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Hens and Chicks Plant – Care and Grow Guide

Hens and chicks are my favorite succulents. Why? Their scientific name is Sempervivum Tectorum, which means “live forever” because you have to try really, really hard to kill them. In this post, I’m sharing tips for growing hens and chicks. If you have a definite black thumb if you kill these bad boys, and perhaps you should stick to the silk variety of plants.

How to grow succulents!

My parents have been growing them for years in a large terra cotta strawberry pot near their front door. These suckers propagate so easily, they started to sprout up on the ground surrounding the pot. Craziness. So a couple summers ago, I asked my mom if she would bring me some hens and chicks so I could plant them in some containers on our back patio.

While peonies are my specialty, I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned about growing hens and chicks for the past couple years.

Planting Hens and Chicks

Let’s talk about planting hens and chicks first.

 The other night I needed to transplant basically all of my hens and chicks plant because both the pot and bowl they were growing in broke. The white pot kept flaking the finish off and it annoyed me having little pieces of white glaze everywhere. Here’s a photo of the pot after I had started the transplant process.

caring for succulents

I ended up putting all the hens and chicks sempervivum from the white flaking pot into a blue strawberry pot I picked up at Home Goods.

hens and chicks in strawberry pot

To demonstrate that these things will grow anywhere, I give you the busted vintage bowl they were growing in. The bowl broke this winter but that didn’t seem to bother them. They just spilled out onto the ground.

hens and chicks in bowl

Breaking up the hens plants and transplanting them is super easy. I start by separating them.

transplanting succulents

I clean off the dead stuff at the base of the succulent plant and pull off the excess soil. Then I put it in its new home. That’s it.

transplanting hens and chicks

I transplanted most of the hens and chickens from the broken bowl into this pretty teak planter box my friends at Minwax sent me last year. I stained it dark mahogany, and I love it.

succulents in planter

growing hens and chicks

Jack had to check everything out. He finally gave his approval.


Facts and Tips

• they prefer full to part sun (I grow mine in full sun)

• they grow best in zones 4-8 (I’m on the border of 5-6). Find what zone you live in here.

• the growing season is late spring to late fall

• provide good drainage

• don’t over-water– these are drought tolerant, but make sure you give them enough water during the summer heat

• they’re cold hardy so you can leave them outdoors in the winter

• I keep mine outside during the winter months and they do fine. I do pull them closer to the house though.

• they live for 2-3 years– but since they reproduce so many chicks you’ll never have to buy more

• hen plants will produce a tall center flower stalk that blooms before the plant dies

growing succulents

Purchase Hens

I’m offering hens (succulents) for purchase to my Patrons. Plus, I’ll share a hens and chicks care document on Patreon. And I’ll create a thread where people can ask any questions that aren’t covered in the document. Remember, once you get the hens they should keep multiplying so you only have to buy them once.

While I’d love to give away tons of hens, I have a limited quantity so it’s going to be first come, first serve. And I’d also love to give them away for free, but it would cost me a small fortune to ship that many boxes.

Click here to head over to my Patreon page!

hens and chicks

Are you currently growing hens and chicks? How’s it going?
If not, think you’ll give these a try?

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  1. I love the blue pot with the hens n chicks! I had hens n chicks out in my pond garden. I went out the other day to check on them after our long winter. None of them survived. :-(((( The winter also killed all of our fruit trees, 2 apple trees and a plum tree. One was over 20 years old. Anyway, it’s fun to see your wonderful hens n chicks. I definitely need to replace mine. They’re so beautiful!

      1. what about container hens and chicks. I cover the ones on the ground with mulch or hay or leaves and they do fine but what about containers? should I bring them in? can I leave them outside or maybe the garage? how do you store them in the winter zone 6 Washington. I love hens and chicks and have been placing them in different locations to see what spot they like best. so fun but I did several container pots and now am curious if they will be ok outside. thank you 🙂

        1. Debra Ceci says:

          I have mine in a strawberry pot and simply put it in the unheated garage for the winter, they go dormant then put them back out in the Spring.

