Registering For The Nugget

People keep asking me if I’ve started registering for the nugget yet. My answer is always “Nope.” The plan is to start the registry after we find out the sex of the nugget, which will be in a couple weeks.

I’ve looked into some registry suggestion blog posts and articles. And I’m not gonna lie– it gets overwhelming. Person A loved her boppy for nursing, while person B loved her Breast Friend for nursing. Person C says to skip a bassinet. Person D says to get a pack n play with bassinet attachment. Person E recommends a Medela breast pump, but Person F is all about her Ameda breast pump. Woof. I could go on for hours.

So, I thought I’d call on you guys.

Please tell me the ONE baby item you couldn’t live without. Like, you’re stranded on a deserted island and you can only take one baby item with you. Think Naked And Afraid– Baby Version.

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    1. I agree! The Newborn boppy is the way to go. You can’t use it to nurse (but honestly after a week you won’t need a nursing pillow anyway!) but it is so convenient to have a little “nest” to put your sweet bambino in while you watch tv and fold all their millions of loads of laundry or clean or whatever. Its a must have!

  1. Zip up sleepers. Snaps are not easy when you’ve got a wiggle worm. The gowns are ok but they were always getting bunched up and my babies feet would get cold. I would register for zip up sleepers in every size including newborn.

    1. I second this entire response. The zip up sleepers are life savers.

      But also used Lucies List as a great reference for suggestions and such.

    2. I disagree. I liked snaps because I didn’t have to take the entire thing off to change a diaper. I just unsnapped the ones i needed, slipped the feet out, and changed her without having to undo the top at all. I think it disturbed her less in the middle of the night, and she didn’t get as cold.

  2. and Munchkin both make steam bags that saved me! We aren’t a family that runs the dishwasher daily, so if you bottle feed, you need them for sterilization. Boxes have 5-6 bags and cam be used up to 20 times each. All the bottle bits go in there (we used Dr. Brown’s, so there were a lot of pieces), as do pacifiers, and pump bits. Be sure to read the directions and know the wattage of the microwave you’re using.

    Also, we have the boppy, which my husband preferred, and the breast friend, which I preferred, and both didn’t feel like too much. I was told a diaper genie was a waste of money and got a trash can with a lid thait’s just been working for two years, even with a large dog who likes to help. Small treats at the changing table are also something I recommend, as mineReally, it’s just trial and error. do just about anything for food, but listening without bribery is questionable.

    Really, its just trial and error, do and buy what seems good, and go from there.

    1. Medela and Munchkin, sorry my phone doesn’t want me to type coherently today, or to show me what it’s typed. 🙁

  3. I will admit it is hard to just select one. But, out of the list of necessities for our family the Rock N’ Play sleeper was hands down the best thing we had. We would not have made it without it!


    1. Yes! My daughter napped exclusively in the Rock n’ Play, and when she was congested the slight incline even helped her sleep through the night.

    2. YES! I “third” the R&P. It was a complete lifesaver, especially like Erin said when the LO is trying to sleep with a stuffy nose/cold, and while there are about 5 other things I couldn’t have lived without, the R&P is definitely number one!

    3. YES! Our son had reflux and would only sleep in this. Naps and bedtime! It was a lifesaver. Plus, it is super easy to fold up, store away, and travel with. I was going to say a Boppy pillow, but was quickly reminded how this saved my sanity.

    4. Ditto! I’m only one week in, but I was going to say the Rock n Play. He has slept in it every night so far. We also got a swing, but he likes the RNP better so far. (Also, if you’re breast feeding, some good nipple cream and soft reusable nursing pads. Engorgement is no joke. Ouch).

  4. We had a really nice swing from Graco, and it was the only way my son napped well. It really saved my sanity. We got rechargeable batteries for it and used it until he was too big for it (at about 7 months.).

