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4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Today I’m sharing 4th anniversary gift ideas for him and her. The traditional gift theme for the fourth wedding anniversary gift is fruit or flowers. The modern gift theme is appliances.

It’s another installment of wedding anniversary gift ideas! Today I’m only going to cover the traditional gifts. I feel like the modern gift theme of appliances is kind of an obvious topic.

4th anniversary gift ideas for him and her!

4th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Women

Let’s begin with 4th anniversary gift ideas for the ladies. It’s obviously a lot easier to shop for chicks with this theme. Basically guys, you can buy your wife anything with a fruit or flower print on it– pillow, clothing, scarf, jewelry, bedding, plates, etc.

As with every anniversary, you best be getting your lady flowers– unless she’s allergic or straight up hates flowers; in that case you can get her an Edible Arrangement or something similar.

One really cool thing I found was custom wedding bouquet paintings, which range in prices so there’s something for every budget. And don’t forget to frame it! I like this frame or this one. I think it would be super sweet if my husband surprised me with a painting of my wedding bouquet.

Edit: My husband did surprise me with a custom painting of my wedding bouquet, and I LOVE it. He even had the artist include my late grandmother’s wedding ring that I had tied to my bouquet.

4th wedding anniversary gift idea-- custom wedding bouquet painting

4th anniversary gift ideas for her!necklacefresh flowerspillowcustom wedding bouquet paintingdressscarf

4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Now on to the 4th anniversary gift ideas guys. This was a little harder because when I think of flowers and fruit I clearly don’t think of males. But I found some creative ways to work with the theme, mainly by playing off the lovely electronic manufacturer Apple.

4th anniversary gift ideas for him!iPad • moonshineiHomepieapple TVgourmet caramel applesrose gold watch

Gift Ideas for Both

Now, I came up with quite a few ideas that are pretty gender neutral and could be used as joint gifts. Granted some of the gift ideas above are gender neutral.

4th wedding anniversary gift ideas for him and her!wine making kit • champagne • fondue set • chocolate covered strawberriespotted fruit tree

A great surprise would to plant a flowering plant in your yard as a gift. Whether your wife likes hydrangeas, tulips, or roses, I’m sure she’d be impressed if you went through the effort to plant one of her favorites to bloom in your yard year after year.

Additional Gift Ideas

Maybe you and your spouse are more interested in doing something together rather than giving gifts. If that’s the case, here are some fruit and flower ideas:
tour a botanical garden
wine tasting
weekend getaway at a vineyard B&B
trip to an orchard

Happy 4th anniversary to you and yours!

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  1. I love all these ideas! Love the apple stuff for the guys… Such a creative take on the fruit! Also love the idea of doing something like a vineyard as an alternative. We just celebrated our 3rd anniversary but this gives me tons of ideas! I too love the idea of the painting of your wedding bouquet!

  2. Do you have a direct link to the dress? I love it but couldn’t find it on the first few pages of amazon – thanks!

  3. Look at you! This is straight up genius on the guys. I love these posts!

    Xo Kylie

  4. I’m in to the packaging on that moonshine. And my 4th anniversary is a month away!

  5. Oh em GEEEEE. I LOVE the bouquet art idea! My poor bouquet is all dried out and breaking. This would be such a cool way to “save” it!

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