Two Twenty One Talk 008 : Not Just A Housewife

My guest for the 8th episode of Two Twenty One Talk is Stacy from Not Just A Housewife. During our conversation, Stacy talks about her book, Natural Accents, where she finds inspiration, her thoughts on Pinterest, and we play fun round of the Word Game.

TTOT 008 Not Just A Housewife

Stacy’s most popular posts:

mason jar wall planters


reclaimed wood floating shelves

floating shelves

simple side table

side table

how to decorate with plants


Stacy’s home’s exterior


Stacy’s secret garden


Stacy’s book:

Natural Accents


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  1. I really love listening to these while the baby is napping and I am doing an otherwise tiresome chore of some sort!

  2. I love listening to these podcasts! It’s a great way to be introduced to other great blogs and I just love listening to you chat with everyone about design, tips and trends. Eagerly awaiting more!!

  3. my favorite part of the podcast is the discussion of the house plant tacked up all around the room. my vet does this- has a HUGE plant that he literally tacked up allllll around the waiting room. it looks like a jungle. it also looks like he didn’t know what else to do in there so he let his plant get OUT OF CONTROL. it’s so hilarious. i really need to send you a picture of it Chelsea! you’d laugh so hard.

  4. I am really enjoying your podcast! I hope you make more 🙂

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