        2. Susan Ellis says:

          I live in zone 3 and they thrive in the summer and do just fine in the winter.

          1. I live in Zone 3 and would like to keep two large pots of -40 hardy succulents over the winter… Have you ever kept them in pots outside all winter?

          2. Susan Ellis says:

            I don’t have them in pots, but I did surround my garden with foundation blocks. I filled the holes in the blocks, with dirt and placed hen and chicks in them. The make it through the winter and multiply.

        3. Gina Tiernan says:

          I live in Montana, mine are all planted outside and we have some of the coldest winters around. They do just fine. I also have some in container pots in the house – they also do fine. Not a lot of light where I have them inside, and they still do okay! Tough plants. Don’t worry about them.

        4. I live in zone 7. I just pull my planter closer to the house in the winter time. I started out with three starts three years ago and now have over a gallon of them. I am thinking about transplants in my empty flower pots.

      2. I’ve never had success with these guys but Menards had them in clearance for $3.
        Question, can I keep them inside? I have an old vintage planter that would be beautiful.
        Or is it best to plant them outside?

    1. ours appear to die (they look just plain dead) every winter but always come back beautifully and full. did u give them time or just pitch them when they looked dead?

    2. Wile my father was in the hospital I bought him a lil chicken hen plant well after he came home it’s not doing good I brought it home with me to try n revive it what should I do?

  2. I love Hens and chicks…I have several types, I make sure I get the more cold hardy ones for our mountain winters. I decided this year to put succulents in my DIY cedar fence board planter boxes in lieu of petunias, it is a drought year and will have to water less but still get to have some lovely plants on my deck rail to enjoy.

  3. Thank you for reminding me of hens and chicks. I have a patio facing the south and they should flourish there. Planting your h&c in a strawberry jar was a wonderful idea, I think I’ll be doing the same thing.

  4. ok, maybe i should try these. I was nervous because i DID kill my real succulents in the house last year! They didn’t get a ton of sun…so probably the cause. My mom gave me a strawberry planter for Easter and it has strawberries in it…but maybe I will pick up another one for hens and chicks!

    1. Yeah, I’ve never tried them in the house because only spot in our house that gets really good sun is our master bath I don’t really want them in there. Definitely grab some for outside!

  5. lisa schaffer says:

    Ive seen a red hen with green around the edge. . Opposite of the norm . . . Where might one find different varieties?

    1. Try a nursery or the plant section of a home improvement store. You might be able to find some like that online that you can order. Good luck!

  6. I just brought my first hen home today and threw it on the ground. I hope it grows. And now I know what to do with the empty strawberry pot on my back patio! Thanks for the post!

  7. These remind me of my Gram she always has hens and chicks growing. Yours are beautiful. Pinning!!!

  8. I love hens and chicks! My grandparents always had them and I love their quirky pots! I just bought my first succulents from Ikea this year and I am in love with them already!

  9. I still haven’t jumped on the succulent bandwagon yet. I’d love some in our house because I have a new thing for house plants. Looks like I just need to go to the store!

  10. My hens and chicks made it through the winter. I have a questions…they are sending shoots straight up..are they suppose to do that?

      1. Does that mean I will loose the plants

        1. No, just means that that particular hen is going to die. If you have others that don’t have stalks they’ll keep on trucking.

      2. Nandi Claasen says:

        It could also be that they are getting to little sun

  11. Someone PInned your post, and my hen & chicks look exactly like this! I’ve had them in these same blue pots for the past 3 years – they grow so well that they essentially cover the entire pot after that long.
    I do bring winter them in the attached garage but have never had an issue with them dying off along my 50x3ft long wall of boulders even after a winter of many below zero days this year.

    1. Do you water yours at all through the winter while they are in the garage? I have an unheated garage and a planter exactly like the one pictured. I don’t want it to crack or over water the plants. Thanks!

