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Voicing Grievances with Companies

A month ago I was doing one of my most detested domestic duties– folding and putting away laundry. As I pulled one of the drawers in our dresser I felt it come off the track. Right away I knew what happened. One of the cheapo plastic drawer guides had broken. Again. We already had one replaced while we were still under our 1-year warranty… 3 years ago. Since we’re no longer under warranty, I took my grievance to twitter and sent the company we purchased the dresser from a tweet, letting them know I was disappointed in the plastic drawer guide. I probably wasn’t the nicest and a little over dramatic, but I was upset– we paid good money for this dresser.

broken drawer guide

The person behind the account said he/she would pass my concern on so they could look into the quality issue. While that was great, I wanted a solution for my problem. So I asked if they could send me some plastic guides so I could repair the drawer. The person told me to send an email to a certain address, and they would see what they could do. I sent an email asking for drawer guides to repair the broken drawer and some extras for any additional guides that may break in the future.

A week later I received a package. It contained 20 front and 20 back drawer guides.

drawer guides

I was happy with how the company handled my issue. They even left me two different voicemails (I was working and couldn’t answer my phone) saying they were shipping the package.

The moral of this story? Never be afraid to contact a company to voice your grievance and ask for a solution when it comes to a product you paid your hard-earned money for. Have a reasonable solution in mind when contacting the company. Would it have been reasonable for me to ask to return the dresser for a full refund after owning it for almost 4 years? No. Was it reasonable to ask for replacement drawer guides? I think so, yes.

Have you had luck contacting a company with a grievance?

In other news, I’m guest posting over on one of the very first blogs I read: Just a Girl. Stop by and say hi!

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  1. I’m so glad they were still able to work with you! It’s a little thing that goes a long way!

  2. I have a steamer that lost it’s prong, sounds dangerous and I know they want me to be safe, so I’m gonna get an email out to them. But I’ve been saying that for 6 months now. It actually plugs in easier without that missing prong, but I should think safety right? Like if a drawer slid out and landed on your foot.

  3. I totally agree, all you have to do it ask! One of the best companies to call with issues is Keurig. I called when my brewer started leaking, and it was months after my warranty expired. They gave me no pushback and had a brand new brewer to me within days of the call. All I had to do was send back the K-Cup holder. Not bad at all!!

  4. Super great reminder! I have learned to voice any complaints, but I really do hate that we have to go to a public forum to do it. I always have better luck on Twitter than contacting the company directly. I think it’s because it’s public facing.

    Good for the company for taking care of this.

    1. Yeah, it stinks that we have to go to social media. There are some companies that I’ve had good luck with when resolving issues via their customer service call center.

  5. My best friend bought a box of saltines recently {I have no idea why. I just thought they were for sick people.} but when she opened it the entire box were overcooked and had a burned flavor. She immediately contacted them and they sent her an apology, replacement boxes, and direct number to contact them should she ever have another problem with their product. I dig companies like that.

  6. Love it when a company takes good care of their customers! I’m a big believer in whining over crappy products/service . . . my husband always makes fun of me for harassing companies over stuff like this, but I really feel that a company should be willing and able to stand behind their products and service. I’m with Kim, too–I almost always get the best results when tweeting/facebooking them, which is kind of lame. I hate feeling like they only care because other potential customers might see it, and not because they actually did a bad job.

    1. I’m definitely with you. I’ve had some luck directly contacting companies through their customer service center. But most of the time I feel like I get the best results when taking it to social media which, like you said, is kind of lame.

  7. Additional moral JCP is awesome! 🙂 Seriously loving their new home store. I digress. Glad you got extra parts and that the laundry was folded (worst chore ever).

  8. I need to do this more often. I’m slowly learning to find my voice with these issues.

    Good for them taking care of the issue though! That’s great!

  9. I’m glad they sent you what you needed! i always have more luck on twitter when i need to contact a company too. But I did email a company about a lamp i purchased that was missing the finial and they sent me 2 of them right away!

  10. I love twitter for this stuff! Nothing motivates a company like knowing you’re complaining in front of LOTS of other people. Glad you got resolution!

  11. Just found your blog today…and I have to say I’ve done the same thing. Internet wasn’t working the way it should, so one Sunday I found email addresses, and sent a very nice email detailing my frustrations with the service being provided. Technician was knocking on my door the next morning at 8:30. Turns out my complaint made the service better for every customer in town.

  12. My mottos are always “it pays to complain” and “it never hurts to ask”. I have saved us money on several products over the last few years. The worst they can say is no!

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