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Hostess Gift Ideas

I’ve had requests to share hostess gift ideas, so I’m fulfilling that wish today.

Can I guarantee that you’ll like all of these ideas? Nope. But I picked stuff that I thought, “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind getting this as a hostess gift.”

So there’s the barometer, folks.

Great hostess gift ideas that won't break the bank!


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1. Christmas music CD
Yes, there are still some of us around who listen to CDs. Me being one of those people. And what person doesn’t want to rock out to some fine Christmas jams? Here are three CDs I recommend– Straight No Chaser (fellow Indiana University alums– Go Hoosiers!), A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, and the new Pentatonix Christmas album. I also like this one and this one and this one.

2. wine markers
Even better than wine charms– wine markers! Genius idea, right? Plus, I think it’d be fun to have people rewrite their names at the end of the evening and compare it to how they wrote their name 5 drinks prior. (Please drink responsibly.)

3. colorful utensils
I thought these were cute, especially for the price.

4. candle
Yeah, it’s a candle but, hello, it’s also a golden pineapple. That means once it burns out, the hostess can use it to store things like paperclips or her secret stash of holiday Valium. (Please don’t abuse prescription drugs.)

5. agate coasters
Because they’re beautiful AND they protect furniture.

6. bath bombs
Everyone needs to relax during the holidays, so why not encourage the hostess to take a stress-reducing bath? I don’t even take baths (who has time for that?), but I’d dust off our tub, literally, in order to try out one of these bad boys and see what all the hype is about.

7. conversation starter game
I think this is kind of like Cards Against Humanity, but more refined.

8. bathroom guestbook
Only get your hostess this if she has a sense of humor. OR if you want to watch her get slightly uncomfortable. Hey, that’s almost more fun.

9. beer greetings
This is perfect for your hostess who likes craft beer. Or Bud Light. Listen, I’m not here to judge palates. Just throw 6 bottles in one of these puppies and you’re good to go.

10. sheet masks
These sheet masks are all the rage right now. But might I suggest prefacing this gift by saying, “Now, Megan, I think you have a flawless complexion, but I thought you’d enjoy pampering yourself with these fun sheet masks. I swear none contain snail secretions. Enjoy, girl!”

11. fun dish towel
I love me some Anne Taintor. This dish towel reads “the only thing left to polish off now is the gin”.

12. soaps
I know, I know it’s kinda grandma-ish but these soaps look cute. And everyone needs hand soap. It is flu and norovirus season.

13. monogram mug
You can never go wrong with a mug. The other day Brad told me our mugs are “multiplying again”. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about.

14. tea sampler
I’m not a tea drinker, but if someone gave me this I’d try it out.

15. serving board
Your hostess can use this serving board as a cheese board or display it in her kitchen because it’s freaking beautiful.

16. latte bowls
I bought these for myself on Black Friday. I also wrapped them yesterday and put them under the tree. A little gift from me to me.

17. coffee table books
Don’t want to show up with a generic hostess gift? Bring a gorgeous coffee table book! Modern Mix, written by my friend Eddie and his partner Jaithan, is great for your friend who loves color and antiques. And A Touch of Farmhouse Charm is by my friend Liz, who is also a fellow Indiana blogger. Her book is bursting with farmhouse inspiration.

18. more mugs!
I included this Bridesmaids-themed mug in my best friend gift guide last year and everyone loved it. They also loved the Is That Baaaaad? mug (Dooneese from SNL) and Jessi Spano pill popping mug.

There you go! I hope you found at least one hostess gift idea. Or maybe a general gift idea.

Just remember– when in doubt, show up with a bottle of wine and a bag of chocolate.

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  1. Great list! It’s so weird how mugs multiply on their own, right? 😉 We have the same problem in our house! Haha

  2. You can never go wrong with gifting board games. It might not be very useful but it’s something that you can never have too much of. Unless of course you already have it.

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