      1. I’m in Iowa. I’ve never watered then over the winter. Our garage is not heated

  12. This was a perfect pin as I just signed on Pinterest! Ive become a succulent junkie! Ha ha. I just potted some Hens and Chickens in mason jars this past few days!

    My mom has them all over her yard, they seem to fair well in the winters here in NY. She has some in pots too. One year I bought her an old cowboy boot filled with them at the farmers market, it kicked around for years in the garden. She loves country, it was perfect for her! lol

    Im taking a succulent ‘road trip’ in the next week or two! I cant wait, they are hard to find local except Lowes and they are beat up and the selection is limited! My mom told me about a place 40 minutes away or so and they have Tons. Im going to be in my glory! 🙂

    1. I just planted my first Hens and chicks a couple months ago and was worried what would happen when winter comes. I live near Chicago IL and we have some bad winters. Glad to here that yours did fine through the winter because I know NY has bad winters too.

  13. Couple years ago someone anonymously dropped off a few Hens and Chicks on my back porch! I just keep them in a planter and they are flourishing. Bought a pot and am ready to transplant but didn’t know if you put them all on top or what. Now I know. Thanks.

  14. Love what you did w/ strawberry pot which I will also do!
    I had already put them in a cement birdbath which I spray painted periwinkle blue and covered with small stones from Home Depot. I even put dianthus in it. I overwinter the top in a joint compound bucket on side stoop, it came through this winter just fine. About 4 years old.

  15. I absolutely love hens & chicks! I bought some in a terra cotta pot when I had my own apartment in the early 80’s. Moved to my parent’s house and brought that pot with me. It is still going strong. A whole corner of the front bed is now covered with them. They have survived many Ohio winters.

    1. Live in ohio also, just planted my chick and hen garden. Is there anything I should do too help them survive outside, in the garden, thru the winter?

  16. I’m obsessed with Hens and Chicks (we call them Cats and Kittens in PA) I’ve had them for over 30 years when my neighbor gave me some. I have over 20 pots now. I found a great company with a lot of different varieties. I now have red ones, purple ones, lavender ones and many more. Try SMGsucculents.com if you want to get hens and chicks of different varieties at great prices. Other places I only got 1 or two plants. SMG gives you 4-8 plants for the same price. I gave my friend at work, who has a black thumb, some hens and chicks last year. The pot I gave her is overflowing this year. She loves them. She didn’t want to let them outside over the winter but she did and they were fine. I only lost some last summer when we go a lot of rain for two weeks. That was the first time in 30 years I lost any. One other co-worker I gave them to last year took them inside over the winter and they all died. I gave her more and told her not to water them unless it is really hot for a week or more and don’t take them in the house. I never had luck with them in the house.

  17. Steffanie says:

    Could these work as a ground cover?

    1. yup, they work great as ground cover

  18. I just had a pot of hen and chicks given to me by my parents! I bought a pot of them for my mom for Mother’s Day and they enjoy them so much they wanted to share.

  19. My Hens have grown the tall centre stalk – hasn’t bloomed yet. I’m planning on splitting and replanting my bunch… should I cut the stalk off, and if so, can it be re-planted on its own?

    1. Diane Prouty says:

      I also have ten stocks of not blooms but babies (they are very well established plants in my yard , ) how do I plant these “babies” same as the others or is there a different way of propagating these “babies on a vine” ??

  20. Laura Turnmire says:

    I have TONS of hens and chicks. I put some in a strawberry jar and they’re in there so tight I’m going to have to break it. Lots of baby chicks in there!

  21. Hi there! I have a question. My parents gave me some hens and chicks and while they are not dying, I’ve only had I guess maybe one new one. Why aren’t they producing more? Am I doing something wrong? I love them! I want more! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  22. Love this post. I got a strawberry planter at a flea market last year and never managed to get my hens and chicks planted in it. You’ve inspired me to get that done! I love the blue strawberry pot, might have to try painting mine!

  23. Chelsea,

    Have you tried growing them inside? I have some in a pretty, glossy white pot in our kitchen, but they are just not doing well. Any tips? If I transplant them to an outdoor planter- do you cover yours in the winter, or just let them be snowed over?

