Big Sale Days 2021 – Kids

Here are the best toy sales from Amazon, Walmart, and Target!

I’m going to update this post often so keep checking back throughout the day! When I add new stuff, I’ll put it at the top of the post so you don’t have to keep scrolling.

These are great for Christmas, but also think ahead to birthdays– for your kids and other kids. I keep a handful of gifts for birthday parties the kids are invited to in our basement so I don’t have to make a special trip to the store.

Click here to go to my main sale page!

Magnetic Tiles

We have Magna-Tiles (click here to go to the main page) and PicassoTiles (click here to go to the main page). PicassoTiles are more budget-friendly than Magna-Tiles, and honestly, I can’t really tell the difference between the two. In the two or so years we’ve had them, I think only one has cracked/broke. Because magnets are involved, I immediately threw it away. So if you have smaller kids who still put things in their mouth, be sure to check the tiles often for cracks and breaks.

If you want the plain Picasso Tiles, the 100 piece set is $48, plus 20% off is a good starter set. And they have a 60 piece set for $30, plus 10% off. Remember to click the box to get the 10-20% off! They also have Picasso Tile people on sale.

We also have a set of these large, 12″ x 12″ magnetic tiles. Owen likes building things on top of these and using them to make large structures.

Picasso Tiles also makes race car tracks. Owen got one for Christmas. He loves it. It’s not on sale, but this race car track is $98, plus 20% off. This would be a great birthday or Christmas gift.


The kids’s scooters are on sale! They rarely go on sale so this is a good time to get one.

Click here for the ages 2-5 scooter. Remember to click the coupon box!

Click here for the ages 5-12 scooter. Remember to click the coupon box!


While we’re talking about scooters, Emmett’s helmet is on sale.

Splash Pad

Our splashpad that I showed in my Instagram Stories on Sunday is also on sale. Make sure you click the coupon box!


Osmo products are on sale! The products work with ipads and Kindle Fire tablets. We have a few sets.

If you have a Kindle Fire tablet, click here!

20% off select toddler and kids’ clothes at Target! Click here!

Kids Kindle Fire HD

The Kids Kindle Fire 8″ is 50% off! Comes in blue, pink, and purple. Click here!


This is a great sale on LEGOS! Lots to choose from too– Frozen, Harry Potter, duplo, Marvel, Star Wars, Jurassic World, Mulan, Trolls, Toy Story, Minecraft, Friends, vehicles, and classic sets of bricks. There’s even a base plate bundle.


Lots of Barbie, deals! Don’t forget to be inclusive when choosing dolls for your kids. Click here!

There’s more Barbie deals at Target! Click here!


Great prices on some Playmobil toys! Click here!

Crafts & Experiments

Lots of fun crafts and experiments on sale! Kinetic sand, crystal growing lab, air rockets, Play-Doh, and more. Click here!

Antsy Pants

We’ve had these Antsy Pants pole and connector sets for three years. Owen plays with them all the time. They’re high quality and very durable. I don’t think any have broken, just wear and tear on a some from three years of use.

There aren’t any building sets for sale at Target right now. I did find a unicorn though.

I found some used Antsy Pants sets and other items on Mercari. If you use my link, you can get $10 off your first order if you don’t have an account yet. Then, search “Antsy Pants”.

I also found some on eBay. Click here!


Under $15 for a big bag of Mega Bloks! Click here!

Thomas Train Set

This Thomas the Train set is 50% off! Click here!



If your kid can’t get enough of Blippi, this plush Blippi doll is on sale! Click here!

Chicco KeyFit 30 Car Seat … HERE

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