Top 10 Posts of 2018

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and enjoyed time with people you love!

After taking a couple weeks away from the blog, I’m back to share the top 10 posts that I published in 2018.

10. The Tale of a Galactocele

I dished on the massive breastmilk-filled cyst in my boob. You and I are officially close now.

9. Summer Kitchen

I decorated our kitchen and dining area for summer!

8. Life Lately

You guys asked me a bunch of questions, mostly about the state of our house, and I answered them.

7. Where’s Jack

One of the hardest posts I’ve had to write– explaining why we had to re-home our dog of 9 years.

6. Deck & Pergola Reveal

Our biggest home improvement project of the year was having our deck and pergola built. Now I just need to spend 18 hours scouring the Internet and having an internal debate over what outdoor dining table and chairs to buy. Should be fun.

5. Basement Sectional & Ottoman

Around this time last year, our new basement sectional and ottoman were delivered. The sectional has held up really well. However, the ottoman hasn’t. The fabric is pilling, which is really annoying– especially because we don’t spend a ton of time in the basement (maybe an hour or so a day).

4. Dining Area

I finally unveiled our dining area.

3. Emmett’s Birth Story

Aw, you guys are so sweet. And nosy. JK. I love that you love a good birth story.

2. Changing Table Organization

I can’t say I blame new parents for wanting an organized changing table. No one wants to search for the butt cream mid-diaper change.

1. How to Style Curly Hair

I guess I should’ve shared this post a few years ago. Face palm.

Thanks so much for all your love and support! I really appreciate each and every one of you because you’re the reason why I get to do what I love. I’m excited for what this year holds! Wishing you all the best in 2019!

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