  24. No matter where I grow them outside the squirrels dig them up and eat them…. ideas? Never had this problem in Iowa but West Virginia….trouble.

    1. I have been losing all my hens and chicks t chipmunks.They dig them up even in planters.

    2. Rene Vince says:

      I have had squirrels dig mine out of my strawberry pot too in MI. Can’t keep them outside because they put walnuts inside pot in place of plants!!

  25. You’re hens and chicks are beautiful in the strawberry pot but how do you keep the
    Soil from falling out of the side openings. I am going to try again. Hope mine end up looking like yours.

    Thank you!!!

    1. Rene Vince says:

      I have the same problem, my soil always falls out of the holes of the strawberry pot. How do you keep the soil inside the pot?

      1. Saran wrap until plant is established, helps with dirt overflow. ☺

  26. I love hens and chicks. I planted my first ones last spring that we transplanted from my neighbors garden and they are growing like crazy! Have you grown them inside? I’d love to transplant a few in a cut pot/vase for indoors but they wouldn’t get the sun like they do outside.

  27. Hi Chelsea!
    I have hens and chicks and haven’t done anything but water them once in a while! They are getting quite large. They are in pots. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Should I do anything to keep them going? Break off any or cut back? Or just leave them be?

  28. Someone send me some of their chicks so I can have a variety. I don’t get to the store much.

  29. Christine P says:

    I love hens & chicks. I have been growing them in strawberry pots for years. We moved into a new house and I had a spot in the front yard that I didn’t know what to do with because it was in full sun, on a slight hill and next to steps. I planted the hens and chicks there and they just took off. They have filled in beautifully.

  30. Betty Wood says:

    I have NEVER had any luck with Hen & Chicks no matter what I plant them in. I love them and it breaks my heart.The last ones came in a plastic strawberry
    pot. Could that be the problem with that particular one?

  31. I was very happy to find this post on Pinterest. I just took a small plant from my mom’s Hens and Chicks she’s had for over 30 years (they must have kept on propagating)! They once grew along the side of my parents’ house. Then my mom potted them. They really do live forever!

  32. I’m starting a new plant now from a single chick. Are they pretty slow growing?
    Also, I’m in zone 7 a/b. Where are you that it survived winter outside? Hoping mine will.

  33. Believe it or not, I’m killing them and don’t know why. In a bowl with other succulents they are drying up. If
    I take a chick and move to another grouping he shrivels up. I have a couple other planters where they are thriving. In this past year I’ve lost about 20. I suspect too much water but what about the ones that thrive? I am do disgusted. Thank you so much for your thoughts…… Marion

  34. Are hens and chicks the same as an aloe? Can one use it for medicinal purposes and if so, how?

  35. I am wondering about my chicks and hens. I have had them since my Dad passed away in 09 and they were his. We brought em out of the garage after this winter but they all seem to be dead. Is there anyway I can save them? If you could email me back, Id greatly appreciate it.

    1. I’m currently caring for my brother’s hens and chicks (he moved across the country), and his take longer to “wake up” and not look dead. I think it’s because they’re older. Give them some time and see what happens. Once you’re well into summer, remove the visibly dead ones. And if I were you, I’d take some of the newer looking ones and plant them in a different pot with new soil. That way your dad’s hens and chicks can live on because I’ve found that transplanting them helps extend their lives. Hope this helps!

  36. i saw an old chair covered in hens and chicks on Pinterest. Can anyone tell me how to attach soil to chair?

  37. I just started trying to grow different succulents and my hens and chicks are doing very good. I bought just one small plant and it has already produced a chick. Should I break the chick off and replant it? I love succulents but I don’t know a lot about them other than they are easy to grow and they don’t require a lot of maintenance

  38. Veronica Estrella says:

    Yes I will definitely give it a try. I had a few of these and they melted and dried … 🙁

  39. I love my hens and chicks. I have them in a red strawberry pot, and I have some that I put into conch shells from the beach… They look great! I have planted some directly into my flower bed as well… I love how they are low maintenance and bring such beauty to my garden 🙂

  40. I have a pot like yours with multiple holes. Do I water just the top or every opening? I have trouble watering because I can’t get the water through the plant to the soil. Any suggestions?

