2015 Christmas Cards + Minted Giveaway

Happy December 1st!

You know what that means. It’s Christmas card time, my friends.

I enjoy mailing out Christmas cards because I send them to a good amount of our relatives who aren’t on social media (gasp!). I’d like to think that they enjoy getting a photo of us once a year.

We were supposed to get family photos this fall, but we wanted to save money, so I used a photo of us that was taken during Owen’s 1 year photos this past July.

minted Christmas card

One thing I love about Minted cards, other than their awesome designs, is their free recipient addressing service. And I really love their free unique designs that match the Christmas card.

 Seriously, how cute is the envelope? If you see having the best Christmas card as a competition you would totally win.

minted envelopes

Guess what! As a Christmas gift to you, Minted has teamed up with me to give away a $150 credit!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a photo to slap on your Christmas cards. Minted has a great selection of Christmas cards that don’t require photos.

Not into sending out Christmas cards? That’s fine! If you win, you could use the credit toward giftsinvitationsparty decor, artwork, fabric, and more.

Since Christmas is quickly approaching, I’m going to shorten the entry time period on this giveaway. The giveaway will end Saturday, December 5 at 12:00 AM (so basically Friday night) so I can notify the winner by Saturday.

You must use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.

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  1. I would get artwork. We are seriously lacking in that department, so that’s what I would want!

  2. Tracey R. says:

    I would save the credit for baby announcements for our little one due in February. I love Minted’s cards!!

  3. I think I would get artwork because I’m always on there browsing. We are sorely lacking in artwork.

  4. Definitely some artwork – or maybe some fabric

  5. Cheryl Miles says:

    I definitely need to get crack-a-lackin on my Christmas cards! I swore I was going to make my own this year, but you know how that goes.

  6. I love minted’s cards. Can’t wait to pick out a card for my little guy’s first Christmas!

  7. Brittany D says:

    I’ve used Minted for the past two years for holiday cards. You just can’t beat their quality!

  8. I love Minted! I would probably save the credit for wedding invitations…I just got engaged! 🙂

  9. We aren’t sending cards this year for the first time in many years to save money 🙁 So I would definitely pick a nice photo card to send! Something with rounded edges perhaps? It takes me a LONG time to decide so I’m not positive which I would pick!!

  10. I would definitely get some Christmas cards and them stroll through the artwork, we have NO pictures of our sweet boy hung up!

  11. Stephanie says:

    I love minted! I already have my Christmas cards, so I would use it for artwork!

  12. christine says:

    I have been seriously stalking the minted artwork, but I would be tempted by pre-addressed envelopes!

  13. We keep talking about sending out Christmas cards this year, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. This would be a great opportunity!

  14. Oh gosh. So many nice designs that is overwhelming! The best kind of overwhelming though!

  15. I just ordered my Christmas cards from Minted this morning! They always have the best and most beautiful selections to choose from. If I won, I would purchase some art for our home!

  16. Sherry VF says:

    Although I’ve never spent $150 on Christmas cards, I’m pretty sure I’d get those. My daughter is getting married in 2016, so, perhaps invitations. Adorable family. sjvonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  17. Emma Miller says:

    I would get artwork for my new house!

  18. I would get either Christmas cards this year or birth announcements next year!

  19. Love love love Minted! I would get Christmas cards.

  20. It would definitely go towards our Christmas cards!

  21. I would purchase some art for my kitchen and hallway!

  22. I would love to get something fabulous for my Living Room walls – artwork and also some holiday decor.

  23. I love minted. Might splurge on some artwork if I won.

  24. I would get the Retro Worded Tree Christmas card. They are so cute!

  25. I would replace our Christmas cards which seem to have mysteriously vanished when we moved.

  26. Would totally get Christmas cards/birth announcements for our baby due in Dec!

  27. I would get artwork! We just ordered our Christmas cards 🙁

  28. Rachel Zimmerman says:

    Christmas cards!

  29. I would love a chance to get back into sending out Christmas Cards. Its been a very trying time these last few years for my family so being able to send a note of joy to family would be awesome.