    For our registry I took a close friend and had her help me pick things out. Don’t stress too much, some things will work and some won’t. And a lot of things you will be able to re-sell after you are all done having kids. 🙂

  5. I think I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to baby stuff–I really only got the bare minimum for Forrest, and it’s been the same with Darcy, and we’ve gotten along just fine. And I’m bad at following instructions, so more than one item are coming your way. I do like the Boppy. I haven’t used any other nursing pillows, so I can’t compare, but I’ve always been happy with the Boppy. Comfy for nursing early on, and when they get a little bigger, it’s nice to prop them up on it so they can lay on an incline, and when they’re learning to sit it’ll help stabilize them a little. I didn’t have this with Forrest, but have really liked my Happy Wrap with Darcy. I wish I’d had it even a little earlier with her–I think it would have been AWESOME especially during those first few weeks. Unless you’re going to be away from baby quite a bit (and will therefore be pumping more than, say, once or twice a week), I’m not sure an expensive pump is necessary . . . I just bought like a $40 one from Walmart and it’s been just fine for me (can’t remember the brand, but if you’re interested, I guess I could stand up from my comfy chair and walk aaaaall the way over to the closet where it is hiding to check). Other than that, I’m having a hard time thinking of baby stuff I’m particularly devoted to. We didn’t use a bassinet, our crib was a hand-me-down, we do have a pack ‘n play but it doesn’t have the bassinet attachment since we got it at a thrift store. OH! Those papasan cradle swings are nice. Forrest loved it, but Darcy has used it maybe 2 times total, so that may be something to see if you can borrow from a friend first to see if baby even likes it before investing. We also have always liked the Target brand diapers. And when it’s high chair time, I would definitely say go for an all plastic one (like the white ones from Ikea) so you can just wipe them down instead of having to remove and wash a fabric cover, because that thing is going to get all sorts of nastay.

  6. I found the item that helped me the most was my Bargain Baby book. I was my “consumer guide” to all things baby and allowed me to make the best decision based on what I needed/wanted. I would recommend this book for all new moms!!

  7. Contact your insurance you may be able to get a breast pump for free! My insurance provided me with the medela and it is mine to keep for ever YAY! Swaddle Sacks the blankets are tough to use the hospital makes it look so easy.

    1. Yes! I got mine free through Edgepark.com They contact your insurance and do everything for you! Such a money saver! And I second the rock and play! It’s perfect for them to sleep in for quite a while!

  8. After four babies, my can’t-do-without is only one thing, but you need it in graduating versions. A sling/carrier for little babies and a baby backpack for when they can hold their heads up well. I made my sling and used a Graco baby backpack. Good luck!

  9. With our 8 month old, the one thing that we have used the most is our fisher price snug a bunny swing. She is almost too big for it and I don’t know what I’ll do when she officially outgrows it! That thing is a lifesaver for when I need to shower! And as a newborn that was one of the only places she would nap. 🙂

    1. I agree that the Bunny Swing was a lifesaver for us. As others said below, it plugs in and you can adjust the angle of the seat so that it’s either parallel to the ground or at an incline {for reflux}. It also swings side to side or back and forth. Ethan napped in there every day for the first 6+ months and we would even put him in there at night when he was fussy. It was a dream.


      1. And in case you want my two cents after that…I would choose the following:

        Swing over bouncer {we had both}
        Boppy over MBF {we had both…I actually liked the MBF, just not as much as the boppy}
        Medela Pump…hands down
        Bjorn for front facing {the Ergo doesn’t face forward, but is great as a backpack}
        Video Monitor {we have the Summer Infant version}
        Oh and hands down, you do not need a bassinet. A pack N play will take you much further and serves the same purpose. We still use ours for traveling and to keep with the grandparents.

        Hope this helps!! xo

  10. christina Tuohey says:

    That is really hard! I guess my ONE would be a nipple shield. It was the only way we could breast feed. Buuuuut a close second was the miracle blanket because it let me sleep. 🙂

  11. I have to say I had two favorite go everywhere with me baby items 1) a nursing cover and 2) a wrap (moby or sleepy). Between my first and second I found Lucies List and I think her recommendations are spot on.

