Purse Organization Tips

I don’t know about you, but my purse used to be like a black hole. A total hot mess. I could never find anything. It’d take me minutes to fish out my keys or phone out because of all the random things floating around inside the purse. Well, those days are thankfully over because of some purse organization strategies I’ve put into place.

Purse organization tips and tricks!

I found the best way to contain purse clutter is to compartmentalize things. Put the small things into bigger things– like my cosmetic bag.

I picked up this little bag in the Target clearance section one day. I love how it has large and small compartments. I put all the things I don’t use often and bigger items (bandages, hairspray, emery board, hair ties, extra contact lens, floss, eye drops, pen, medicine, bobby pins and safety pins, and lotion) in the large section and things I use often (lip gloss and hand sanitizer) in the small section.

organize purse

Reuse Containers

I’m big on reusing containers. Seriously, why buy new containers when you already have some laying around the house?

One of my favorite containers to repurpose are old prescription bottles. I remove the prescription label (sometimes I have to use this technique to get the pesky labels off) so there’s no confusion about what’s actually in the bottle. I also like to use old prescription bottles to store things when I travel.

I use the larger bottle to store different medicines in my purse. At 31 weeks pregnant, that’s antacids, Pepcid, and Tylenol. I use the smaller bottle to store bobby pins and safety pins. You never know when you’ll need either. And as you can see, I added a little flair to the medicine bottle with some washi tape.

I also love this cosmetic bag because if I’m driving and need something, I can just ask Brad to grab the bag and get me whatever I need out of it.

using old medication bottles 550

Coupon Sorter

One of my biggest problems used to be paper in my purse. I would throw coupons, receipts, appointment cards, etc. into my purse. This was the biggest black hole problem.

So I invested in a coupon sorter (found at Target). I put receipts in the front and coupons in their designated sections. Once a week, typically on Sundays, I go through the sorter. I throw out expired coupons, put in new coupons, throw away or file the receipts, and enter appointment dates and times in my phone. The whole process typically takes about 10 minutes, which isn’t bad at all.

coupon and receipt organizer 550

External Battery

Another item I almost always have in my purse is my external battery for my iPhone. This little guy is a life saver. Not only do I use it to charge my phone on-the-go, but it’s helped out friends and family in a pinch when their phones are about to die, which makes me very popular. Trust me, it’s well worth the $27.

external battery

I make sure to always put my phone and keys in the small side pockets since those are the things I grab most often when I’m out and about.

Now it’s so much easier to find things inside my purse. I don’t have to fumble around because everything has a designated spot.

how to organize purse

Do you have any purse organization tips to share?

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  1. I picked up that same makeup bag recently. I think I will use it for my purse as well. 🙂

      1. I have that same little blue bag too! Bought it on clearance at Target!

    1. I have purchased expensive and cheap cosmetic bags….but the BESTcosmetic bag for everything is $1 pencil bags at Dollar General. You can see through them and grab what you need quickly. Their my favorite now!

    2. What is the name of it?

  2. Oh my gosh that Kate Spade bag is to die! My purse is a total black hole and I am super motivated to go organize it now! My keys and chapstick will be forever grateful to you 🙂

    1. Thanks! I splurged and got it during one of their surprise sales. I love it but it’s slightly annoying when people see it and take it super literally and try to talk to me about it (“So you eat a lot of cake for breakfast?”, “Are you a cake baker?”) Haha!

      1. Hahaha! I have the same bag and get similar responses! And who doesn’t eat cake for breakfast any chance they can get?! 🙂

  3. I love the idea of an external battery, my phone is always dying on me when I’m out and about! Also love how organised and neat your handbag is, thanks for sharing!

    1. Love that idea a must get. Always looking for keys.

  4. Oh man, I have been meaning to buy one of those external batteries and I keep forgetting. Thanks for the reminder, I have to do that now!!

  5. Oooh! My brother keeps calling my purse/diaper bag combo an ability for me to be a hoarder on the move. Once you have kids though, it’s nice to have this or that “just in case”!!

  6. Esther Wilhelm says:

    I love that magnetic key holder! I have a decorative hook on one set of my keys that I hang on the edge of my purse where I can still zip it and I hang the other less used set of keys on a small key ring caribeener. My purse has lots of papers in it though. I guess I shouldn’t use it so much as a storage compartment/filing cabinet.

  7. I love these tips! It is so easy for my tote to get messy and disorganized, but I hate it when it is like that! I love using different zip pouches for things…I actually sell some in my Etsy shop because I love them that much. Thanks for sharing your tips with us!

