Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies

How about them Giants? Sheesh, that was a nail biter. Needless to say, we were pretty pumped that a Manning won it. Sorry, Pats, but not in our house.

We ended up going to our friend’s house for the Super Bowl, so I didn’t get to use my festive felt football banner. Shucks. But the plus side is that I didn’t have to cleaning up. Yay!

I’m not one to show up for a party empty handed, so I whipped up some jalapeño popper dip, rice krispie treats, and chocolate chip cookie brownies. This was my first time making chocolate chip cookie brownies. They are ridiculously easy to make and delicious. I mean, how could a brownie chocolate chip cookies hybrid not be delicious?

All you need is a brownie mix and cookie dough. Well, for the simple version at least.

Prepare your brownie mix according to the box. (I’m a big Betty Crocker fudge brownie mix fan. That Betty makes a mean brownie.)  Pour your brownie mix into a 9×13 pan. Plop pieces of cookie dough into the brownie mix. Did you know that you’re not supposed to eat that kind of cookie dough raw? I live on the edge and eat it anyway.

Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes. It should come out of the oven like this. Now, you can stop here but I didn’t.

I came across Cheryl’s recipe for her chocolate chip cookie brownies. She took them to the next level by adding chocolate ganache. Hel-lo! You bet I added the ganache (butter, heavy whipping cream, and semi-sweet chocolate chips).

Here’s a printable recipe card. Click on the card to download it.

How was your Super Bowl Sunday? Eat anything tasty-delicious?
What did you think of Madonna’s half-time performance?
What was your favorite commercial? I was kind of underwhelmed.

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  1. That looks amazing!

    …and for the record, raw cookie dough is one of the things I’ve missed most while pregnant!

    1. No wine or raw cookie dough when I get pregnant? Looks like I’ll have to start looking for a surrogate.

      There are egg-less cookie dough recipes out there. I can’t comment on the taste because I’ve never tried it.

  2. Stop it, Chelsea, stop it right now. Those look incredible . . . I’m practically licking the screen.

  3. You are invited to my Super Bowl party next year. I like to plan ahead. *wipes drool*

  4. Wow!!! I need to make these now! Tonight!
    (Even though it’s 8:15pm in Brisbane, AUS!)

    1. It’s 6am and I had to see these! They look so good! Instead of me printing the recipe card, can you just overnight me some?

  5. um, what the heck!! this looks so amazing!!! thanks for sharing this super awesome recipe..

    I live on the edge too…what else would life be if we didn’t take some risks! 🙂 🙂

  6. seriously these look amazing!! brownies and cookies are great on their own but im sure they are so much better together! and that box brownie mix you posted is my favorite kind

  7. Love your recipe and your blog! Thanks for sharing Chelsea! I am your newest follower. Tabitha @ simplyhomecents.blogspot.com

  8. I can’t believe how easy this can be. Can’t wait to try it. I am pinning it. I am a new Pinterest follower visiting from Creative Juice. Vicky from Mess For Less

  9. These look amazing. And so easy! I would totally make the ganache too. I would love if you would consider linking this post up to my Drab to Fab party tomorrow (Friday) on my blog Sugar and Spice. We celebrate making the ordinary extraordinary and this embodies that theme, so I’d absolutely love to see you tomorrow! Here’s a link for more info:


  10. These brownies look delicious! Followed you from Six Sisters’.


  11. These looks delish! I will be featuring these tonight at my Winter Blues Wednesday party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by to pick up an I’ve Been Featured button. Thanks so much.

  12. Oh my goodness! I think YUM says it all!! We loved having you link up to our “Strut Your Stuff Saturday!” We hope to see you back next Saturday with more fun recipes! -The Sisters

  13. Oh wow, just saw this post! These look amazing and my husband is already thanking you! 🙂

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  14. Thanks for the recipe idea. I had a craving for both chocolate chip cookies and brownies and then I found this recipe is google. Only difference is that we used a dark chocolate brownie mix and we made cookies from scratch. The kids and I had fin making them and we will love eating them.

    Now we have to wait for them to finish cooking and cool with the frosting. This part is harder than the actual making them.

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