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Peppermint Obsessed – Favorite Peppermint Products

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I’m peppermint obsessed this time of year. I rejoice when peppermint butts pumpkin spice out of the way. Because let’s be honest, peppermint is far more superior. Fight me.

Today I’ve rounded up some of my favorite peppermint products mixed in with other pepperminty items I’ve spotted.

Favorite Peppermint Products

1. peppermint candle

I sampled three different peppermint scented candles this year. And this peppermint candle is my favorite. The top note is peppermint, followed by sugar cookie and vanilla bean. Out of the three candles, I sampled, I like how this one has a good peppermint scent to it. It comes in various sizes–1.8 ounce, 6.5 ounce (currently 30% off!), 12 ounce (currently 30% off!) and 38 ounce. There’s even a 123 ounce size. Yes, 123 ounces. That’s not a typo– 250-hour burn time, baby.

These sell out fast so if you want to try one, buy it now. I’m not kidding.

2. peppermint hand soap and lotion

I found this peppermint hand soap last year and used it in our kitchen. I’m so glad I came across it again this year. It has a great peppermint scent, and I find that the soap doesn’t dry out my hands as much as other soaps. I don’t really use the lotion, but it smells good.

3. measuring cups

These red and white striped measuring cups are perfect for displaying in the kitchen for Christmas.

4. mixing bowl

It’s a splurge, but this mixing bowl is the perfect peppermint addition to your KitchenAid mixer.

5. peppermint prints

This peppermint hot cocoa print or candy cane print would look great displayed in a kitchen next to a hot cocoa station.

6. mrs. meyer’s peppermint products

Mrs. Meyer’s brings out a peppermint scent for the holiday season. I haven’t been able to get my hands on it, but I’m sure it smells delightful.

7. peppermint coffee

It seems kind of silly to pour that peppermint mocha creamer into regular coffee when you can add it to peppermint mocha coffee or white chocolate peppermint coffee. I’ve gone back and forth on which is my favorite. Right now, the peppermint mocha is number one. I fully support you buying both and reporting back to me with your fave.

8. measuring spoons

Because they’re cute.

9. peppermint earrings

Also because they’re cute.

10. peppermint car air freshener and candle

This is my second place peppermint scent. I have the car air fresheners in my car. The candle is alright, but I wish it had more of a peppermint smell and less of a sweet smell. If that makes sense. Describing scents is kind of hard.

11. cozy peppermint-esque textiles

Sorry, I had to throw in these cute red and white items– fringe striped blanket, pillow, red and white pom pom throw.

12. peppermint flavored sweets

Here are my faves: pretzel crisps, lindt peppermint chocolates, peppermint crunch junior mints, and peppermint bark Oreos.

13. red and white felt ball garland

I have this red and white felt ball garland, and I love it. Perfect for the holidays.

14. peppermint trees

It’s not Christmas without peppermint trees. These bad boys come in two different sizes– 11″ tall and 9″ tall.

15. peppermint candle

So this candle must have sold out because I can’t find it anywhere. Here’s a substitute peppermint candle.

16. more peppermint prints

I have the travel mug and tea towel versions of this peppermint wishes notecard. Love it. And this peppermint bark recipe is a definite framer for a kitchen countertop.

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  1. christine says:

    I got the Mrs. Meyers spray on clearance at Target after Christmas last year and it’s soooo good! It’s already on my list of things to look for at 90% off this year.

  2. You are totally speaking my language! I love peppermint!!!

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