  12. Definitely the rock and play. It was a lifesaver with all three of mine. Pair it with a swaddle me swaddle and you’re golden!

  13. Hands down…if ONLY ONE item can be chosen…it would be the Boppy! It’s functional while breast feeding then later on as the learn to sit but can’ really maintain their balance…plop them in that and it’s like a little man-hand all around them. My kids even went on to use as a pillow in their toddler years…and take them on our road travels as well for a pillow or a padded table for their DVD, Legos, etc.! BEST investment (if you really call it that since they’re so affordable) we ever made! AND they come with CUTE covers so you can change it up a bit from here to there…AND they wash really well in case of spit up or mishaps!

  14. Christine F. says:

    During day hours, a swing that can go back/forth and side to side. Helps calm them down and is a safe, comforting (to them) place to have them when you need to put them down.

    During night hours, sleep sacks.

  15. Lisa Covino says:

    Best item I had was the Fisher Price Rock n Play. My daughter would sit in this if we were eating dinner or for when I was making dinner. The grandparents required this when they would babysit at their house, as this gave my daughter a place to nap.

    It’s hard just to pick one item 🙂 I had a few things that I loved.

  16. I absolutely would have gone insane from sleep deprivation had it not been for the snug-a-bunny swing and bouncer. There was a time period from when my daughter was 1 month to about 7 months old when it was impossible for her to nap without laying on me (call her spoiled, call me obsessed) so in order to get some sleep during the day when she napped, I would put her in her swing and let her nap there. It seemed to cradle her I. Just the right way to get me a solid hour of sleep on the couch next to her. You may not experience this problem, I know many mothers who don’t, but for me…that swing was a life saver.

  17. I loved, loved, loved the swaddling sleep sacks and wearable blankets. My three boys didn’t stay under blankets, so with the sleep sacks they stayed warm. They were wild sleepers too, so I didn’t want any large blankets in their crib. (I’d also say that crib sets are a waste of money)

  18. A good high quality swing! I think ours was Fisher Price Snug a bunny. Get one that plugs in so you don’t go through batteries like water. But i say get a good quality one because ours looked so comfy and cozy and so our daughter loved it. Some people get less comfy looking ones and then it seem like their babies don’t care for it. I loved the swing because my baby loved going in it and they gave me hands free time to pump and get things done around the house for awhile. Truly it was the best item!

  19. My number one baby item would have to be the Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play. It was a lifesaver – our son had acid reflux, and the incline allowed him to sleep much more comfortably. Plus, it’s portable enough to move the baby around when he/she is asleep and you want to go into another room but still be nearby and it rocks so you can sometimes successfully re-settle the baby in the middle of the night without picking him/her up.

    If I’m allowed a second item, the miracle swaddle is great, even for Houdini babies. On a related note, I loved the Happiest Baby on the Block (book or DVD), which highly encourages swaddling. A pediatrician friend recommended it and it was a lifesaver.

    And I completely agree with the above posters about zip-up sleepwear. With a squirmer, it was about the only way to get my son dressed without one or both of us crying :-).

  20. Karen Agnes says:

    A carrier! Either a wrap or a mei tai or something more structured like an Ergo if thats your cup of tea! It was a litteral life saver with my daughter who had colic (spelling?) and refused to be put down. Now I’m expecting number two in early june I’ve brushed the dust of my old wraps and can’t wait to babywear again! Take a look at http://www.thebabywearer.com for more information onb different carriers 🙂

    1. Check! I got an Ergo with infant insert and a Baby K’tan a couple months ago. A friend of mine used to sell them and was liquidating her inventor so I got them for a steal.

      Congrats on No. 2!

  21. Jen Hartz says:

    With our 5 week old preemie, it is the Snuza Hero monitor paired with a video monitor. They allow me to sleep and I don’t feel like I have to constantly check to make sure she is still breathing!

