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How to Oil a Cutting Board

Today I’m sharing something I need to do more often and something most people probably don’t think to do– oiling your cutting boards. Brad and I received a nice set of bamboo cutting boards for our wedding, and I’d like to make them go the distance. Because who wants to keep throwing money down the drain for new cutting boards? I’ll be honest, this activity made me feel brutally adult. But I will say I didn’t do this on a Friday night. Take that adulthood.

Everything I’ve read said you should oil your cutting boards every 3-4 weeks or when they start to become dry and lighter in color. And never put your wooden cutting boards in the dishwasher. So break out those yellow rubber gloves, ladies. Another thing about cutting boards– it’s best not to cross-contaminate so don’t use the same cutting board to cut chicken and vegetables. In fact, we strictly use wood cutting boards for vegetables and fruit, and polypropylene cutting boards for meat.

how to oil a cutting board

To oil my cutting boards, I started by I picking up some food grade mineral oil at Bed Bath and Beyond. To be specific, I used Snow River Wood Oil. Then I grabbed a clean towel.

oiling a bamboo cutting board

I poured a little bit of oil onto the towel and rubbed it onto the cutting board. Don’t go crazy, this isn’t a Hawaiian Tropic swimsuit competition. Start out with a little oil and add more as needed. Wipe any excess oil off with the dry side of the towel. Make sure you oil all the surfaces of your cutting board– front, back, sides.

See the difference with just one swipe?

how to oil cutting boards

Tadah! And that’s how to oil a cutting board. Totally painless and super fast.

how to oil cutting board

Do you oil your cutting boards often?
Does partaking in this activity make you feel like a true, responsible adult?

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  1. We got rid of our wood cutting board a year or so ago when it wouldn’t come back to life after some accidental abuse.

    But I’ve registered for new ones for the wedding and I always wondered if there was a trick to applying the oil. Apparently not!! Thanks for the tip.

  2. I’m not a fan of wooden boards, mainly because I don’t know that I can get them truly clean outside of the dishwasher, so we only have the plastic ones at the moment. I do think I would like to have a big wooden or bamboo one by my coffee machine – to protect the counters from spills!

    Great tip on how often to oil it – I thought it would be once a year, like patio furniture, but I guess it’s a little more often than that…

  3. This process also works great on utensils!

  4. Good to know! We have a set of plastic ones from Pampered Chef because I’m lazy and just pop them in the dishwasher. But I grew up with a gorgeous wooden one on my mom’s counter.

  5. I was just thinking about my little bamboo cutting board sitting in my kitchen; it looks like it needs a good oil bath. Thanks for the tip!

  6. What a perfectly timed reminder…thank you!

  7. I never knew you were supposed to oil wooden cutting boards, or that they shouldn’t go in the dishwasher!
    Then again, I probably should’ve known something was up when my wooden one started cracking. Whoops.
    I hate washing dishes that touched raw meat by hand, so it looks like I’ll be doing a plastic/meat cutting board and wooden/veg system, as well! Thanks for learning me something today! 😉

  8. Great information. I am glad to see that you have written about caring for wood boards. Many people don’t understand how to do this. I have been using mineral oil for years on all my boards along with a mineral oil and beeswax mixture I call wood conditioner.

    thank you for wrting and sharing this technique. I have been making cutting boards for years, check out my blog.

    End Grain Cutting Boards

  9. I’m so glad to see so many young women and men interested in domesticity. I was a career girl, but never lost my interest in home projects, cooking, sewing, etc. It is so fun to read all your blogs. Good job!!! (age 66)

  10. Nice information I have gain many new things about the Cutting Board thanks for sharing.

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