  30. I’d finally get on some cards for our baby boy’s first Christmas!

  31. I would love to win a gift card to Minted! The cards are so gorgeous & I’ve always admired them!

  32. We’re having a New Year’s Eve bash so I’d get party decor and some invites.

  33. Love their cards! We would pick personal stationery for the holiday thank-yous.

  34. Stephanie says:

    I would get Christmas cards! Thank you

  35. I like throwing dinner parties so some Menu cards would be a neat addition.

  36. Melissa Stephens says:

    I’d get a few christmas themed cards for my family members (small family) We are moving in January about an hour away from everyone and I want to fill our new apartment with pictures of our family, My 3 babies, husband, the kids with the grandpa etc. I have this dream in my head of having pictures allover 🙂

  37. Great Christmas card! Thanks for sharing the giveaway.

  38. Renee Johnson says:

    I love this! I would get some artwork 🙂 I already ordered my christmas cards 😉

  39. I would get Christmas cards-love the envelopes!

  40. Alison H. says:

    I would definitely get artwork!

  41. I would love to use the Minted gift card toward birth announcements! Our first baby is due in a month!

  42. I love Minted! I would use them for Christmas Cards. Always hard finding the right card and these are WONDERFUL!

  43. Shontelle Drozdiak says:

    Christmas Cards!

  44. Oh, excellent timing! I could definitely use a discount/credit for wedding invitations in a few months. 😀

  45. Those envelopes rock! Also I love that you picked a photo with the whole family. You guys look great!

  46. Lisa Stover says:

    I would get some cards and holiday decor 🙂

  47. I would order personalized Christmas cards for my family for next year (ours are just about ready for this year). They have an awesome selection to choose from!

  48. Oh my gosh, the things I could do!! I haven’t even started on my Christmas cards this year. We just moved, so a new address card would be nice AND they have artwork! Amazing!!

  49. Cristina T says:

    I still haven’t done my Christmas cards yet. Would love to do them on Minted especially since this our first year with the baby 🙂

  50. Nicole H. says:

    I would get some artwork!

  51. I would love to check out their material!

  52. I would get artwork, thank you!

  53. I would get some artwork and party supplies with the gift card since I make homrmade cards.

  54. I’d get my holiday cards! and maybe some art work.

  55. I’d get their foil botanical Christmas cards!

  56. I would check out the fabric and artwork and go with a combo of those.

  57. Oooh, how cute! I would use the credit for Christmas cards! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  58. I would get our save the dates! Their stuff is the cutest!

  59. allison wever says:

    I would love to get some christmas cards as well as birth announcements for next year.

  60. We didn’t do Christmas photos either since we did Jude’s one year photo shoot. But this Minted gift card would allow us to send out cards this year! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  61. Kristen B says:

    Would love to use it for Christmas cards!

  62. We just had our first family pictures done as a family of three and I’m so excited to send our cards this year!

  63. The timing on this giveaway couldn’t be more perfect! I have yet to purchase my X-mas picture cards. Hope I win, this would help so much! Thank you for the chance.

  64. Marissa J says:

    I can’t pick! I think I would get baby announcements next year (Baby #2 is on the way!)!

  65. I definitely would buy Christmas cards!

  66. My son turns one in three weeks, so I would get invitations for his birthday party!

  67. There are so many great things to choose from, but I think I would get one of the foil-pressed silhouettes of my daughter.

  68. I am actually waiting on our Minted Christmas cards to arrive, so I would order some artwork!

  69. If I won I would get some of their personalized stationary or some of their beautiful fabric.

  70. I would make up some New Year cards as well as invites to my son’s bday party.

  71. Hiya!!! I love their artwork and stationary items, especially some of the notebooks and planners. Thanks for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!!

  72. Definitely Christmas cards! We’re running behind this year with a 4-year old and infant at home!

  73. Elisa Gruss says:

    I would love to get the Heart Snapshot Mix photo art and fill it with old family photos. Thanks!

  74. Mary Catherine Theiling says:

    I am OBCESSED with Minted and would be using the credit to buy my wedding invitations. Our wedding is May 7, 2016 in Lula, GA!

