Blogger Business Cards

Next Wednesday morning, far before my normal waking time, I’ll be leaving on a jet plane, and I don’t know when I’ll be back again.  Just kidding.  I’ll be back on Sunday.

I’m heading to SNAP! conference in Salt Lake City.  It’s a meeting of the creative blogger minds.  There will be squealing (I don’t squeal, remember?), hugging (I’m not really a hugger, but I put that aside at these types of events), and bloggers introducing themselves by their name and blog name (Hi, I’m Chelsea from Two Twenty One).

With blog conferences comes blogger business cards.  Bloggers swap these puppies like nobody’s business.  Showing up to a blog conference without business cards is like showing up to a nudist community fully-clothed.

I changed up my blogger business cards from last year with the help of my awesome blog friend, Erin.  This time around we added all of my social media contact information.  We also added my beautiful mug so people are more likely to remember me.  (I’ll let you know if this tactic works.)  Erin also put my logo on both sides of the card, which is a great idea because no matter what side people look at they see my logo.  It’s all “Two Twenty One, in yo face!”

blogger business cards

If you ever find yourself needing blogger business cards I recommend including the following:
• your name
• name of your blog/blog logo
• blog URL
• your email address
• social media contact information (facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram, google+)
• photo of yourself (optional)
• phone number (optional)
• QR code (optional)

Now this may seem like common sense, but don’t copy other bloggers’ business card designs– especially if they’re in the same niche as you.  I know business cards aren’t copyrighted and all that jazz, but it’s not the best idea to have your business card look like someone else’s.  Set yourselves apart, people.

I liked how my old business cards turned out, so I went back to Vistaprint to have them printed.  I went with premium matte stock again.  It has a good weight to it– no one likes a flimsy business card.  The 250 business cards set me back $33 (that includes shipping), which isn’t too bad.

I’m using my Baffin Bags blogger business card holder again this year.  Because, remember, rubber bands aren’t the classiest method of containing your cards inside your blogger bag

blogger business card holder

And you better believe I’m bringing a binder ring and a hole punch to organize all the other bloggers’ business cards.  People were jealous of this system at Haven.

what to bring to blog conference

Don’t forget to take the Two Twenty One reader survey!

Are you going to SNAP!?
Are your blogger business cards ready to go?
Do you plan on attending a blog conference this year?  You should.  They’re fun.
If you’re not a blogger, do you wonder if us bloggers get wild and crazy at blog conferences?
The answer is yes.

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  1. says

    I love that system to organize business cards or any cards…even the swipe cards on my key chain would be much better on a separate holder like you have. Great post for blogging business cards!

  2. says

    One thing I don’t know on the list is what is “QR code”? If I ever get famous like you, I will be getting me some business cards and go to conferences, but that might take a few years.

      • says

        Oh that square thing, I always wondered what that was! I don’t have the internet on my phone because I think the internet on my computer is enough for me right now.

  3. says

    Such pretty cards! I’m tired of the look of mine–I ordered them like 4 logo changes ago and didn’t really make them all that cute, just basic info–but I’m too cheap to just toss out like 200 cards and start fresh. Such is life. I guess I need to meet like 200 people who want an ugly old business card so I can start from scratch :-)

  4. Lindsey says

    I wish my job would allow for such cute cards. While I have not attended a blog conference and it would be sad to mess up any pretty card, one of the best pieces of advise I got for a conference was to write your connection or how you met or something else on the back of the cards that you collect. This is so in 3 months when you are going back through or trying to remember who you talked to about their washi tape hookup, you have that written down. I do it at the end of each day and it has been a great way to keep up with people.

  5. says

    Super adorable! I am going to Design Camp in may and need to get some business cards made up as well! Perhaps I will try to add that to my list of things to work on today! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  6. says

    I love the cards! They are great. I’m a new blogger, in my first year, so no SNAP or bloggy biz cards. I only have mommy cards :( But I definitely will be planning to have some in the near future. Have fun at SNAP and I’ll be anxiously awaiting your return to my blog feed…

  7. says

    First, I’m totally jealous you’re going to SNAP. Second, those business cards are freaking beautiful. I need to redo mine before haven since I rebranded. I love how you got so much info on there without it feeling all crazy-pants.

  8. says

    Hi, Chelsea! I am working on my cards, and I am for sure going through Vistaprint. Did you design yours and then upload them? Or use one of their stock designs? Yours look like you designed then uploaded them. Thanks!

  9. says

    Generally, A business card is a powerful source of marketing and if it is creative, it gets quick attention of people. So, create your best business cards according to the theme of your business and move your first step towards success.

  10. says

    I’m totally using this is an idea to create some! I’m going to some networking events around my area for other bloggers and i’m totally nervous! I’m a squealer…but I don’t wanna freak non squealers like yourself out 😉

    Thanks for the inspiration as always!

    XO Kylie

  11. says

    Thanks for sharing that! I’m about to get business cards printed for my blog and was a little bit unsure of where to start. Very helpful indeed AND I got to discover your lovely blog! : )

  12. says

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  13. says

    This is great! I love the system you have of a hole punch and ring to organize the other cards and the holder you have for your own is so cute! Everything looks so great- it definitely shows your personality!

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