It’s That Time of Year

It’s my favorite time of year– peony season!

If you’ve been around for a while, or you follow me on Instagram (twotwentyone) you’re well aware of this. I even have my own hashtag that I use to tag all my peony pics– #221peonies.

Almost the entire south side of our house is lined with peony bushes.

peony buds 1

I posted a pic similar to the one below on Snapchat (chelsea221blog) last week and captioned it:

“My babies.”

It’s the truth.


I’ve had seven peony bushes for the past few years, with the oldest ones planted in the fall of 2009 and spring of 2010.

Last fall, my in-laws brought me two small peony starters from their peonies. But it looks like they won’t produce any blooms this year.

You can see one of the newer bushes second to the left in the photo below.

peony buds 2

If you’re interested in growing peonies, I wrote a post all about that subject. I cover everything from the best peony growing zones to how to promote root growth.

peony bud 1

I have a few different varieties of peonies, although I have no idea of their specific names because most of my plants were divided from mature peony bushes.

Since there’s said to be 3,000 varieties of peonies, I may never be able to find out the specific names of my peonies.

These are guesses, but I think I have at least these three varieties: Big Ben, Edulis Superba, and Sarah Bernhardt. But there’s at least two other bushes I haven’t been able to pinpoint yet.

peony bud 3

If you haven’t caught on yet, I love photographing the peonies.

I’m positive my neighbors think I’m nuts.

“There she is again, taking pictures of those flower bushes. What a weirdo.”

peony bud 4

I’ve made it clear that whenever we move, I’m taking my peonies with me. Brad thinks I’m nuts, especially when I tell him moving in the fall would be optimum because that’s the best time to transplant peonies.

peony buds 3

This bud is on my oldest peony bush. It was divided from a peony bush in my parents’ yard.

peony bud 5

Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing more peony photos once they open.

I know you’ll be on the edge of your seat.

peony bud 2

Again, if you’re interested in growing peonies, check out THIS POST.

See my 2014 peonies here and here!

See my 2015 peonies here and here!

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  1. I’m excited to see your peonies in all their stages! I got one last Mother’s Day and I’m just waiting for it to bloom now! I was getting worried it was a dud!

  2. As a native Hoosier (Muncie), Peonies are my very favorite flowers. Spending the past 40 years in North Carolina and now Central Florida, alas, no peonies. Enjoy every single blossom!!!! 😉

  3. Yay! Saw this post and cheered and couldn’t click on it fast enough! I love watching your peony babies bloom each year! I’m still trying to find a good spot for some in my yard. They’re some of my favorite flowers, too!

  4. Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud when you said moving in fall would be optimum for the peony transfer. I would totally do something like that. Since we moved into our builder grade house, I have been replacing light fixtures and our kitchen got an awesome cast iron sink and bridge faucet, and my husband thinks I’m crazy when I say I want to take it all with us when we go. He is probably right, I can’t leave the next owners without light fixtures or a kitchen sink. Bummer.

  5. You’re peonies are beautiful. I’m waiting on mine to open. I love watching the ants as they work their magic.

  6. ella ruth says:

    Best smelling flowers. Love them. Just waiting for mine to open. Had mine behind the house and they never did much, so I moved them to the front and they are doing much better. : )

  7. Beautiful pictures…I can almost smell them!

  8. I need to read your peony growing article. I only get one bloom a season. 🙁

  9. Chelsea, I love your peony posts! Thanks to you, I have started my own peony plants, and have taken to scouting the neighbors yards to see who has them! I planted 4 from root this spring, and discovered that my MIL has 3 mature plants I can decide this fall. So thank you for sharing your knowledge and your gorgeous photos of your peonies!

  10. Hi Chelsea, I love your row of peonies! Mine are growing like crazy this year, and I think they may be the best ever. Our flowering trees (I’m in CT) were very weak this year as a result of the cold/hot/frost variations in the weather, so we will see how the peonies do. I can’t wait!!! And oh, if anyone thinks I’m ever moving from this house without my peonies, well… 🙂 ! Linda

  11. We bought a new house that had a peony in the garden… last year it only had about 3 blooms. this year it is loaded and I can’t wait to see them!

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