12 Uses For A Pressure Washer

pressure washing garage door

3. Garage Door
Same with the exterior siding or brick of the house, we also use the pressure washer to clean our garage door. The pressure washer is especially convenient when the garage door comes under attack from birds.

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  1. Barb Hesselgrave says:

    You’ve inspired me to get my pressure washer out of the shed and do some serious cleaning on this hot August day!

  2. Genial, te ha quedado todo maravilloso.bsos

  3. A pressure washer is totally on my wish list! Please tell me you’re not out there pressure washing your siding at 100 weeks pregnant right now though!

  4. So many uses I would’ve never thought of. I need to step up my pressure-washing game! LOL

  5. Just got my own power washer. Not a Ryobi but excited to get started on the cleaning.

  6. Shirley Lupton says:

    Oh my goodness I wish I had a powerwasher like this. We bought a powerwasher and never used it, we went on vacation and when we came home we found that it was stolen before it was ever used. We are on a fixed income and purchasing a new one is out of the question. The powerwasher wasn’t the only thing taken and we never found any of it to this day. Thanks for sharing.

    God Bless

  7. I use my pressure washer for kids toys as well, Little Tikes mainly. Just make sure that you have a way to drain whatever you wash, usually there is a plug in the bottom if not you may have to drill a small hole. I have even pressure washed my tennis shoes when i was super bored.

  8. I’ve always wanted a power washer, but I just checked the price. 🙁 Any chance they are looking for another brand ambassador? 🙂

    1. I waited and got mine on Freaky Friday or is it Black Friday at PepBoys. Unlikely Black Friday places often have half price stuff like this.

    1. You don’t need a pressure washer, actually. Get a power nozzle for your hose. Cold water is best. I got a tip from a rug cleaning firm years ago that ‘oriental’ rugs used to be just washed in a fast running stream in the old days. I live in the south so drying isn’t a problem. Use a squeegee to remove excess water after rinsing. I hang a heavy bamboo pole in my car port and spray away.

  9. I use my pressure washer to wash my indoor/outdoor carpets. With the mud and dirt from the kids what we track in from the farm yard, it works wonders. I do vacumn first, then use the soap attachment and use a spot of dish soap with some lemon ammonia. works good.

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  11. That is so cool! I wanted to buy one of these pressure washers but I had no idea where to use it if we exclude the car. Thanks a lot for sharing! Wimbledon Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  12. Suzy Richards says:

    While everything gets real clean I am sure, out here in the west you would get reported to the water district for wasting that much water. We are barely allowed enough to flush toilets and clean dishes and clothes with. Must be nice to live where you can do that.

  13. Maria Waxler says:

    We have outdoor rabbits and it is great in the Spring or Summer to let them play in our enclosed grassy area while we power wash their hutches! Powers away a winter’s worth of pee and poo that doesn’t fall into the trays below! We power wash the trays too! All of the others you suggested we already do!

  14. Siding is not supposed to be pressure washed

    1. Yes, you can carefully powerwash siding. Read the info on this website: http://www.wikihow.com/Pressure-Wash-Vinyl-Siding

      I have never had a problem powerwashing the vinyl siding on our mobile home. One just has to use care and common sense, prep everything first and avoid directing the stream at seam areas. Works beautifully!

  15. I like my pressure washer, too. Just remember to winterize them if winters are cold in your area (most of the country).

    Oh…and as with all small gas engines, use fuel stabilizer or ethanol free gas (you can find gas stations in your area with a simple google search).

  16. I would like to add two more.

    One kids plastic play forts bring new life.

    Two we used our Ryobi on plastic Adirondack Chairs

  17. My husband uses my pressure washer to descale fish. LOL I thought he was crazy the first time he did it, but it works really well.

  18. Either I’m doing something wrong or my electric pressure washer doesn’t cut it. I pressure-wash my house every summer to remove dirt and mildew, but the results are less than sparkling.

  19. I never tire of looking at my patio (aggregate concrete) after I’ve pressure-washed the algae off it. That stuff not only looks hideous, being greenish black, but it smells!

    The wooden ramp into our storage shed also gets algae on it, as it is shaded much of the day, and it becomes very slippery, especially when damp. Pressure washing took care of that as well, and it is no longer slippery.

    The pressure washer is great for removing flaking paint from something you want to repaint.

    Also, after pressure washing the driveway, I cleaned the curb in front of my house. It really made a huge difference.

  20. We used our power washer to install the post for our new dock. I called it liquefying the sand. It was amazing!

  21. I would not recommend pressure washing the equipment whereby the water can be forced into bearings. Though I have not had engine problems, the airfilters can get wet. Bearings of this economical type have a relativity easy to remove dust seal, and water can be forced inside easily, resulting in a rusted bearing that will then proceed to be a pain in the butt in multiple ways, the worst is shortening the life of the equipment due to increased stress on the running system. The bearings cost maybe 2 dollars, but are buried in hard to get to places and support important moving parts, clutches, pulleys and so forth.

  22. After power washing my drive way and seeing the difference, I am obsessed! I want to power was the exterior of our home, specially the back side as it looks dirty & dusty. Do you think it would harm the paint or would in the long run? Thanks for posting!