  8. I love this post! And we have the same Otterbox! Only mine is partially dyed from a dye job gone wrong…oops! 🙂

  9. Great tips! I hope I can find that bag on clearance at my Target too! 😉

    I use a Purse-To-Go organizer that not only gives me extra pockets for pens and treats for my son, but also protects the linings of my bags and makes it super easy to switch bags.

    Love your kate bag! 🙂

    1. The purse to go organizer what store did u find it and does it stand up straight in ur purse.

  10. Thanks for some great tips! I always want everything available in my purse, which means it weighs a ton and that I’m often digging to find things. I appreciate this so much!

  11. I use the bigger/fatter medicine bottles to hold quarters when we travel. Makes it easy to pay tolls that our Easy Pass doesn’t cover, and I don’t have to be embarrassed that it takes forever to sort through the change (in the bottom of my purse) to find quarters.

    I use the normal size ones to hold nail clippers when traveling. Makes them easier to find, and keeps them from snagging the liners of my purses, and I can toss it to the kids in the back seat if needed without fearing someone is going to get cut by accident.

  12. I have one of those purse organizers with lots of pockets inside & outside. It has pockets just for lipstick/lipgloss, hand lotion, pens, etc. it keeps everything in its place. And when I change bags I just left the whole thing out & put it inside my bag of choice for the day. I hate clutter inside my purses. I normally carry a medium or small purses. Because the bigger my purse is the more junk I put in it.

  13. I love organizing my purse this way too because it makes switching purses so much faster in the morning rush!

  14. Christine says:

    Love that teal wallet! Mind sharing where you got it?

  15. Good post and a lot of these ideas I use already. I have a large Mom-purse but I can find anything in 30 seconds. I also use the outside to clip on a few things – a small pocket knife, hand sanitizer, and a small but powerful solar flashlight – came in very handy when the power went out at work this week.

  16. Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  17. i try to keep most everything in a couple of small pouches (with pockets of course) so they’re easy to switch out when i change purses! i found some oversized wallets at Charming Charlie just this weekend.

  18. I carry an empty checkbook cover for my receipts.

  19. i carry a regular (not solar) headlamp in my purse. I put it in there when I was traveling a lot for work. It’s handy for when the lights are out on the plane, or I can’t find the light switch in a dtrange hotel room. But now, travleling less, I use it lots just to find things in the bottom of my purse. I should clarify-I don’t put the headllamp on my head in those cases. I had a fantasy of being in some plane crash or hotel fire and thought it might be a lifesaver. That’s when, in theory, I would put it on my head, but luckily none of those worst case scenarios have come to pass.

  20. I love reusing containers….I will need to use your idea of decorating with washi tape.

  21. I loved all the tips. I’m a huge fan of giving bags several compartments because it happened to me that I got lost in my own little mess and I couldn’t find what I needed. I adhered to the law of pouches inside pouches. Life-savers! I suscribed to your blog. 🙂

  22. who makes the fabulous turquiose wallet!!??

  23. What a lovely post… thanks for sharing! I agree with all your tips & have much the same in my bag. x

  24. Great idea.
    Throughout my life, I’ve been struggling to keep my purse clean, tidy and organized.
    I do need to buy a new purse and will also buy the little pouches that go inside.
    Thanks – my chapsticks, hair-clips, and stamps will finally have some privacy!

  25. Jodi Behnke says:

    I love to repurpose things too! I save the Rx bottles too-can’t wait to try the washi tape on them! Thanks!

  26. I love this post! I am totes getting a coupon sorter for receipts and such! I have a little tip. I recently purchased a large sunglasses case to store my phone charger and headphones there. I also have a smaller reading eyeglass case for ink pens. This saves the inside of your purse from horrible ink spots!

  27. ChAristide says:

    I’ve been trying to find this purse….love it!!!

  28. Can you tell me the name of the double zipper bag you have from target?

  29. Amy Cannon says:

    Where did you purchase your purse? I think it is so cute. Thanks for the information. It is very helpful.

  30. I also compartmentalize my various items in bags. But I love your washi tape suggestions for those smaller things. Thank you!!

  31. Oooh I like the look of the eat cake for breakfast bag. I am in need of a new purse now i think about it. xx

  32. Kristina Nelson says:

    Another tip … If you ever lose your post earring back at work, cut off the end of a pencil eraser and pop it onto the back of your earring. It works great in a pinch.

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