Weekend Gardening

Hey, friends! I hope you had a delightful weekend. I had a crazy busy Saturday– I woke up early on Saturday to go with a friend/colleague to a massive church sale. After scoring a bunch of therapy toys for super cheap, I headed home to take Jack to the vet with Brad. And I’m happy to say that our 32 pound ball of energy got a clean bill of health. Then I was off again to meet another Indy blogger, Jessie from Imperfectly Polished, for lunch.

Our little family spent Sunday working on our vegetable and herb garden. Here’s our loot.

Brad built an 8 feet by 4 feet raised garden bed in our backyard when we moved into the house. He got to work tilling the garden for the second time this spring while I planted flowers in some of our planters.

Jack served as our friendly supervisor.

We always figure out where we’re going to plant the vegetables and herbs before we put them in the ground. You can’t make gardening decisions all willy nilly. (The tarragon isn’t pictured. It requires partial sun, so I planted it in a small pot and set it on our back patio.)

We put buckets (with the bottoms cut out) around the tomato plants so the wind doesn’t blow them over. When they get tall enough we put out the tomato cages.

Here’s the finished product after a good watering. We’ll be replacing the rusty metal fencing later this week.

Brad hung a hose organizer by our DIY rain barrel watering system that’s next to the garden. Don’t worry, I’ll post about it soon. And yes, I realize that it looks slightly ghetto. I’m working on that issue.

In other gardening news, I cannot wait for my peonies to bloom. Yes, I’ve dedicated the entire south side of our house to seven peony bushes… and two rose bushes.

I’m probably more excited than a person should be for this peony bush to bloom. My parents gave it to me a couple years ago when they were cleaning out their flower beds. I definitely recommend planting peonies from mature plants instead of buying new ones at a store. I bought two of my peonies from Lowe’s a couple years ago and they’ve yet to bloom. Sad face.

Well, I’m off to jury duty today. I always said that if I was selected for jury duty that I would wear a wig in case we find the defendant guilty. That way if he/she gets out of jail and happens to run into me on the street they won’t recognize me and try to kill me. Yes, I think these crazy thoughts. And no, I don’t have a wig ready for today. Dang.

Do you have a garden?
What do you plant in it?
Have you ever served on a jury? Did you dress incognito?

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  1. Oh, I’ve always wanted to have jury duty to see what it is like!

    GREAT idea about the buckets for the tomato plants! I never would have thought about that. And I am a huge peony lover too!! They are so beautiful when they bloom – and to think all those petals are jammed inside the bud right before it explodes into color!

  2. I wish peonies would survive in TX! It’s way too hot here. 🙁 Your garden looks awesome!

  3. We did some flower gardening yesterday too, I planted some more geraniums and got some Pentas, my new favorite! We are doing a small veggie/herb garden next month once we are back from vacay.

    I have done jury duty before and It is super boring. The case they assigned me settled out of court so I was only there a day. Good luck today!

  4. So jealous that you can have a garden! How fun. I’ve tried indoor herb gardening before, but I killed everything. I’d probably do that outside too though. It was such a lovely weekend for gardening. The temperature was great. When it wasn’t storming that is.

  5. Can’t wait to start my garden – I just ordered my seeds yesterday! Still have to build a second raised bed though…and order a couple yards of mulch for the rest of the landscaping. So much to do!

  6. I have such a black thumb – I kill ALL my plants! I’m hoping to have a nice garden when we move into our new house, but it may have to wait until next year. We’ll be pretty busy setting up house, I don’t think the garden would get the attention it deserves this year.
    I served jury duty last January, but never even got called for selection, so I just sat in the jury pool all day for several days and basically got paid to read. It was pretty awesome. But yea, I’d totally worry about that if I ever got selected. The odds of getting chosen for a case like that though I think is pretty slim. More often than not it’s minor cases, nothing anyone would kill over. Good luck! Bring a book!

  7. D just finished jury duty for a 1.5 week long trial. I couldn’t wait till it was over to hear all the details.

    I’m so envious of your garden and rainwater barrel!! I know I could do it…or at least try…but I just haven’t. Truth-be-told, I’m afraid of killing everything I plant. Or having the scorching TX summer do it after months of my slave labor. Ugh.

  8. Your garden and rain barrel are fabulous! I saw one awhile back on YHL and tbought it was a great idea.. and the forgot about it. I look forward to your post on that! Also, peonies are such beautiful flowers… we bought a little bush this year and it’s blooming as I type. Hurrah!

    Good luck at jury duty.. I’ve yet to be chosen in my 30 years of life. I’d gladly go another 30 without that honor, too! 🙂

  9. My fiancee and I just bought peonies from Lowe’s this weekend :/ We live in an apartment so they’re in pots. They each had one flower but after a huge storm and them sagging due to rain we cut them off. Hopefully they bloom! I’d love to plant them at our first house

  10. so jealous that you are already planting!! we have a few months to go before we are in the clear in this part of the country…can’t wait!

    as for peonies, your post saddens me because we had the most beautiful peony bushes in our first house (my favorite flower on earth) and i need to find more for our new house as i miss them!!

  11. I’m jealous of your rain barrel. Nate tells me that we can’t get a rain barrel because we aren’t hippies. You don’t seem very hippie-ish. I’ll let him know. He loves when I play the “blog friend” card just as much as he loves hippies.

    I’m also super jealous of all of your peonies. My brother has some at his new place that we are going to split this fall…very excited about that!!

  12. Jack is so cute!! Yay for your garden. I say I’m going to do that every year and I never do. Maybe next year…:-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  13. Loving your garden areas. I am still in an apartment, but currently looking for a home, and one of my must haves is a backyard with plenty of room for a garden. xo

  14. Hilarious about jury duty — the wig is such a good idea. 😉

    And your garden looks fabulous!

  15. Your garden looks awesome. I love neat and tidy gardens, although mine never are. 😉 Ryan just turned over the soil in our garden so it’s nearly ready to go, but I’m a purist and refuse to plant anything besides unkillable transplants like hosta and daylillies until after Mother’s Day. I’m always afraid of a late frost.

    As for jury duty, I’m practically a pro. For some reason, I get called to jury duty ALL THE TIME. I’ve only been on one jury, though. It was actually kind of uneventful. No one has tried to kill me yet.

  16. Your garden looks great. We have peonies ready to bloom, as well and I can’t wait! I also posted about our raised bed garden. Stopping by from Shabby Creek Cottage.

  17. I saw ‘green’ and had to pop over to say hello! i host a garden party on Thursday’s that is going to start up again the first week of May! Would love to see you link up sometime! xoxo, tracie

  18. I’ve never seen that buckets over the tomatoes idea — I’m going to have to steal it!

  19. Yay for bloggy lunch dates. Your garden is beautiful! You were much more productive than I was with your weekend. Unless you count shopping as productive. Congrats.

  20. Lovely garden. I always wish to have one when we get to find our own home:)

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  21. Hi there, I just found your blog, it’s wonderful! I am so inspired by your little garden – so far I’ve just tackled flowers in my window boxes but I’m hoping to expand to tomatoes and herbs soon.

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