    If you get a swing, get one that plugs in! Ain’t nobody got time to change batteries!

  22. We love our Boppy. I didn’t last long breastfeeding with Wil but we had latch issues and didn’t try at all with Harper but it has been great. It was great for my Granddaddy to hold Wil as a newborn (helped support his arms so he could enjoy snuggling) and it was great as they got older, snoozing beside me on the couch, sitting up with some support etc. Harper still has ours in the floor right now (18months old) and likes to lay on it to watch tv or look at books. The boppy newborn napper is nice too but I wouldn’t say you need both Harper liked hers but the boppy was fine 🙂 Both my kids loved a bouncy seat and not the extravagant ones but the basic vibrates & plays music. Wil loved his swing (another basic) and Harper had a cradle swing but she didn’t seem to enjoy swinging as much as her brother did. We found our cradle on craigslist so we didn’t break the bank but I hear great things about the Rock n Plays.

  23. It is totally possible to go minimal. We didn’t use a boppy OR a MBF for nursing – I used a pillow at first, the just held her (even though I had borrowed both from my SIL). The swing & bouncer we had? Never used, she hated both. The bassinet collected dust. So did the pack n play. I stayed home with my daughter & EBFed her, and got by with just a simple hand pump. And we never had a Rock n Play, and we survived just fine!
    We did get a lot of use out of Aden & Anais muslin swaddle blankets when she was tiny. So I guess that’s my pick. As she got older, Nuk learner sippies became my #1 recommended product. And now that she’s a toddler, it’s the Kinderglo nightlight. But really, it’s all just stuff.
    Honestly, I’d start with very little. Clothes, diapers, a place to sleep, a car seat. Then, as you get to know your baby, you can add as necessary. Even though it feels like you must be 100% completely prepared before the baby is born, you don’t. The stores will still be there after baby comes!

  24. There are a couple of things that I couldn’t live without. 1. a wubbanub. It is a pacifier with an animal attached. My 15 month old has two and has never used any other bink. It is nice to keep track of, it helps it stay in their mouth and it gives them something to hold on to while they’re being soothed. http://www.diapers.com/p/wubbanub-giraffe-34275?site=CA&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc_D&utm_term=WN-010&utm_campaign=GooglePLA&CAWELAID=1338752339&utm_content=pla&ca_sku=WN-010&ca_gpa=pla&ca_kw={keyword}
    2. sleep and plays. They are just zipper pajamas but when your baby doesn’t sleep through the night and you are super sleep deprived these are essential.
    3. Snug a bunny swing. It plugs in so you aren’t using tons of batteries and it is great for when you need to get things done.

    A lot of people will tell you so many things are necessary (like pack-n-plays, rockin plays, boppies and everything else) but they’re not. Our sons room is across the hall so he never slept in our room. We use a pack n play when we’re traveling but that is it. Everything else you will learn as you go. We tried one type of bottle and my son hated it so we switched, we tried swaddling our kid but he hated it so he slept on his tummy (gasp!) with nothing but his jammies. Check with your insurance for breast pumps… they’re supposed to be covered now. I couldn’t breast feed and wasted $200 on a pump I only used for 3 weeks while I was trying to get my milk to come in.

    Go with your gut, get what you like or what you’ve been recommended by people whose opinion you trust… there is always the option to return or resale.

  25. Beco Gemini baby carrier!

    Check out the website lucies list. She is a real mom who will give you the top car seats, high chairs, etc for babies. She gives honest reviews and opinions. No sponsored posts! It helps simplify on what to buy. And you’re right, everyone has an opinion on what is a “must need”. And just bc their baby loves it, doesn’t mean that yours will. (My baby hated the mama roo!). Good luck!

  26. The Snuza Go! is my go to gift for every single one of my expecting friends. It is a little device that clips on to the diaper and measures movement (aka breathing). I slept so much better at night knowing that an alarm would sound if my daughter stopped breathing. The are about $100 but are worth every.single.penny. My daughter is 7 months and we still use it every night!