  23. John Grimley says:

    Word of caution. Washing down a brick wall should be done at a lower pressure. Bricks have faces which tend to be slightly less porous, a pressure washer will pit these faces allowing water in. If this freezes, it could ‘blow’ the face off the brick.
    Washing concrete or block paving driveways. Always make sure to treat the surface after to seal the face.

    Really useful tip. If you want to make a hole for a fencepost, laundry post etc, in soil, simply place the head of the nozzle onto the ground (soil) & squeeze the trigger. The lance on my PW is 4ft long so I can create a hole 4ft deep x approx. 3″ diameter in a matter of a minute. Instead of spending ages hammering in metal spikes to hold some posts, I used my PW to make the holes. I still had to use a hammer but the spikes were so easy to drive in it was incredible.

  24. Some tips:

    don’t power wash screens especially old ones ( i know because have to repair them)

    some sidings should not be power washed due possible damage to the siding itself being too “soft”or pointing the nozzle up into the interlock forcing water inside
    can clean sewers with the right attachments.Plumbers do it all the time.

    No windows because they usually have rubber gaskets which can let water in under pressure.

    Doors are same as windows.

    be careful with”lightweight” gutters.

    never ever point it at people or animals

    1. Oh and i forgot it will take paint off or your house or vehicle if used wrong (too close)

      1. Tamera Huckaba says:

        I just bought this pressure washer yesterday. Im worried about damaging my new car. When I used it on the widest position it didnt really do anything. Of course I was too afraid to get any closer. Did you use this model on a vehicle?

  25. I hope consumer reports does not get their way,they are a bunch of morons that shouldn’t be allowed to procreate.They have no common sense whatsoever and ruin all the good things for everyone.

  26. Doug Dittmer says:

    We have a cedar wood fence. To prolong the life of it I power wash the fence to freshen the surface and remove dirt, aging, and moss. Then I spray clear wood sealer which helps prevent water from being absorbed. I do this every 2 years or so and it keeps the fence looking attractive.

  27. You can purchase an attachment for your pressure washer at Home Depot to clean your decks or driveway. If you use just the wand from the pressure washer you have to fight the streak thing. The attachment has a rotating bar under the housing, so you can do about a 10″ pass each time! The cost is approximately $50 but SO worth it!

  28. Jon Fisher says:

    It’s not wise to pressure wash vinyl siding… The vinyl isn’t a solid piece and is designed for water to run down it. Pressure washing siding forces water behind the siding and can cause mold and degrading problems to the wood behind the vinyl.

    It may be an easy and quick fix but can cost a lot to fix in the long run. Best to just use elbow grease to get a quality cleaning.

  29. I’ve considered a pressure washer, and this is really a helpful post in thinking about if it’s something worth the garage space. I’d like one, but I need to continue shedding clutter.

  30. LeAnne Wiggins says:

    They are also great for baseball pants. Slap soiled pants against a fence, the house or driveway. Spray like crazy then launder normally.

  31. It makes me very happy to know that you love to pressure wash. I am not alone. Something about blowing grime away makes me feel centered and like a superhero. In fact, I like it so much, I started my own pressure washing company! Ha ha.

    Great article, nice clear pics. Makes me want to grab a washer and go find something dirty to clean!

  32. it a good idea to have a practical and handy pressure washer, it works well for most of the cleaning jobs at home. and it is ideal for cleaning some things such as barbeque

  33. It is always best to choose the right pressure washer that will suit your needs. In my opinion, if you would just use it for home use or for personal use, you could get a handy one that is not difficult to bring from one place to another. If you are the business type, you need one that will definitely fit into the requirements that your washing business needs. Thank you for this great article, Chelsea! Keep it up!

  34. Thank you very much for sharing the uses of pressure washer. Ever wonder how others are using their pressure cleaner day to day.

  35. This is really interesting to know about pressure washer! I have been using pressure washer from last 2-years and it is really amazing to use it.

  36. Marie burns says:

    What can I add to water in a pressure water to brighten up a pebble dashed bungalow that was originally cream but has gone grey and drab in parts due to age and weather without doing damage would like to know what chemical can I use

  37. Nice blog you have! Always fog or presoak the surface with a detergent, degreaser etc. Presoaking reduces wash time and chemical cost.

  38. I didn’t know a pressure washer could clean so many different things. I have noticed that the side of my home has been kind of dirty. If it could be used on the siding of my home, like you mentioned, that would be really nice to get that cleaned! Thank you for the information!

  39. Robert Wagner says:

    For lighter grime and utility, electric pressure washers can be purchased for less than $100. You don’t have to worry about gas, fumes or whether the motor will start. Winterizing means just drained. They are lightweight and so can be transported easily inside and out. After a flood left an 18″ grimy water mark in my den, I hooked up a combination spout to use warm water and easily blasted off the entire mess, then wet vacuumed it immediately. It was sprayed with a soap-bleach, then rinsed and wet vacuumed again. Looked like New and smelled clean, too.
    Outside, my gas pressure washer cleanes \chipping paint, mildew and moss on the north side of buildings, and the black residue on rusted iron after soaking metal in vinegar overnight. You can even dig a shallow well with a pressure washer.

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