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Poinsettia Wreath – DIY Christmas Tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial showing how to make a poinsettia wreath for $15 in 15 minutes!

Over a month ago, I ran to Lowe’s to get something and I came across these really pretty poinsettia wreaths. But then I saw the price tag.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Lowe’s but I’m too cheap to spend $42.78 (that includes 7% sales tax in case you’re wondering) on a wreath.

Before I walked away from the wreaths, I snapped the photo below and I made a note to look at silk, red poinsettias the next time I was at Michael’s because I always tend to like their silk poinsettias the best.

wreath lowes

 When I went to Michael’s a few days later, I grabbed a bunch of poinsettia bundles for the wreath and to put in our window box on the front of our house since the wreath would be going on our front door because I’m a fan of coordination.

Christmas Poinsettia Wreath Supplies:

18″ grapevine wreath
2-3 bundles of silk poinsettias
hot glue gun and glue
wire cutters

FYI, most craft stores have their Christmas decor and florals for 50%-60% off during November and December. And they’ll often have extra 20% off sales on certain weekends.

make wreath 2

How to Make a Poinsettia Wreath

1. Snip the Poinsettias

First, take your poinsettias and snip the stems with your wire cutters so there’s about an inch and a half to two inches of stem remaining.

make wreath 3

2. Insert Poinsettias Into Wreath Form

Insert the stem into the grapevine wreath. Continue placing all the poinsettias around the wreath, overlapping the petals a little.

I used 12 poinsettias total. But keep in mind that sizes may vary.

make wreath 1

3. Glue Stems Into Place

Then, go back around and hot glue the poinsettias to secure them to the grapevine wreath. A good sized glob should do.

wreath 1

Wait a couple minutes for the hot glue to cool, and then hang your Christmas poinsettia wreath!

poinsettia wreath tutorial

Now I know it doesn’t look exactly like the $39.98 wreath from Lowe’s, but I’ll take it for about $25 in savings.

poinsettia wreath

And I tallied everything up. In total, I spent $15 on my supplies and it only took me 15 minutes to make the wreath. You seriously can’t beat that.

DIY poinsettia wreath

And here she is hanging in all her glory on our front door with the tomato cage Christmas trees I made last year.

It’s kind of hard to tell in photos, but the wreath looks fuller in real life. The grapevine is thicker so it gives the wreath a more dimensional look, if that makes sense.

outdoor christmas decorations red and white

Happy Christmas wreath-making, fellow cheapskates!

How to make a poinsettia wreath! Only $15 and done in 15 minutes!

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  1. It turned out so well! I made an ornament wreath a couple years ago and saved so much money! Diy wreaths are definitely the way to go!

  2. I have to say…I think your wreath is prettier than Lowe’s!

  3. Ummm…yours is WAY nicer that the one at Lowes! Yours is not all flat and bent like theirs! Great job!

  4. Thank you! I cannot spend $45 on a wreath – it bugs me too much! $15 I can handle and yours looks WAY better than the ones in the stores!

  5. I’s beautiful and since poinsettias come is all colors now, you can match whatever color scheme you have!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Your wreath definitely looks better than Lowes!!!

  7. Pretty wreath. Always amazes me how you can make something yourself and save a lot of money. Your wreath looks great on your door.

  8. Ah this turned out so pretty and what a savings! I have a black front door – white colonial with black shutters and trim – so this wreath would look gorgeous with those colors! Thanks for sharing this quick and easy idea, pinning!

  9. Love the look!!!! I will have to look at the poinsettias at Michaels next time I go!

  10. Hopped over here from Carrie’s blog and so glad I did. Love this affordable and identical knock-off of the Lowe’s wreath. Thank you for the easy-to-follow directions with pics. Going to try this one!

  11. Love poinsettias so I love this wreath! Well done! Your front entry looks so nice for the holidays! Blessings, Janet

  12. This is so pretty, and a great saving too. I made poinsettias from paper napkins last year for gift wrapping, they would work for a wreath like this as long as they were for indoors or under a porch or veranda. That would make it even cheaper, I’ll have to see if I have any red paper napkins left!

  13. I love it! I think it looks better than the one at Lowe’s!

  14. Beautiful! I Thank you for the great idea! I bought a large grape vine wreath for $2 and 12 gorgeous large silk poinsettias @ 2 for $1 at our local Dollarama store and paid only $8 plus tax…The whole project cost me under $10…

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