  75. Artwork for sure!! So many gorgeous things! 🙂

  76. I would use the credit for some beautiful Christmas cards of my blended family. Thank! I love minted!

  77. Candy peterson says:

    I would use it for moving announcements to let family know our new address in a fun way!

  78. I would order artwork for my daughter’s room! Her walls have been totally bare since we moved 6 months ago ?

  79. I would get artwork for my son’s nursery! Love Minted!

  80. Jennifer Moody says:

    I love the Print you had advertised for this giveaway!

  81. I’d get stationary

  82. Chelsea G. says:

    I would probably get some of their cute decor prints!

  83. Christy B says:

    I would buy some artwork for our empty walls!

  84. I would make something using our engagement pictures!

  85. The first thing that I would get would be an Astrology print of Aquarius- my little one’s due date was my birthday & although she baked a few extra days, we still have the same sign. It’s the type of print that I could hang in her nursery & she’d think it was still cool enough for her college apartment!

  86. I’ve been waiting to buy some art prints for my daughters bedroom and our dining room. But I’d also love to order some beautiful holiday cards.

  87. I would get Christmas cards. I love Minted’s cards and announcements! ?

  88. I love their wrapping paper options

  89. I’d get something lovely for our living room walls – we are finally starting to do something about our living room after being in our house for two years and having blank walls!

  90. I would totally pick out some pretty artwork! We have plenty of still-empty wall spaces in our house, and I love all of the different stuff they have!

  91. Tiffany Christensen says:

    I would love to send out Christmas cards like these!

  92. Caroline Marin says:

    Oh maaaan, Minted has the cutest stuff. I love their addressing (a lifesaver for birth announcements especially) and artwork! Would love to score this!

  93. Minted is simply the best. I would lovelovelove to get Christmas cards from there! I love all the details they include, down to the customized addressing!

  94. Emma Levy says:

    Love the personal touch a family photo gives a Christmas card!

  95. I would love anything from minted. Would love to have some very nice note cards and thank you cards.

  96. Ashley McCord says:

    I’m in need of Christmas cards! 🙂

  97. I just heard about Minted a few months ago and love all their stuff! It I won I would definitely get a print or two!

  98. Stacy Frezoulis says:

    I would get thank you notes and Christmas cards! Love Minted!

  99. Stephanie Cook says:

    What a great giveaway! I would definitely put it towards baby’s 1st Christmas cards!

  100. Domanique Glazier says:

    We weren’t planning on doing Christmas cards because Husband is in school and we’re living on school loans. But if I won I would totally do cards this year!!

  101. I already ordered my cards (from a site not as cute but more affordable then Minted), so I would most likely use it for artwork.

  102. There are a few artwork pieces that I have had my eye on that I would love to get!! =}

  103. If I won, I’d get Christmas cards done! I used to use Minted all the time but have been on a tighter budget the last few years and REALLY miss them!

  104. Thanks for the chance! So much fantastic stuff on Minted… I think I would go for an art or maybe some of their cute fabric:)

  105. Erica Van Alstine says:

    Home decor!

  106. I would order framed photo collages of the kids for all of the grandparents! We did this for them from Minted lady year and they LOVED them!

  107. I’d love to have some Minted artwork for my dream gallery wall!

  108. christine bentley says:

    I love your cards! I would buy our family some keepsakes!

  109. christina p says:

    I would buy some art for my new house walls.

  110. I would buy the Pink Lemonade Day Planner and Notebook, and Milk Glass Cake Plate.

  111. Holiday cards! Love, love, love Minted!!

  112. I would use the credit for wedding invitations! So generous of you!

  113. eileen marie says:

    Definitely Christmas cards! Is it too late to send them out??

  114. Kimberly H says:

    We definitely need to get some Christmas cards to send this year!

  115. Cristen Cassler says:

    I would use this credit to make our Christmas cards and birthday invites for my daughter’s 1 year celebration!

  116. Finish up Christmas cards! Always the best of intentions to have them done before Thanksgiving, but never quite make it!

  117. I would definitely get Christmas cards! Such cute designs!

  118. i would get an assortment of cards, but if i had to pick just one, then it would be thank you cards

  119. I’d get some cute artwork for our walls 🙂

  120. I’m not sure what I would get ?

  121. We are moving in a few weeks and going to send out New Years cards with our new address instead of Christmas cards. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  122. LOVE the addressing feature! I have my cards for this year, but will definitely use Minted for next year!

