2012 Christmas Wish List

 Hello, friends! Around this time last year I shared my Christmas wish lists (responsible and materialistic) with you. So I thought I’d share my 2012 wish list with you because I’m the nosy type who always wants to know what other people are putting on their Christmas lists.

Let’s get this party started!

1. Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleaning System:   I bought a similar skin cleaning system a couple years ago. It worked well until it stopped taking a charge. I had good results with it before it decided to crap out on me. My pores got smaller, my skin looked and felt smoother, and it got all of my makeup off my face.

2. PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives:  Holy. Smokes. Have you guys heard about PostSecret? My best friend informed me of it a couple months ago. Basically, people send postcards with their confessions/secrets to this Frank Warren guy, and he posts them on the PostSecret website. You HAVE to watch the PostSecret YouTube video here. The first postcard they show has been the most memorable to me. While watching the video I got the chills. I had tears in my eyes. Guh. So good. So real. (Plus the song that’s played with the video is one of my favorites.)

3. Retro POP phone handset:  For hour long phone conversations with my BFF. Duh.

4. 20″ x 15.5″ Air Bake baking sheet:  This is one bad mama jama. I don’t know what baking was like before my Air Bake baking sheets. You guys, these are life. changing. Especially this one because it’s MASSIVE. Seriously, I can fit 12-20 cookies on one of these bad boys.

5. Smith’s lip balms:  Love these! They smell good, and they’re smooth, not sticky.

6. Pre-seasoned cast iron skillet: I blame Michelle for this one. I want to make a giant chocolate chip cookie like she did. But I’ll add ice cream on top of mine.

7. Vacuum:  I’d really like a roomba but they’re $350. I asked for a vacuum last year but Santa showed up with other stuff, which was fine. It’d be nice to have a new vacuum since ours is old and the pile adjustment gadget is broken. Blah. Being an adult.

8. Silpat Baking Mat:  Another life changing baking utensil. You. Must. Get. One.

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?
Do you have any of my wish list items on your wish list? Wish list twins!
Have you tried any of the items on my wish list?

Don’t forget to enter the Staples $100 gift card giveaway!

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  1. Yep, the Mia is the best skincare invention ever. Love your list!!!

    1. Thanks lady! I know you’re a Clarisonic believer. Come on, Santa!

  2. Have you tried the Olay cleansing system? It’s cheapish and I’ve had good luck with it. I am, however, intrigued by the Clarisonic and I wonder if it works 4 times better (beings it’s 4 times expensive).

    You totally need a cast iron skillet. It also works well for making delicious cheesy hashbrowns. I hope your diet is done.

  3. I.LOVE.POSTSECRET. I have most of the books and I actually hosted a PostSecret event/book signing back in college. Frank is an amazing human. You should definitely get to an event if there’s one in your area!
    With Luck

    1. That’s so cool! Frank recently spoke at a college in Cincinnati but it was a weeknight and the nasty Nati is 2 hours away. I hope he comes to the Indianapolis area sometime. I’ll just have to keep stalking him.

  4. Reilly@JourneyNorth says:

    I keep changing my mind on what I want for Christmas. I might have to add a silpat though. I am very intrigued, i am just not sure how often I’d actually use it.

  5. Well, I actually didn’t know what I wanted to put on my wishlist! But now that I’ve seen yours… I think I would love to have a cleaning system like that, and also one of those cookie sheets, and perhaps even one of those silpat mats. Because I go through a lot of parchment paper.

    I really like PostSecret too! It is terribly heart wrenching though, so I can’t read it very often. It makes me sad. I wish more people had happy secrets!

    1. Glad I could inspire you! This is why I scope out others’ wish lists. I go through a lot of parchment paper too (I only have one Silpat mat). I do love my parchment paper though.

      Isn’t it? But often it makes me feel a little better about my life. And how things I think are bad in my life are nothing in comparison to what some people have experienced or are experiencing. It puts things in perspective for me. But I do agree that there should be more happy secrets.

  6. Love your list! I’d like a new vacuum too. I didn’t put it on my list but I’m hoping Santa answers my secret prayers for one haha

  7. Great list, I am going to look into that Silpat mat.

  8. I absolutely adore postsecret. I started reading the website after an article in the IDS at IU about a ‘postsecret’-style bathroom stall in Ballentine.

    The books also make GREAT coffee table reading, especially if you have guests that actually PICK UP your coffee table books like mine do. Highlight of my weekends (since you only blog on weekdays!)

    1. There’s a PostSecret esque bathroom stall in Ballantine?! When was this, and is it still there? And oof, that just made me feel old. I’m pretty sure the last time I set foot inside Ballantine was approximately 7 years ago.

      Hah! Are you saying I should start blogging on the weekends? You’re in luck, because I might post something this weekend. December is a busy blogging month!

      1. In 2009, there briefly was postsecret-style graffiti in a couple of the girls bathrooms (notably, http://www.idsnews.com/news/story.aspx?id=71904). When I discussed that article with a couple friends, they directed me toward the website.

        And, can I just say, I was super pumped about Saturday Blog posting! 😀

    1. It’s a baking mat! It makes your cookies even more delicious, especially when you use a Silpat on an Air Bake cookie sheet. Baking euphoria, my friend.

    1. Cherish that cooking man of yours. I wish Brad made pancakes. I tried teaching him one Sunday morning but I ended up making them while he watched. #controlfreak

  9. You JUST heard of Postsecret? I’ve been reading that for close to 10 years!

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