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A Little Bathroom Tour

This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. All opinions are my own. 

I thought I’d give you a little tour of the boys’ bathroom today. It’s very basic right now. I hope to give it a makeover in the future, but there are rooms we use more often that are higher on the makeover list.

The Shower

The shower is your standard drop in shower. You know, with the teeny tiny shelves and ledges. A man clearly designs these showers. To make up for the lack of usable space, I employed this Better Homes & Gardens Rust-Resistant Power Grip Pro Shower Basket to curtail all the bath toys. I really like the power grips, making it harder for Emmett to tear it off the wall.

shower basket with toys

The shower curtain is a waffle weave fabric with gray and white stripes. And when Emmett gets out of the tub, he can stand on this plush, reversible bath mat. I also have two of those bath mats in front of each sink in the vanity.

The shower curtain appears to be too short because of the trim our builder added around the shower. There’s fun surprises abound in this house.

shower with gray and white shower curtain

The shower rods our builder used were less than ideal. Not kidding– they were falling apart and would leave a dark residue. So I said adios and replaced them with aluminum shower rods.

shower rod with shower curtain

Let’s Talk Towels

So there used to be a towel rack in this bathroom. That is until Owen accidentally ripped if off of the wall. He would try to get his towel off the towel rack as fast as possible, which slowly loosened the towel rack until it eventually fell out of the wall. Because I’d like to make over this room, I don’t want to put up another towel rack. So our temporary solution is this over-the-door 5-hook rail. Owen can easily remove his towel from the hook. We currently have it on the outside of the door for ease of use. It’s a great temporary solution until I decide my plans for the bathroom.

The boys use these textured navy blue towels. They’re very soft and plush. And I like the textured detail and the thick ends. I like having different towels for different rooms because then it’s easy to tell what goes where.

towels on over the door towel rack

The Vanity Top

One of the joys of having children is always wiping up water they leave behind after washing their hands and brushing their teeth. So I got this quick-drying diatomite soap dispenser and bathroom vanity tray.

soap dispenser and tray

To corral the things that reside on the vanity, we use this water hyacinth tank basket. We store reading material for Owen and a clean hand towel in basket.

bathroom vanity basket

I hope you enjoyed this little bathroom tour. Maybe I’ll paint this room soon to give it a little more character and hold it over until I can do a full makeover.

This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. The over the door hooks are so smart!

  2. So many practical purchases that make a kids bathroom space more organized!! Well done!!

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