    1. I water in the top. Well, the only time mine are watered is when it rains because they’re drought tolerant and they’ll die if you over water.

  41. i just put mine in a strawberry container like yours but mine seem very dry and some of them are dying. After reading this post again, I placed them in the sun, let’s hope Floridas hot sun doesn’t kill them. Thanks for the tips and I love this plant,more minds me of my MOM.

    1. Well, the top ones burnt. No longer alive. From your post and other posts I read are totally opposite. I am TAKING THEM OUT OF THE SUN now and putting them back in the shade. Let’s see if I can keep the rest alive. DONT PUT YOURS IN THE SUN, other posts say shaded area! HUMMMM, very disappointed that I followed what you wrote and they are dead now.

        1. I think you mean don’t water them right? I wish I could show you the site I read all the info on, it said shade partial sun not FULL sun like you posted. I have 3 left in the Pot didn’t burn up as they were in one of the side scoops. I was just looking to see if I could find someone out there that could help me with them as I’ve never grown any but love them. If it offends you please think of all the people that look at your post! I’m not trying to be hateful just wanted to know how to grow them and I do have a pot just like yours. I know what I lost won’t come back but hopefully I will be able to buy / find more more.

          1. They still need some water even though they’re drought resistant. All the sites I’ve visited have said they grow best in full to part sun. And they grow best in zones 4-8 (I’m on the border of 5-6). If you’re in a higher numbered zone I’d say you’d probably want them in a more shaded area. You’re not offending me. I’m sharing what has worked for me when it comes to growing them.




      1. Growing zone has much to do with growing sempervivum. In WV(zone 6), my uncle had a strawberry pot filled with these old-fashioned ones for years. I live in zone 7, north Mississippi and mine struggle with morning sun, evening shade. They would die in full sun(heat plus humidity are not their friend) as well as too much water. I have tried the newer varieties and feel they might not be as hardy as the older variety. Chelsea, I grow many plants successfully, so I don’t use faux plants. However, sempervivum are as much a struggle for me as are peonies. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

  42. I so enjoyed your post. I had already pinned your strawberry pot on my board. I have been growing the little gems for thirty years and have many varieties. You give very good advice on growing Sempervivums. I live near Flagstaff Arizona where we have cold, snowy winters and mine have survived -30 degrees a time or two. They are only more colorful after a snowy winter. Thanks for your post.

  43. Where you live makes a difference as to how much sun/shade to give them. Here at 7,000 ft elevation, our sunshine is so intense that some varieties do better under trees. Also, I always advise to introduce sun gradually for plants that have spent time in the shade. I don’t recommend them at all for desert climes.

  44. Well I definitely don’t have a black thumb but all 50 of my chicks and hens died this past winter ! ….I live in zone 4a two hours north of Toronto and have never had any problem if I mulch with 6 inches of leaves before it snows …I guess the past bitter cold winter was too much for them after five years happily multiplying from an original three …they’ve always had plenty of sunlight where they grow at the base of a vine put my new ones this year are growing vertically 6 inches high and are not crowded. Can I cut out the tall center pieces and just put it back in the sandy gravel to propagate ?? I really don’t like this look -or do I have to wait for the stalk to turn into a flower? Greatly appreciate any advice! Thanks

  45. Hi!
    I have a succulent a home and looks like it might be a hens a chicks type. It sits on the center of the pot and has three babies, but rather than them coming from underneath the dirt, one is almost under the “mom” plant and the two others have long stems that sit on top of the dirt and the baby plants are now developing their own root system. I picked them up yesterday and I can see the white root hairs coming out of the bottom center of the babies. Are these also considered “hens and chicks”?

