Soft Skin Challenge

This post was made in collaboration with Curel®.

It’s supposed to be sixty degrees in a couple days. Yes, 6-0 degrees. While I welcome that temperature in February, it’s a reminder that sandal season is coming.

I won’t go into a lot of detail, but after pregnancy my feet started to revolt against me. They’re dry pretty much year-round now. And sometimes I get cracks, which isn’t the nicest sensation, especially when wearing sandals. So when Curel® reached out and asked me to try their Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer for a month I was all in because I’ve yet to find a lotion that will keep my puppies hydrated and crack-free.

I decided to share photos of the lotion instead of my ultra-attractive feet. I just don’t feel like you’d be able to handle their sheer beauty.

The plan is to slather on the lotion right after showering when my skin is still wet and before drying off. Why immediately after showering? Well, after showering, skin cells expand, providing an easy pathway for moisture into just-showered skin. The lotion contains a ceramide complex that penetrates the surface of the skin, which helps to replenish and repair the moisture barrier of the skin. I even looked up ceramides because molecular biology wasn’t a requirement for my major in college– it didn’t seem like a fun elective class. And I’m happy to inform you that ceramides are a family of waxy lipid molecules. It’s also in vernix, the coating on newborn babies.

You’re welcome for that short science lesson.

Since I’ll be putting the lotion on my feet, I’m looking forward to it immediately absorbing and being greaseless. There’s nothing worse than putting lotion on your feet, and then sliding around on the bathroom floor.

While I was taking these photos, my freshly-trained stylist decided to interject his expertise on the positioning of the flowers. I had to tell him to hit the craft table when he wouldn’t stop fidgeting with the wires on the vintage jar turned vase.

He also volunteered to serve as a hand model.

I’ll check back in next month and let you guys know how the lotion experiment went.

Hopefully my feet, especially my heels, are smoother and the cracks on my big toes are gone. Sandals, here I come!

This post was made in collaboration with Curel.

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  1. Brittany M says:

    I’m a lotion junkie…I’ve been using an Alba Botanicals for the winter, but I think it’d be too heavy for the summer. Would you use this as a body lotion for the summer? You said it soaks in pretty quickly right?

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