A Little Extra Storage

We spent our weekend what many people call “nesting”. I wouldn’t call it that. I’d call it holy-smokes-our-house-is-a-disaster-we-need-to-clean-this-joint-up-ing. But to each their own.

I did fun things like cleaning baseboards, vacuuming cobwebs, and dusting. I wish I could say I worked on the nursery. But there’s an issue in the nursery department.

 The glider was supposed to come in last Thursday. I never heard from the store so I called Friday to check on the status. Yeah, they can’t find our glider. The store manager even told me the order was placed twice. You’d think at least one glider would make it to the store then. Nope. So needless to say, you guys may be waiting a while for the nursery reveal because the placement of the glider is determining where I place other things in the room. The manager said something about giving me a “loaner glider”. Uhhh, how about you deliver the glider I ordered over 12 weeks ago? So the manager is supposed to call the manufacturer today and see what the deal is and then call me.

Anyway, back to what we did this weekend instead of finishing the nursery.

While I was inside vacuuming, Brad was out in the garage putting together a storage shelf. After receiving some boxes of diapers as shower gifts, I decided that we needed some sort of shelving system in the garage to store the diapers and other random things. So we invested in a $40 storage shelf from Lowe’s.

I know this isn’t ground breaking. But I’m 39 weeks pregnant so give a sister a break.

garage storage

Why yes, I do have quite a few paint samples. Thank you for noticing. I’m pretty sure it took 7 samples to decide on the nursery wall color. Thank goodness for Sherwin Williams 40% off weekends.

garage storage 1

I was storing all the diapers on the top shelf of the nursery closet. But I saw that as wasting precious closet real estate. I’m very happy with their new home.

garage storage 3

When I was buying this toilet paper to celebrate my new storage shelf, the cashier at Target said, “Stocking up?” I don’t know why these sort of questions sometime annoy me. Can I blame preggo hormones? I get that it’s a harmless casual conversation starter, but about toilet paper? The smart-ass in me wanted to say, “Yes, I have severe irritable bowel syndrome.” Instead, I politely said, “Yep! The sale price plus the $10 gift card for purchasing three is quite the incentive.”

garage storage 2

There you have it, one of my weekend holy-smokes-our-house-is-a-disaster-we-need-to-clean-this-joint-up-ing projects.

Hopefully the store manager will have some good news for me today about the glider. I know I’ll be able to survive without a glider. I’m not concerned about that. But like I mentioned in this post, I wanted to get the nursery done, take and edit the photos, and write the reveal post (and other nursery-related posts) before the nugget arrives so I’m not scrambling to do all of this while a newborn is dictating my schedule and reaping me of sleep. So cross your fingers the glider magically appears and is delivered this week.

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  1. Alison S. from Iowa says:

    I sure hope you get the glider soon Chelsea! You will want right when you come home from the hospital. I just had my first baby in May and I love my glider and sat in it so much in the first few days. Can’t wait to see the nursery reveal!

  2. Aw…I’m sure everything will work out. Here’s to hoping in comes in the next couple of days. Those gliders are lifesavers!

  3. Amber MacNeil says:

    If the glider doesn’t come, a recliner work well, too. When my son was born, he had severe reflux. So he slept on my chest while I slept in the recliner for 3 weeks!
    Hoping it does come, though!!! I like the gliding motion more than the rocking motion of the recliner.

  4. We had the same problem with our furniture. Furniture was missing in action and late coming in but our glider was early. >_> Anyways, had to wait for everything to come in to send it all out. I had to hound them for over a week, lol. Good luck!! I love our glider. I still need to hang pictures in Zoey’s room. After that I’ll be instagramming her room reveal.

  5. I am so sorry you have to go through this, you have enough on you mind waiting on your new arrival. I hope things get moving in the right direction. Can’t wait to see the new nursery.

  6. Extra storage is always a plus! When we moved into our house however, I went and bought those same storage shelves for our basement instead of spending the $30 more on the all metal ones. What a waste! After only 2 years we ended up throwing those cheapos out and shelling out the $70 for the nice ones which are so sturdy and strong. Plus they look so much better! I wish I had just done that the first time instead of wasting money!


    Excess toilet paper is totally my thing as well! I feel responsible and grown up knowing we won’t run out of toilet paper! 🙂

    1. Yeah, I could see how these wouldn’t last extremely long with wear and tear. Hah! I’m glad someone else understands my need to stockpile TP.

  7. ‘”The smart-ass in me wanted to say, “Yes, I have severe irritable bowel syndrome.”” THIS made me snort! I appreciate the small talk cashiers, I really do, but asking questions like this (to a tired, bladder full, stretched/stressed out preggo woman mind you) is an opportunity to get you an answer filled with snark. LOL

    Shelves are the honest to God truth in keeping life organized! Me and the hubby are firm believers. That’s where our diaper stash for our Beanie is right now as well. We have one in our makeshift pantry that holds all our pots, baking dishes and major kitchen appliances. We put one in the front of the apartment for boots and shoes. They help us make small space work.

    You’re almost there!

  8. I’m also having glider issues! It was supposed to be here the 18th, but won’t be here until the 27th. I’m due the 31st!

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