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How to Install a Door Knob

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Schlage . The opinions and text are all mine.

How to Install an Interior Door Knob

Step One: Remove the entire old door knob.

To loosen and remove the latch, thread a screwdriver through and pull toward yourself.

Step Two: Install that new latch. Making sure the bevel faces the door frame. Use a wood block and hammer to push the latch into place.

Step Three: After identifying the interior and exterior chassis, install the exterior chassis. Then install the interior chassis, pushing the pegs into slots and holding in place. Secure with two screws, making sure the chassis is straight.

Step Four: Install the trim by aligning the hole in the trim with the hole in the chassis. Repeat on the other side of the door.

Step Five: Install the exterior door knob by pushing firmly into place. If needed, install the privacy pin before installing the interior door knob. Tighten the set screw.

Step Five: Remove the old strike plate.

Step Six: Install the new strike plate.

Since this door knob is on our basement door, and we didn’t want it to lock, we didn’t want to use the privacy pin.

How to Install an Interior Dummy Door Knob

We have a couple sets of dummy door knobs in house (my office and a closet), so I’m also showing how to swap out those door knobs as well.

Step One: Remove the old door knobs.

Step Two: Using the notches to align the marks, install the chassis into holes marked B. The screws are self-drilling so there’s no need to pre-drill.


Step Three: Install the trim.

Step Four: Install the knob by pushing firmly into place. Tighten the set screw.


Once you get in the hang of installing door knobs, you can move rather quickly. If you have more than one person, one person can start uninstalling the old door knobs while the other person works behind, installing the new door knobs.

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  1. These are gorgeous door knobs! They remind me of my grandmother’s house! Enjoy! laura

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