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Deck Shade Solution

Last week, when I shared a tour of our summer deck, I mentioned how in the evenings we get blasted in the face while out on the deck. Well, today I’m sharing our outdoor deck shade solution.

deck with pergola

The solution for blocking out the sun was installing two cordless 96″ x 72″ sun shades. In an unusual twist of luck involving this house, the 96″ wide shades fit perfectly in the two sections of the pergola. In fact, when we had friends over, they asked if we had the shades custom made.

deck sun shades

We mounted the shades on the inside of the pergola so they aren’t as noticeable when they’re rolled up.

roll up outdoor shades

outdoor shades

The shades came with wands for rolling the shades up and down. The wands are removable. So when we want to lower the shades, we take the wands outside and use them to lower and eventually raise the shades. And then the wands come back inside the house. I strongly recommend bringing the wands inside because we forgot to bring them in once, and they started to get a little rust on them.

sun shades

The shades anchor into the three pergola posts with bungees and bungee brackets. The bungee and bracket system is so simple to use Owen can do it. We get a decent amount of wind on the back side of the house so we always have to anchor them down. If one of us or the kids need through, we unhook one of the anchors and shift the shade out of the way.

Because the sun shades are made of polyethylene, they don’t deteriorate from sun, water, chemicals, or mildew. They also let a decent amount of breeze through.

outdoor sun shades

The sun shades make a huge difference in enjoying the deck in the evening.

deck shade

deck with privacy screen

I think they look pretty good from the outside when they’re rolled down.

pergola shades

Here’s how the entire deck and pergola looks with the shades down.

deck outdoor shades

So if you’re looking for a way to shade your deck or patio, I highly recommend looking into roll-up shades like these.

Want to know where something on the deck is from? Head over to the summer deck tour.

Deck and Patio Outdoor Shades

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  1. Love the shades. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is the solution we need for our patio and pergola! Thanks for sharing! I love the fact that they are there when you need them but hidden when you don’t, unlike curtain options.

  3. Love the deck and the shades. I also love this blog and have been a long time reader. I understand that ads are how you make money on this blog however it seems like the ads have gotten more intrusive lately and make it hard to read the blog post due to too many pop ups. 🙁 just some feedback from a long time fan.

  4. Shelley Scott says:

    I wanted to thank you for this post! We had been looking for outdoor blinds and I was looking at some on blinds.com. I checked yours out and ended up buying some at Lowe’s for about $500 less than the custom ones I was looking at (I paid about $130 for two). We chose the mocha color that looks great with our furniture. I love them, thanks again!!

  5. Jessica leigh Strayer says:

    This is a great solution!

  6. This looks awesome! They hide nicely but seen to provide a lot of shade! We have this issue and my husband is building our deck now so I’ve shared your awesome post with him. Thank you 🙂

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