Fall Orchard Trip 2013

For the past few years, Brad and I have made our annual fall trip to our favorite Indianapolis-area orchard, Anderson Orchard in Mooresville (for all you locals). The last two years we went on a Sunday and spent a couple hours exploring the orchard (they have a beautiful lake and you can drive through the orchard) and picking out gourds, mums, and apples to bring home. An apple cider slushie is typically in order too.

Read about our 2011 and 2012 trips.

basket of gourds

We were going to go to the orchard this past Sunday but it was rainy and gloomy, so we decided to make a quick trip after work on Monday. (You may have seen the photos I kept posting on Instagram. Hey, they were better than duck-face selfies.)  We didn’t have time to explore so we were in and out in under an hour, which was fine. I brought my camera along but was too lazy to spend the 10 seconds getting it out of my bag so I snapped some pics with my iPhone to share with you guys.

mini pumpkins

Fall is my favorite season next to spring. But you can barely tell it’s fall here now because it was 80 degrees yesterday and it’s supposed to be 82 today and 86 tomorrow. Midwest weather at its finest.

gourds 2

I picked out a bunch of small gourds, mini orange and mini white pumpkins, and mums for our front porch decor– something I’ve been doing since we’ve moved into this house (see 2011 and 2012 front porch displays). I was hoping they’d have some mums with mostly opened blooms but they were probably scooped up over the weekend. So I’m hoping the mums I bought open up this weekend so I can take photos and share them next week.


Hopefully, you get to experience a “true fall” where you live. If not, I hope these photos make you jealous of what you’re missing. Just kidding. Kind of. No, but really, you should move to the Midwest. Unless you live somewhere where it’s 75 degrees year-round and/or you have amazing views of mountains or bodies of water. Then you should totally stay where you are and live your falls vicariously through me. . . and invite me to visit. I’ll bring you an apple cider slushie.

orchard trip 3

I hope you have the opportunity to hit up a local orchard this weekend. Support small businesses and get your apple cider slushie drank on, people!

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  1. I think I just read your fall orchard trip post yesterday but I guess it has been about a year! That is crazy! I love your pictures from the orchard, I can’t wait for my trip later this month!

  2. I usually make a few trips to our local orchard. I live in Illinois and sadly, we’re having the 80s all week too! But when it was cooler a couple of weeks ago, the fiance and I made our first trip to our orchard and picked up some gourds for decorating, fresh cider and the apple cider doughnuts that I dream about all year long! Now your photos have me ready for another trip!

  3. Anderson Apple Orchard is my favorite :). I really love going to their Apple Festival & Craft Fair. Plus, I can’t resist their apple cider. It’s delicious!

  4. I’ve been itching to take the Henry-man to the pumpkin patch. We already picked up a few pumpkins at the farmer’s market, but ther’es nothing better than a true pick your own patch. Great photos! These would be great framed for the fall season, too.

  5. I am intrigued by this apple cider slushie you speak of. Why have I never heard of this before?!

    Anyway, we’ll be going pumpkin picking and corn-mazing next weekend. I’m hoping it’ll be a little cooler out (it’s somehow in the low 80’s again) and that Joe lets me buy all the pumpkins (he won’t).

  6. Jennifer Haag says:

    We put on our rain boots and ventured out to Anderson’s on Sunday 🙂 It was drizzly the whole time, but since the temps were comfortable it was ok. My kiddos had a blast and the best part was that it wasn’t to crowded!!! I heard that it was a mad house on Saturday. Love Anderson’s and it is a family tradition that we have done for a few years! My kids look forward to it every year.

  7. Thanks for making me miss Indiana yet again, Chelsea!

    We’ll be up there in two weeks, so the weather had better get it’s act together. I expect to be able to break out my scarves and boots and see orange and yellow maples!

  8. Visiting farms and orchards is one of my favorite things to do in the fall! I love love love everything about it…picking apples, hayrides, pumpkins, apple cider donuts. And I’m glad to live somewhere I can enjoy a real fall (Massachusetts!).

  9. We were so surprised when we got home from vacation and it was in the 80s! Ridiculous! I think fall has officially arrived for us now though. I still need to work on my fall decor though!

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