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Our Big Christmas Tree 2012


If you’ve been around these parts for a while you’ll notice that our jewel tone Christmas tree didn’t change much from last year to this year. I can’t justify buying new ornaments every year, so I changed a couple things this year to change the look a little.

OK, so what did I change? Well, I used different ribbon (from JoAnn). I also bought a new tree skirt. The tree skirt was on sale at Target for $25 right after Thanksgiving. I went to two Targets but no aqua tree skirts were to be found. Desperate, I called the Target over by Brad’s work (he had already visited Target earlier that day). The guy I spoke to said there were two left. I asked if they could hold one, but he said they can’t hold sale items. Then he told me that they were in the very back, behind all the other colored tree skirts. I told him to keep it that way. He laughed and said he would. Well, my Target man and my main man came through for me because I scored my aqua sequin tree skirt for $25. Nothing gets between this girl and a sequin tree skirt.

The jewel tone glass ornaments are from Target circa 2007. I scored 9 boxes (15 ornaments per box) for $2.50 each (originally $9.99) at their day-after-Christmas sale. To this day I regret not grabbing a couple more boxes. I absolutely love these ornaments. I’m still pushing for a white Christmas tree because I think the ornaments would really pop against a white tree. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for one when I go out the day after Christmas. Then I’ll attempt to sneak the tree past Brad, who keeps vetoing the white tree idea.

The light up star tree topper is from Kohls circa 2008 (I think).

Here’s a shot of the Christmas tree at night with all the other lights off. I had fun shooting it at night and getting the lights to make the little stars.

This post wouldn’t be complete without a photo of Jack in front of the tree. This is his ‘I’m over this, mom, fork over the treat’ look.

Do you completely change the look of your Christmas tree every year?
Have you ever gone a wild goose chase to score a Christmas item?
Are you going day-after-Christmas shopping this year?

Jewel Toned Christmas Tree

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  1. It’s all new to me, and beautiful! Thank goodness for sweet husbands that understand the importance of such things! 🙂 Jack is too cute!

  2. So pretty! Ornaments are too expensive to rebuy each year! My tree will have to live with baby changes each year… actually it won’t live since I do real trees anyway. They’ll never know.

  3. Reilly@JourneyNorth says:

    It’s way too expensive to change out all the ornaments every year. I am getting sick of our current decorations though and would love to change them next year.

  4. Love your tree! I agree with you that your ornaments would pop and look absolutely fabulous on a white tree! I’m also trying to wear my husband down into agreeing to let me get a white Chtristmas tree. I’ve been trying for a couple of years now. Who knows, maybe this year will be our lucky year and both you and I will score white Christmas trees! The only problem with getting a white tree means all new lights. My white lights on my green tree are all on green wires to blend in with the tree so with a new white tree I’ll need white lights on white wires. But oh boy, white trees with white lights and just green and red ornaments makes my heart flutter!

  5. I bought those same ornaments after Christmas one year and have 5 boxes, but haven’t used any. We have cats, so I can only imagine how many would be broken since they’re glass. We use shatterproof ones for now haha

  6. Your tree is gorgeous and I am pretty much in love with your sequined skirt!! And those jewel toned ornaments are just lovely!

  7. My husband is against a white tree as well! I don’t understand it because they’re so beautiful!
    Maybe one day when we are homeowners and have space for more than one tree I’ll get a white one or a flocked one . . . one day!

    I love the photo of Jack with the tree. I have a black pug and she’s so hard to photograph. Any tips would be greatly appreciated

  8. Your tree is gorgeous. I love the jewel tones and the new tree skirt is excellent. I switch up the trees but don’t buy much new every year. As you know, I have a bit if a hoarding tendency for Christmas decor.

  9. I love your tree! I went for bright colors for the first time this year, but I must say, your’s looks much better than mine! 😉 I love how simple and elegant it is with all of the same ornaments. And that tree skirt (and the stockings) are AWESOME!

  10. My family wouldn’t want to change the ornaments every year, they like the memories of the ornaments we have. Buying new ornaments each year isn’t in my budget, not even up for consideration. Goodness, people do that? It’s enough to buy what goes under the tree. Let’s keep it real. Most people don’t change the ornaments each year.

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