  46. Singing wind says:

    I bought these knowing nothing about them with the exception that they’re marvellous looking, I’ve had mine for about 6 years now and I now buy them every season as I enjoy them and want more. There is NO maintenance with them required they do fine in their own. They’re an extremely hearty succulent that you’ll enjoy for years on end. Fortunately there are many varieties so u can add color. And they reproduce like crazy. They look beautiful and will literally grow ANYWHERE. I have a water fall made of rocks built into the cement deck of my pool and they happily grow there every year. In addition I took a huge potter and laid it at the top of the falls on its side so it ultimately looks like they’re spilling out of the potter…. BEAUTIFUL! Try these succulents you will LOVE them ?

  47. I never grew them before but my Grand daughter just gave me a strawberry pot & i want to try my luck growing hen & chicks. Just got done reading all the comments.

  48. My first try growing hen & chicks..Just got done reading all the comments. One question What kind of soil do I put in my Strawberry container ? Thank you in advance.

  49. I love purchasing different kinds, shapes and colors of hens and chicks. I plant most of mine in all sorts of things, spittoon, old tea pots/kettles, worn out shoes, even tonka dump trucks. In the fall, my husband made me a rack to move them all out of the winter weather and closer to the house. Spring came, but my plants didn’t. Can you please tell me what I did wrong and what I should do with them this winter? I live in zone 6, but the past couple of years, we have been hammered with snow. I hate to keep losing them!

  50. Thank you. I thought if I left them outside the winter would kill them. But it get really cold here in eastern Iowa. Should that be a concern?

  51. Nandi Claasen says:

    I have two kinds of hen and chicks, or rather two of the same species but different colours, the one is exactly like yours, and they are taking over the world one garden at a time as I have to hand chicks to friends to keep up with their growth, and they end up having to do the same and so on and so forth, but the darker one has been sitting in its container for years now, literally years, I think it has been 2 and a half years now, and though it is alive it is neither growing nor looking happy and it is definitely not making chicks! It is in the same location as the others, and planted in exactly the same way. I love this little hen, wish she would give me some chicks before she dies

  52. hello, I have several small pots of hens and chicks. I just have plain bad luck with these.. Either they get too much rain water or they dry out so fast they die.. I’ve transplanted them several times in hope of them multiplying but they seem to stay very small and unresponsive.. Help please!!

  53. Do you know why after I transplant them , they push up out of the dirt?

  54. I just bought a tray of hens and chicks for $8.00 it had a variety of them they are the easiest succulents to grow forever once you get them you will have them forever. Get Emily cobweb she and her babies spin their own cobweb over their red leaves it looks like something a spider did but the plant and her babies do it

    1. Where can i buy a tray of them for $8.00?

  55. I’m afraid my Hens & Chicks died. I tried not to over water them. I put a couple outside, right away we got a yon of rain, pretty sure the chick died. The ones I kept in the original pot never seemed to grown I did give a few to my mom, she said they’ve already gotten larger. My began to look like an inside out umbrella. I tried to replant them because they were so bunched up & a couple of chicks had been scrunched in the very bottom. Anyway, the just tried to remove a couple. The roots look really long. But, the very bottom of one of the plants feel soggy. And, several of the Hens began to have the leaves/flowers fall off. I’ve transplanted a rose bush that’s growing. I, Audi, have another plant for almost 2 years from my sister’s funeral. So, I’m not killing everything. I’m not sure what to do, or if it’s too late. Help!

  56. Susan Ellis says:

    I live in Minnesota. In fact I live in the town that holds the record for having the coldest winter. I have several of these plants and they all get as big as a small dinner plates and they survive the cold winters. Zone 3a.

