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Heart Shaped Photo Collage

Need a last minute Valentine’s Day gift idea that’s inexpensive and will take less than 15 minutes to make? I have you covered with this fancy heart shaped photo collage.

This is perfect for anyone in your life– just fill the collage with photos the recipient will enjoy. That could be photos of their offspring, you, cheeseburgers, Channing Tatum, puppies, etc. It’s the thought that matters, my friends.

Ahem. Brad, if you’re reading this, act surprised when I hand you this on Saturday.

How to make a heart shaped photo collage for FREE!  No Photoshop or fancy software required!

Okay, so you’re going to have to download this free app called “Art Collage”. I downloaded it onto my iPhone.

Here’s the icon so you know you’re downloading the correct app. Yeah, it’s the one with Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Hilary Duff, and President Obama.

art collage

Now, you’re going to click ‘load’ to upload the photos you’d like use.

FYI, they have other templates. I liked this one the best so I went with it.

art collage

You can load all 16 photos at once or you can place each photo individually by clicking on the square where you would like to place it.

For this collage, I uploaded the photos in chronological order, starting with the day Owen was born.

When you’re done with your collage, click ‘save’, and save it to your phone’s photo album.

art collage heart

Since this is the free version, it comes with a watermark at the bottom. I got rid of it by opening it in my iPhone, clicking ‘edit’, and cropping out the watermark.

art collage demo

I then sent the photo to my email so I could print it off of my computer (scaled to fit the page). However, my printer decided to be a jerk yesterday, and I didn’t have time to run to a place where I could have it printed. So I had my friend, Erin, Photoshop it into a frame so you could see how it’s supposed to look.

heart shaped collage

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Such a cute idea! I didn’t have any plans for a gift for Jeff for Valentine’s Day because we are old and boring and unromantic. I think I could pull this together in time, though 🙂

    1. We’re old, boring and unromantic as well. So much that I can’t even remember what we did for Valentine’s Day. Seriously, I just had to ask Brad what we did and even he couldn’t remember. He did get me flowers and pączkis though. So much romance. I hope your guys’ VDay was more memorable than ours!

  2. Valentine’s Day is hard. We’ve never been big about it… I thought about getting a funny card this year but holy crap, they’re like $4! And I made a nice “love” gift for him for Christmas so that area was tapped out. We ended up going to a lake, having a picnic, and playing Farkle. It was great!

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