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DIY Gold Striped Vases

Remember a month or so ago when I shared my gold dipped vase? Well, when I made that particular vase I also made some other goldlicious (yep, totally a word) vases. I’m finally getting around to sharing them with you because now I have pretty peony blooms from my garden to put in the vases. If you follow me on Instagram (@twotwentyone) you know what I’m talking about.

DIY gold striped vases! Inexpensive way to spruce up boring, clear vases!

This is one of the easiest and most inexpensive projects in the history of DIY. I used leftover vases, purchased from Dollar Tree, that we used for our wedding. Hello, $1 vases and a $4 can of spray paint.

For the first vase, I used Frog Tape painters tape and washi tape. Yeah, washi tape. Then I goldified (yep, totally a word) the vase with Rustoleum’s gold metallic spray paint. Two light coats is all it took– don’t go bananas or you’ll get drips. I waited about 5 minutes and carefully peeled off the tape. Don’t wait too long.

For a detailed tutorial (with photos), see the gold dipped vase post.

how to spray paint a vase

But I couldn’t stop there. So I made another vase.

gold striped vase

For this one, I used only the painters tape– swirling it around the vase and using a little on the lip.

gold painted vase

Seriously, when you have 20+ leftover $1 vases sitting around its hard not to stop. So, you guessed it, I made another.

DIY gold vertical striped vase

I used the blue washi tape on this one, creating vertical lines. Then I used the painters tape to cover the top part of the vase.

spray paint a vase

Aren’t they gorgeous for being dollar store vases? They look like something you’d find at Target or Homes Good for a fraction of the price.

pink and fuchsia peonies

They’re the perfect hostess gift, in my opinion. Stop by the grocery store on your way over and pick up a bouquet to put in them. Or, if you’re in the sharing mood, clip some blooms from your garden to put in the vase.

pink peony in gold vase

Remember, you can do this to practically any clear vase you have in your home. There’s no reason to go out and spend more money if you already have some random vases hanging out in a cabinet.

Who’s feeling the itch to golidify some vases?
Don’t they look 5 times more expensive than what they cost to make?
Who’s tired of me posting peony photos on Instagram? (Don’t answer that.)

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  1. Oh wow! These are beautiful. Such an easy wonderful idea. Thanks! Pinned!

  2. I really love the middle one with the swirl! That may have to be my next little project.

  3. Wow! These are SO BEAUTIFUL! I’m in LOVE! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Awesome! The Swirl might be my favorite. And no, I will never get tired of peony pictures on Instagram. I just wish mine would bloom so I could post some too!!

  5. I love the swirl! You’ve totally got me addicted to gold spray paint! I actually plan on making a bunch of these and using them for centerpieces for my sister’s graduation party! Classy, but still fun!

    1. Did you do this? Any pictures? Thinking of doing the same for my daughter’s graduation

  6. I’m swooning over that gorgeous peony! (And the gold vases are the perfect complement.) My favorite is the one with the swirled stripe.

  7. My favourite is definitely the swirl vase. You are the golden vase queen, Chelsea! I adore all of them!

    (Are you going to feature them all together? Or are you going to give them as gifts?)

  8. The vases are AWESOME! This is exactly what I did for my wedding, but instead of gold paint, I used frosting spray paint with all kinds of different desgins with the tape. My husband even got in on the action! 🙂 Lovely peonies too!

  9. These vases are absolutely gorgeous! I’m pinning them to my DIY board now! Thanks so much for sharing and I’m SO not sick of your peony photos on Instagram…I’m loving them!

    Danielle at Framed Frosting

  10. That swirled one is simply stunning. Such a cute but fancy way to upgrade those wedding vases!

  11. Yes, I am feeling the gold. These vases are fabulous!

  12. So beautiful!!! I totally want to give a few of my vases a makeover now!

  13. What a great touch! That peppermint stripe one is especially fabulous, imo.

  14. Just saw this post ~ love it! It’s difficult to say if the swirl or stripes are favorites. Love to ‘goldify’ stuff! 🙂

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  16. Way to dress up a vase! I need to make one of these for my home.

  17. Hello mates, how is the whole thing, and what you want to say concerning this post, in mmy view its really
    awesome for me.

  18. Love the mix of pink, gold, and white. Thanks for posting the link to the washi tape! I’m from Canada and have been looking online but never thought to look on Amazon.

  19. I love this idea.. The mixture of pink and gold looks fab.. Thanks for sharing

  20. These are gorgeous DIY vases. Thanks for sharing details and all the fabulous photos. Can’t wait to try some myself.

  21. I tried this on a few things I had around the house (including some champagne glasses) and they looked GREAT…..until I handled them/washed them. Obviously I hand washed them but they started to chip so easily 🙁 Did you put any sort of clear coat or protectant on yours?? Just curious if I missed a step!

  22. This is genius! We were scouring eBay and estate sales for vases suitably fabulous for our wedding (while not exactly “fussy,” we have a serious aversion to boring things), but these are great and will save us so much time and money. Awesome!

  23. The vase really shone and it became more classy and elegant after than before. I can use this trick for my old vase, specially those vase that sent to me as gift that I feel doesn’t suit the color of the house. The DIY also makes it more personalized because I could choose other color to suite the room.

  24. I absolutely adore these vases, Chelsea!! I included them in my “Wednesday PINSday!” blog post this morning (a round up of my favorite Pinterest finds of the week)! You can find that post here: http://bit.ly/17TmHhQ … Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial! Hope you’re enjoying a lovely week!!

  25. I love this vases!!!

    If i wash them, the paint wont come out right?

    I want to do this in a set of glasses for my house

  26. There is definately a lot to find out about this subject.
    I really like all the points you have made.

  27. I must be a TOTAL idiot, but how do you keep the painter’s tape straight going around the horizontally-striped vase? I’ve tried one 3 conical tapering vases to no avail. HALP!

  28. Regina Do Couto Rabêllo says:

    Amei, criativo, lindo, barato= genial!

  29. How did you get the tape to be so straight? My tape never makes a clean line

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