  123. Laura Fletcher says:

    OUR CHRISTMAS CARDS! We should be getting our photos back within the next few days and this would really help to get those christmas cards ordered!

  124. Maybe Christmas cards, although time is slipping away and we don’t have a photo in mind to use. Perhaps a better idea would be some artwork for our son’s “big boy room” that we are working on in preparation for a new baby.

  125. Three words: Wedding thank yous.

  126. Catherine says:

    Still need to do my Christmas cards do this giveaway is just what I need! LOVE your blog, btw! Xo

  127. I’ve always loved Minted’s cards! They’re all so beautiful. I would definitely use the $150 toward Christmas cards this year!

  128. Christmas cards fo sho!

  129. I love Christmas cards! Giving and receiving. Almost better than gifts ?

  130. I would save it for next year’s Christmas card! I’m the obsessive compulsive one who likes having her cards done and out by the first week of December, so mine were ordered last week! I’ve always wanted a Minted card design, but it does get a bit pricey!

  131. I love that they address them for you, my handwriting is awful haha.

  132. Lindsey Hightower says:

    I would use Minted for my wedding invites! They have so many beautiful options.

  133. I would get wedding invitations! Who knew weddings could be so expensive

  134. would get some Christmas cards.

  135. I love all of the foil pressed Christmas cards it would be hard to pick one they are all so pretty and shiny!

  136. Sara Smith says:

    We just had family photos taken for my son’s second birthday, and I can’t wait to design a Christmas Card with several of the photos on t!

  137. I’d love to get holiday cards to double as a birth announcement this year

  138. I would like some art work & fabric……TY

  139. Lynne Tretow says:

    I would use it for artwork that’s been sitting in my cart forever.

  140. Minted is awesome, would totally use for Christmas cards ?

  141. I would get Christmas cards!

  142. Tracie Cooper says:

    I would make photo calendars for my family!

  143. I would have a chance to get my sweet little girls on a card this year- I always seem to run short on money this time of year- no cards for us! 🙁

  144. Griselda Calderon says:

    I would get an address book for my mom and some frames

  145. Jennifer Essad says:

    I would order invites to my parents 59th wedding anniversary

  146. I agree, nothing would beat the quality when it comes to Minted. I would always recommend this in any occasions.

  147. Christmas cards with the fabulous envelopes!

  148. Christine says:

    I would finally get some respectable Christmas cards!

  149. Ashley Lynn says:

    I LOVEEEE Minted!! My fiancé and I used them for our save the dates and I’d love to win this giveaway to put the credit towards our wedding invitations!

  150. I could really use the help with wedding invitations!

  151. I would get some art and / or gifts!

  152. Christine says:

    I cant wait to get out christmas cards out!

  153. I would finish my Christmas shopping and buy fabulous gifts and perhaps one for MYSELF too. Would LOVE to win this gift……feeling lucky !

  154. Urban Wife says:

    I would get our Christmas cards!

  155. I would get an art print.

  156. Micayla Moore says:

    I would get some with our wedding pictures on it… for all those lame relatives who decided not to come! ha! I’ll show them what they missed.

    But in reality… I understand and forgive you Aunt Claire, if you are reading this.

  157. Rebecca B says:

    I love the milk glass cake plates. And it would make a fabulous gift for my sis.

  158. Hayleigh Theisen says:

    If I won I would buy super fancy baby announcement cards and send them to everyone. We already did our xmas cards and I am thinking really hard about the announcement!

  159. Bethany Hill says:

    I would love to win this…I have been interested in minted for a while now as so many recommend.

  160. I love their artwork! I definitely have an addiction to cute prints and Minted would definitely feed my passion!

  161. It would be a hard choice between artwork for the nursery we’ve been working on (I have been eyeing a couple of prints) or using it for birth announcement cards after our baby girl is born in late February/early March!!

  162. Love your design and the pic you chose.!!

  163. I would love to shop and get some new artwork! Thanks for the raffle opportunity!

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