  57. Cher Angelo says:

    Your info is terrific, thank u!
    My grandfather used to grow that is a long a very long walk away several hundred feet along with the ground cover I’m not sure what they were there might have been some sort of an ice plant they were on fuschia and color and Orchid as I recall but I’ve long since replaced everything on that walk away with time and my gosh it smells like heaven out there right now I was out there commenting on that earlier this evening

    I bought a tiny hens and chick plants at Lowes I believe last year and it’s grown indoors and become so long in the pot that says the stocks are toppling over there about your break so I need to transplant it unfortunately I’ve been dealing with a very large number of health issues and financial Devastation so along with a lot of pets I haven’t had much time I took the pot out today put a larger one outside and was going to transplant it and then got caught up in other gardening chores but I think I’ll plant them outside instead. I just need to find the right spot so that they can grow and proliferate

    I will definitely let you know how they do and send pictures if I can find my way back to this site and now looking for her way to subscribe to your blog or website I’m not sure what you did since I just came up on it a few minutes ago thank you again Cher

  58. What type of soil should be used to potting hens & chicks?

  59. Can they be planted with other succulants?

  60. I inherited my mother-in-law’s pots of “cat-n-kittens” (thats what she called them) when she passed away 7years ago and tthey are still going strong. They adorn my front steps of my house in medium size Chinese pots that I love. They survived a puppy, a couple blizzards, and my black thumb. This succulent is truly a strong plant.

  61. I have a succulent that look very much like hens and chickens but it has vine like ones that come from them so is it a gen and chicken? I need to figure it out so I can get starts from it. Thank you in advance!

  62. I grow mine indoors. They are growing fine.

  63. Leah sigler says:

    Ty so much! My mom is ill and she can see her side yard from her window so I try to keep it filled with pretty things. Last week she told me to throw away her hens and chickens because they were doing nothing. Later that day she told me they were given to her by her sister who got them from their deceased aunt. I looked at what you explained and I have the knowledge now to save them. This will make her very happy. Thank you so much! [email protected]

  64. been in love with succulents for years, just now becoming slightly adept at being a plant mom. my oldest hen & chicks plant has a blooming hen with three chicks. when i went to google image search sempervivum blooms, i found out that each plant only blooms once then is doomed to death! the chicks will survive, but the growing flower stalk signifies the end for my momma sempervivum ? at least her chicks will carry on the legacy!

  65. Jan Potts says:

    I love my “hens and chickens” and have had great luck with them in Washington State. question:Can anything be done with that long center stalk that occasionally grows out of some of hens? They are covered with tiny flowers –are these “seeds” that can be replanted?? Don’t know what to do with them.

  66. They are getting brown spots on mine

  67. Thanks for the great post!! I grow them in Zone 9 in mostly shade because it’s often over 100 here in the summer.? I only water a little bit twice a week.

  68. My hen and chick plant did the tall stem with many little babies. is the whole thing going to die? and can I break off those little guys to start new plants? I hate to lose it, my plant is pretty big 🙁

  69. I must have a black thumb. Every time my friend gives me any- they die. I put them in a strawberry planter, in the sun…
    I’m in Ga, about an hour north of Atlanta.
    I love them, but they just don’t love me ?

  70. Isa Gonzalez says:

    I really love what you have done with those hens and chicks I adore the pot if you can tell me where to obtain one I would be so grateful I live in Polk County Florida I am in love with all types of succulents but we’ll give these a try they looks so beautiful thank you very much hope to hear from you soon bye

  71. I have a lone hen. Why is she standing up from the soil in her pot? What am I doing wrong?

  72. Beautiful unique pot.. I wish I cud get one… My favorite color too…

  73. In live in Zone 9, is it too hot for Hens & Chick?

  74. Unfortunately my hens and chicks were drowned last fall by all the heavy rain and the few I managed to save froze this winter on the back porch, I would love to get more but most people I have talked to about them don’t even know what they are,so chance of new start’s is very slim

  75. Kelly McCoy-Coleman says:

    I love hens and chicks but I keep them on the deck close to the door!! But after winter was over I noticed that some were turning blackish grey, what can I do to save them??

