Roll Up Necklace Organizer

Since it wouldn’t be socially acceptable to wear all three necklaces at the same time in order to not tangle them while traveling, I had to come up with another solution. I mean, I could probably rock the Mr. T look, but I didn’t want to chance things.

You’ll need only two things to make your organizer: a place mat (I got mine at Target) and some ribbon. I already had the ribbon, so this project cost me a whopping $4.25 for two organizers ($1.99 per place mat + tax).
All you have to do is roll your necklaces in the place mat and tie it off with the ribbon.
Check out my fancy pants GIF animation skills. Cue the oohs and aahs.


My necklaces traveled amazingly well and didn’t tangle at all.

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  1. This is such a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!! Iove the HIMYM reference, too!

  2. Tee hee! I DO love you a lot! I’m in desperate need of some help with my jewelry organization. Traveling and otherwise.. And now I’m off to Ebay!

  3. This is awesome, thank you! Also, I’m going to Ebay and buy a bib necklace now! Thanks!!

  4. I did “oohhh” at your GIF skills, fancypants blogger. 😉
    I do the same thing w/ necklaces but I use several layers of tissue paper (I usually save the thicker stuff from stores like anthro or something.) I love the idea of using the place mat though.

  5. you are adorable. gif skills, vlog skills, moving on up in the world! loved your vlog, and that I got evil eyes from my cube buddies at work when I got to 2:20ish… hooray for having such a great time at Haven.

  6. I ordered 2 bubble necklaces from eBay earlier this week! When I pack smaller jewelry I put the chain through a straw then clip the hook. Works like a charm. I’ll have to try this for my bubble necklace!

  7. Don’t forget us little people when you make it big with your fancy blogging skills…

    I really like these necklaces on other people but I’m afraid I may look silly in them. They are cheap enough to test it out though…

  8. I just ordered two necklaces through the link you shared and ebay sent me emails saying that the listings for the necklaces have been removed. Now the link no longer works and ebay is recommending that I open a case through their Resolution Center if the items do not arrive. I just wanted to let you know so that you and other readers are aware of it.

    1. I just got the same email because I ordered another necklace yesterday. I got an email like that when I ordered my turquoise necklace (from another seller), but the necklace still arrived. I removed the link from the post. Sorry! I hope you guys don’t come after me with pitch forks. I used this seller before and got the necklace as promised. Fingers crossed he/she follows through!

    2. It’s not your fault at all; I just wanted you and readers to be aware 🙂 Ahh the joys of knock-off jewelry. I really hope the necklaces come. I’m in love with them already!

  9. Loved meeting you at Haven!! You are forever the necklace lady to me!! I keep looking them up on ebay but have yet to order one. Can’t decide on a color!!!

    I’m going to poke around your blog now for awhile and enjoy some fun evening reading!!

    {at home in the northwest}

  10. What a neat idea! And saving so much money through buying those necklaces on ebay – brilliant! I would so get them myself but I’m afraid with the 3-5 weeks wait summer would be over in Norway:(

    xx The Annglophile

  11. i have a yellow one of my own :). Love it! it even has a little “j crew” tag…good replicas!

  12. Yep – I think I need one. I really need one of these. Every time I saw it on you in photos, I loved it. What kind of shirts do you wear it with? Higher necklines? V-necks?

    1. You definitely need one. I wear it with everything– crew neck t-shirts, V-neck dresses and tops, my pajamas… Just kidding, I don’t wear it with my pajamas.

  13. I have 2 of the same necklaces from that site! It did take a while to get them, but well worth it!

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