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That Was Fast

I’m not very good at taking photos of people or living creatures in general– mostly because they move. And I have a tough time editing photos of humans because their skin throws me off.

It’s no question that photographing and editing stationary things is my jam. Which is why I love peony season around here. Because I love photographing them, and they require minimal editing.

I even cleaned off my usually-cluttered office desk to take this photo.


The peony blooming season ended here a couple weeks ago. But I made a point to go outside every other day, if not every day and snap some photos of these beauties.


I’ve never been a big fan of my magenta/fuchsia peonies because they smell weird to me. But I like how this photo turned out.


My last peony bush to bloom is always this guy.

pale pink peonies

The blooms are gigantic, like I’m talking 6-8 inches in diameter. Their sheer weight is the reason they droop to the ground. I really should start staking this particular peony bush.

pink peonies

They’re the prettiest pale pink, but they don’t smell that great.

 two twenty one peonies


These peonies from my oldest peony bush smell the best, by far.


And I love how some of the blooms have different shades of pink and peach.


The two photos above and four photos below are blooms from the same plant.



I liked how this one was heart-shaped.



Now, if only I could have fresh bouquets on my desk year-round.


I have to admit, for about a week this side of our house looks awesome with most of the peonies in bloom.


Until next year!

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  1. Your peonies are GORG! They’ve always been a fave of mine too just b/c of how HUGE they are.

  2. Your peonies are Beautiful!!

  3. The peonies are beautiful! and I love your computer monitor background.

  4. They are beautiful. So sad they don’t last very long.

  5. Michelle Donner says:

    I L❤️VE these photos! They just brightened my week!! Thank you!!

    Fellow Peony Lover! :))

  6. They are over so quickly but totally worth it! Getting out there and getting photos is such a good idea, then at least you can enjoy them for a little longer!

  7. Peonies are definitely my FAVORITE flower! I have an older bush like yours-and every year I’m blessed with a surplus! I totally agree with you on the smell of the fuchsia blooms. Not pleasant-but yours are GORGEOUS!!

  8. These are some gorgeous pictures and flowers!! I think you did a great job of capturing them. (I struggle with taking quality pictures PERIOD.) I love your work area and the message you put on your computer.

  9. One thing I miss about our old house was the beautiful mature peonies in the front. I always looked forward to their blooms and bringing some in the house as well. Great pictures!! Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!

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