Super Bowl Football Banner

We’re very lucky to have the Super Bowl in our backyard this year. Brad and I headed down there on Tuesday night to check out everything. Walking through Super Bowl Village was very cool and possibly a once in a lifetime experience. And as we were leaving downtown, we were able to see Jimmy Fallon shoot a segment for Late Night.

This week has been filled with celebrity sighting gossip– Ryan Gosling buying rounds of drinks at bars, Will Smith and his family chillin’ at a Dairy Queen, and evidently Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp are even in town. I’ll be believe all this when there is photographic evidence or see it with my own two eyes.

With the Super Bowl comes Super Bowl parties, right? Well, Brad sort of volunteered us to host a party for all our friends. And who has a Super Bowl party without festive decorations? Not this chick. So yesterday I whipped up a football banner. I figured I could reuse the banner for our college football tailgates. Yay, double duty.

Sorry I wasn’t a fancy blogger and made food to display on the serve ware for this photo. Just imagine that there are pigs in a blanket, chips and salsa, and brownies.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Brown felt (I got the sturdy kind.)
Embroidery needle
Embroidery thread
Football template (I got one online and printed it onto card stock.)
Hot glue gun

Use your template to cut out the felt footballs. I used double sided tape on the football template to secure it to the felt while I cut.

Now that you’ve cut out the football, grab the embroidery needle and thread. Make a straight stitch across the football.

Send the thread back to the front of the football to start making the laces. 

To make a new lace, move the thread down a little and send the thread back through to the front. Once you’ve made all the laces, tie the two ends of thread together. Here’s what the back side of my footballs looks like.

I used short pieces of ribbon (about 3 inches) and hot glue to secure the footballs together. I spaced them 2 inches apart.

The banner cost me about $5, and it took an hour or so to make it.

In need of a tasty appetizer to take to a party? I have you covered with my jalapeño popper dip.

What are your plans for Super Bowl Sunday?
What team are you rooting for?

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  1. CUUUTE. Looks easy too!
    Can I be a lame-o and admit I had NO idea this weekend was Superbowl weekend? Yea, I just learned who Kim Kardashian was last year too. I’m really cool.

  2. Ok I thought it was too funny when you said to imagine pigs in a blanket, chips and salsa, and brownies in the dishes because that’s EXACTLY what I’m planning on making! And I love the banner!! Too cute!

  3. this is such a great idea for a superbowl party!!! you’re definitely gonna have the cutest superbowl party on the block 🙂 I’m kindof obsessed with banners, so adorable!

    The House of Shoes

  4. Adorable! Just found you’re blog, fellow hoosier 🙂

  5. too cute! I would LOVE to be hosting a party and making cute banners – I have to work a bridal show : ( maybe next year! have fun!

  6. That’s amazing you’re able to take a stroll through Super Bowl Village – what an experience! If I was having a party of my own I would totally steal your banner idea – it’s super cute. Tomorrow I’ll be posting the recipes for the dips I’m making – may have to check out your jalapeno popper dip as well. 🙂


  7. Great idea! I’m saving this to make for sure, thank you!!

  8. What a great idea Chelsea. You could even print of your favorite teams logos and hot glue them onto the football! I will definitely be trying this next year!

    Also, I am a college student who will be following your blog for a project! I’ll definitely try and keep up and create similar craft ideas and recipes. Just wanted to say thanks for all the great ideas.

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