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Spring Sandwich Cookies

Happy first day of spring! It doesn’t feel much like spring here in Indianapolis with temperatures in the thirties. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring weather. R.e.a.d.y. This 30-40 degree business has got to go. Last year, on the first day of spring it was 83 degrees here. What gives, Mother Nature?

Anyway, hopefully these spring sandwich cookies I whipped up yesterday will help usher in warmer, springlike weather. My fingers are crossed.

spring sandwich cookies

These are super simple to make. I used my chocolate mint sandwich cookie recipe, but swapped out the cake mix and nixed the mint extract in the icing. Seriously, these bad boys are addicting. Expect them to go fast at your Easter celebration.

Last week I told you guys how my camera is being repaired. Well, my backup camera is having auto-focusing issues so I had to take these photos with my iPhone. I was pleasantly surprised with how well they turned out.

easter sandwich cookies

While I was taking photos of the cookies in my office, someone was up to no good in the kitchen.

I heard Jack scurrying around, and then he fell silent. The sheer sign of mischief.

jack the butter eater

It’s like he’s saying, “But Mom, the butter wrapper jumped out of the trash can. I was merely trying to pick it up with my tongue and put it back in the trash can for you. I should be celebrated, not punished.”

I initially found him laying/hiding under our kitchen stools licking away at the wrapper. He instantly knew he was in trouble. I couldn’t help but laugh. . . after scolding him.

DELICIOUS and easy-to-make spring sandwich cookies!

Here’s a printable 4×6 recipe card for you! Click on the image of the card to download it.

4x6 spring sandwich cookies

Think you’ll make these cookies for a spring picnic or Easter?
Can you tell the photos were taken with an iPhone?
Doesn’t Jack have the ‘I’m really, really sorry’ look down?

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  1. I cannot believe those pictures are from your phone. That’s insane. That’s it – I think my new goal is to master my phone camera – to heck with lugging around my big DSLR.

  2. WOW – great pics & these are so cute! LOVE this! Definitely gonna be trying these! I am not sure if you ever got my last comment but I can NOT believe how close we live. I commented on your recent trip to IKEA – it’s the SAME one I shop at – lol. I was just saying that it’s good to know a fellow blogger is so close as I would LOVE to connect with more people in this area! Email me anytime & we’ll chat! It’s nice to “meet you”! laura

  3. Come on now, surly you can craft that freshly cleaned butter wrapper into something useful?

  4. Geez, my phone camera must just not be up to snuff. Your cookies are so adorable. Come on spring, get with the program. She even made you cookies.

  5. Loved the idea of this recipe! I tried these myself and they were to die for, but for the filling i added a bit of lemon juice and rind to balance out the sweetness of the vanilla cake part. They were super refreshing and went well with a nice cold glass of iced tea 🙂 spring has already arrived here in California!

  6. Ooh my goodness, Jack is so cute I can’t even stand it! And my jealousy of your photography skills just grew even more… those cookies look delish!

  7. These look amazing!! I just might try them for Easter Sunday!! I absolutely love mint!

  8. I was planning on making these for Easter! My icing won’t look as pretty as yours does though :(.

  9. These are adorable!! Can’t wait to try making them! Also, I am so jealous of your iPhone photography skills! Amazing!!! I just ordered my first DSLR and can’t wait to start learning. Thanks again for the cute recipe!

    ~Abby =)

  10. You’re the bomb.com. I read the ingredients and these look so easy! Easy, delicious desserts are a major weakness of mine.

    Thanks for sharing and your iPhone pics are amazing! Well done.

    XOXO, Mallory

  11. Oh I can’t wait to make these for Easter! And I completely understand when the pup goes silent! Dangerous!

  12. These look great! Even you phone pictures are better than mine! Ugh! I need training from you I swear!

  13. I couldn’t concentrate on the recipe anymore once you said you took this with your iphone. You should find an iphone photography contest of some kind and enter it.

  14. Yum, look so tasty, and I love the bright, cheerful filling. My boys would love this!

  15. Wow! These look delicious and I can’t believe you took those with your iPhone!! My iPhone does not take pictures like that… I am definitely going to have to work on my skills!

  16. Thanks for this recipe! We made these today (while the snow piled up outside) with a strawberry cake mix. We left the frosting white and they are the perfect spring cookie!

  17. Thanks for the recipe! I’m going to make these for Easter this weekend! Just a quick question: Have you ever tried substituting the oil for applesauce? I usually do that with my baking, but want to make sure they’ll come out the same, or even ok.

  18. OMG! These look sooo good. I can see putting these in an Easter Basket. That would be perfect. We are definitely going to give these a try. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Just made these this evening with my nieces (ages 6 & 8). We added lemon zest to the cookies & lemon juice to the frosting! So yummy!

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