Guest Bedroom– Before

A couple weeks ago I shared my inspiration for our guest bedroom makeover. Well, I thought I’d share how the guest bedroom looked before its grand makeover.

The room wasn’t anything special. It was kind of a hodge podge. I mean seriously, in the almost 5 years we’ve lived in this house the guest bedroom has been occupied less than 100 nights. So needless to say, I didn’t put much effort into decorating it. And it shows.

I never painted the room. It’s the same color out entire house was painted when we moved in. Like I said, I didn’t put much effort into this room.

guest bedroom before 1

I liked the bedding (from Kohls). But I hated how I couldn’t wash the comforter in our washer. So I vowed to switch to duvet covers from here on out.

The best location for the bed is in front of the window. I strongly dislike when beds are pushed up against a wall on one side so someone has to crawl to get in and out of bed. It’s a pet peeve of mine.

The headboard was a hand me down. I never liked it, but I strongly dislike beds without headboards. That’s another pet peeve. So into the guest bedroom it went.

There’s a white, $10 thrift store nightstand to the right of the bed but I forgot to squeeze it into the photo. Sorry about that.

The art was random stuff. Framed prints I picked up while in Paris, a faux poppy painting on canvas, and an extra canvas print of my wedding bouquet (the company messed up this one, the good version is in my home office).

guest bedroom before 2

The only things in the room with sentimentality are the dresser (my mom and aunt used it as little girls) and mirror, which belonged to my mom. Those two things, and the bed, were the only things I deemed crucial to the room. Plus, we needed to move some stuff out to make room for some of Brad’s stuff– mainly his guitars and equipment.

guest bedroom befor 3

That’s about it for the guest bedroom before tour. It’s not a very big room so there’s not much to discuss.

I’m super pumped to show you guys the makeover on Monday! I love how the room turned out. My best friend was the inaugural guest (we had a ribbon cutting ceremony and everything– just kidding that didn’t happen), and she loves the new look too. So make sure you come back on Monday and check out the new and improved guest bedroom!

Do you have a guest bedroom in your house? Does it look more put together than this hodge podge?

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  1. I like the room as is, I can’t wait to see the update. It’s crazy how just a little paint can change the entire feel of a room. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Our guest bedroom had just a bed in it for the longest time. We very rarely have overnight guests, so a year and a half ago we moved my son in there and made his nursery a craft room (which is now a nursery for our daughter). His walls are the same diarrhea army green color they were when we moved in five years ago. But not for long! I painted a bunch of swatches on the wall this morning so my husband can paint this weekend!

  3. Can’t wait to see the makeover! We have plans to combine our office/man cave with the guest room whenever I get knocked up too, so I really wanna see what you do.

  4. Appreciation for other sorts of informative web site. The place altogether different may just I am getting this sort of data printed in this type of fantastic signifies? I own a undertaking that we’re simply at this point jogging about, and I happen to be for the glance out regarding like info.

  5. It might be the “before”, but I love it. I love that you made do with what you had instead of splashing out and blowing your budget. It’s all too easy to do that in a new place!

    And I totally agree, duvets are the bomb. I’m a recovering comforter addict – but it’s hard to pack away the comforters that aren’t in use! Discovering duvets gave me even more cover options with LESS to pack away when they’re out of rotation. Love!

  6. I’m one of those annoying people with the guest bed up against the wall; but it’s the only configuration that works. Our guest room doubles as my office-slash-library-slash-craft room; the guest room is tucked into its own adjoining alcove; and guests have use of the office space as well. Our guest bedroom alcove features an antique birdseye maple waterfall bed, covered in a spread I picked up at a former slave castle in Ghana (it details the Asanta creation myth), with silk throw cushions from Thailand. On the wood-panelled walls there are papyruses from Egypt, little shadow boxes filled with trinkets from my grandparents and great-grandparents, and my great-grandma’s hats. A small side table hosts English pottery and a plaster pyramid set, nestled on top of antique travel books. It’s small; but everything in there makes me smile.

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