)  I lived and student taught in a suburb of Limerick for 10 weeks my senior year of college. It was an amazing experience. My parents flew over during my spring break, and we toured the country for a week. I also took mini vacations to London, Paris, Venice, and Florence. Let me tell you… It was rough.

In other random news, I was nominated for “Best DIY Blog” for Apartment Therapy’s “The Homies” awards! If you’d like to vote for me click here.

EDIT: Voting has ended! A big “thank you” to those who voted for me!

Are you Irish?
Do people mispronounce your name like it’s their job?
Have you ever been to Europe? Where’d ya go?

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  1. i love how you decorated! and congrats on the nomincation! how exciting!!
    happy wednesday!

  2. That is awesome! I’ll go vote for you! Btw I think you’re missing a red haired leprechaun and some glittery four leaf clovers. ;-P

  3. Hey girl! I love this little vignette…perfection!! I’m Irish on my mom’s side, hence the red hair, pale skin & freckles. 😉 I’ve never been to Europe, but definitely have dreams of going one day. My hubz & I want to do as much traveling as possible. What was your favorite city in all of Europe to visit??

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. cute decor! i’m not irish but my husband is AND he was born on st. patty’s day. 🙂 i’ve been to europe a few times–france, switzerland, germany, austria–and can’t wait to go back!

    voting for you!

  5. Lovely decorations,i just found your blog and am really enjoying it!
    Aileen in Kildare, Ireland

  6. i am actually italian, but have red hair and am often mistaken for being Irish…couple that with my very irish married last name and I feel like i should maybe do a little St. Paddy’s decor for my hubs! this is so cute..i love the little bird nest 🙂

  7. Love the moss ampersand! How cool that you taught in Ireland!

  8. I love your elegant decorations! So pretty. I was nominated over at AT too and am checking out the lovely blogs listed. Your is so inspiring. I just voted for your blog (#16, yay!)

  9. This is such cute decor! I am getting married on St. Patricks day 🙂

  10. Cute vignette! I’m Irish too and people don’t mispronounce my name as much but they can’t spell my first or last name to save their lives. I’ve learned to accept it and take whatever they write down with a grain of salt and move on 🙂

  11. So cute! Congrats on the nomination too (voting now.) I LOVE Ireland. The man and have been to Europe 3 times now and though I’ve loved every trip, I’m absolutely enchanted w Ireland. I would love to go back and see more of that amazing place one day.

  12. I don’t understand how people get Chelsea wrong. I really didn’t think it was that uncommon/hard to pronounce. Weirdos.

    Your vignette is looking very festive!

    Your Ireland experience sounds fun. Post about that. Because I’m bossy.

  13. Love it! It’s so cute and fresh! Before I got married people used to add an S to the end of my last name and now that my last name actually ends in S they leave it off! I have never been to Ireland, but I would love to go someday.

  14. Love your st patty’s decor display! LOVE your clean and style and loving your blog! NOW following 🙂

  15. I can see we could SO be friends if for no other reason than you covered that ampersand in moss. Love that & love covering things with moss. And I’ve been to London & Paris & am ready to go back to Europe anytime!

  16. I LOVE your mantel!! Congrats on your nomination too! You so deserve it as your site is full of inspiration. My husband is from Ireland and we have two little girls named Teagan and Isla (“eye-la”). When we go back to Ireland we spend a lot of time in Galway and Cork, my favorite! There is so much history, castles and stone walls everywhere. His parents have a sheep farm with tons of beautiful history on it including an old cemetary and Catholic schoolhouse!



  17. What fabulous understated St. Patrick’s Day decorating! LOVE!

  18. I love your St Patricks Day crafts and decor. I am stopping in from TheStuffofSuccess. I am also your newest follower – have a great week. Athena

  19. I’m Scottish, not Irish, but my birthday is two days after St. Patrick’s day so it always makes me think of that. 🙂 I would LOVE to go the Europe some day. And nobody mispronounces my name, but lots of people aren’t sure how to spell my last name when they hear it. Way. Just like it sounds. W-A-Y. 🙂

  20. Gorgeous! Such a great combination of “stuff” – not too busy but not too sparse. So pretty! 🙂

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