  76. Linda C in Colorado Springs, CO says:

    I love hens and chicks. I have some in a strawberry pot, I wintered them inside this year. I am glad I did as we have a lot of rabbits here in Colorado Springs, CO. They ate the ones that were in the ground where the pot was before. I think I possibly over water the some and that why I don’t get a ton of them. I will get more and be more aware of my watering habits. This wk I will move the pot outside, but will put it on the patio table in the backyard so the rabbits cant get at them. I saw that succulants are to be the big thing this year, plastic or alive. Fun

  77. I transplanted hens and chicks and they are spreading open. Does that mean they are thriving or need some type of attention? Thank you

  78. Sounds so funny I have never heard them call Hen and chickens in the Deep South we call them hen and biddies. Either way I love them!

  79. I just moved into my new house.. The land is very rocky and full of weeds. So I have my work cut out for me. In my back hard is a big steep hill. I am wanting to plant some hens n chicks. Just worried about the cold winters in the high dessert of Oregon?

  80. I have a ton of chicks and hens in a rock garden bed. Every year they get swallowed up by a ground cover weed that is impossible to pluck without tearing out the whole bed of chicks. I’m thinking about just tearing them all up and replanting but I’d rather not! Any tips on keeping the beds weed free?

  81. I grow mine in wire baskets lined with sheet moss to hold the dirt and they do beautifully. I have the baskets screwed to the pickets on my porch so I leave them out in the winter and it’s never hurt them so far, but I live in Missouri so the winters aren’t extreme.

  82. Hello!! Quick question….I have a “tote” full of hens and chicks, but I am noticing that they are doing something weird. The roots aren’t taking. They aren’t growing down into the dirt very well and I can almost just pick them right up off the dirt. Second issue is that they bottom half is turning down and inside itself almost. They leaves are dying on the underside/inside because it has turned down so much. Any thoughts or suggestions??

  83. Can a overwatered hen and chick be saved? It is starting to get very soft, but it has a lot of little arms growing. I just read that this plant requires very little water and I have been watering mine once a week.

  84. I live in Minnesota and I love my hens and chicks!
    I gathered rocks I have collected over the years, made a random looking rock bed facing south and just popped a few hens and chicks into the crevices between the rocks.
    The only dirt I have is the dirt the original babies came with.
    Just before first frost,
    I cover them with leaves and a few branches to keep leaves from blowing off. They weather the Winter here just fine with that layer of insulation.
    Spring reveal by gently removing ( no rake) branches and leaves.
    Some will have passed?, but there are many new babies who have spread to other crevices?.

  85. Isabell Weber says:

    I live in Minot nd, zone 3/4. I have had my hen and chicks for 15 years! I never take them inside as they are planted right in my flower garden. Last year I had 2 blooms and this year I have 2 starting again. I do no winter coverage of any sort.

  86. There are two varieties of what most people call “hens and chicks”, which look very much alike, but are very different in the climates they will tolerate. One is Sempervivum, it is very cold hardy, an alpine plant. The other is Echeveria, it is a desert plant, grown in hot, dry climates, and it will not survive freeing temperatures. Both types do not tolerate too much water. I found out the hard way, as a friend gave me some of her plants from AZ, as I remembered my mother used to have them in IA and left them out every winter. Well, I lost nearly every one when it got below freezing one night in IA. I started doing my research and discovered these to very different varieties. I hope this help some of you. Also, my friend from AZ had many plants next to her house on the N side, but lost a lot when there was an unusually wet month last year.

  87. What do you do with the new ‘sprout outs’?
    Let them grow and die off?
    Pinch them off?

  88. I had mine in house over the winter and there are a couple long and spinley I want to know if I will kill them if I cut them back

  89. My parents have had them on the ground for 40 years in western South Dakota and they always survive even the harshest winters and hottest summers. It may kill a bunch off but by mid summer they are sprouting all over again. I had my mom mail me some to north Florida for my teenager and so far so good, many plants struggle in this humidity, heat, and especially the sand.

  90. I live in the state of Washington and the winters here are pretty cold and very wet. My trick is to cover them in clear heavy plastic for the winter. To help with the frost and mostly the heavy rains. They do great and look good when I uncover them in the spring

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