    1. I would second this. I thought I’d be this mellow, relaxed new mom. After literally not sleeping for the first six months – even though my sweet little daughter was a rock star sleeper – because I had so many nerves and so much anxiety about her night-time well being, we bought one for our second and it’s a dream. So much better than those pads you put under the sheets. It seems like a foolish investment, but oh how precious that peace of mind is.

  27. Alice Jackson says:

    I could NOT live without my Medela breast pump! I went back to work when my daughter was 4 1/2 months old and was determined to breast feed at least a year (we stopped when she was 22 months old). I used the pump every day at work, twice a day. Also make sure you have a cover to use if you are going to pump at work – I work in a cubicle at a major university so I have students, professors and staff walking by all day long so I had to be a bit modest.

    1. Sandra Douma says:

      I loved my Medela breast pump as well, but instead of buying it, I rent it just for the 1. week to help with the milk production

  28. I had all four of my babies years ago. My youngest being 8. And since I didn’t see the point in buying a lot of the trendy items when I had things at home that would work, I didn’t. For example, I’ve never used a boppy but had throw pillows that I would use to prop up while nursing.
    But the one thing I could live without? Is my rocking chair or the baby swing. My babies loves to be rocked. There were many nights where I couldn’t rock anymore, out of pure exhaustion, and we ran the batteries out of the swings.
    Congrats on your bun in the oven!

  29. Cooper had horrible gas when he was first born and had a very hard time sleeping, I was nervous about him sleeping with us because my husband is all over the bed and the crib was just too big for him. The fisher price rocking bassinet was a lifesaver. It was small so he felt secure, could sit next to me by the bed, I could easily rock and it was super easy to move from room to room! Other than that I’m a less is more, it’s easy to get caught up with wanting everything but the time goes by in a flash!

  30. A bouncy chair especially in the beginning was great!

  31. The Ergo baby carrier with infant insert. I LOVE MY ERGO. It’s the only baby carrier that doesn’t hurt my back (it distributes the weight nice and evenly around my hips). I didn’t have the infant insert, so I didn’t begin using it until my son was about 4-5 months, and I totally regret that. It’s far more comfy than the Baby K’tan, Moby, Baby Bjorn, etc. I wear my son around the house in it, I wear it at the grocery store and Target (makes pushing a shopping cart a breeze – I laugh when I see people trying to cram an infant car seat into a Target cart), I wear it on walks around the neighborhood, my husband wears it, Grandma wears it… Seriously, our family couldn’t live without the Ergo!

    1. Check! I got an Ergo with infant insert and a Baby K’tan a couple months ago. A friend of mine used to sell them and was liquidating her inventor so I got them for a steal.

  32. It is SO tough to pick just one thing I couldn’t live without but I would have to say the Bjorn! Couldn’t have gotten anything done around the house without it. My son wanted to be moving at all times so I would strap him on me and cook, clean, anything. He wasn’t fond of slings/wraps so the Bjorn was my savior. Will be using with my second baby, due in June 🙂

  33. Congrats on the nugget! I completely understand that you don’t want to get anything you don’t need. My daughter is pregnant with twins (her first) and her first trip to Babies R Us left her feeling pissed off and frustrated! “I don’t need all this crap!” She fumed over the phone to me. She is trying to go VERY MINIMAL and is still overwhelmed.

    Check out resale shops for things like strollers and swings. So much cheaper than paying full retail. The only thing I would buy new is a car seat. Good luck!

  34. I didn’t read everyone else’s, but I’m going with two things that worked together. The Total Baby App on my iPhone to track sleep and Dr. Marc Weissbluth’s Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child. It really helped me make sense of the rhythms my son was going through and what to realistically expect out of his sleeping in the first year!

  35. Since you’ve gotten a ton of recommendations on stuff, here’s a different kind of tool: Good Night, Sleep Tight book by Kim West aka The Sleep Lady.

    Oh, and check out Baby Bargains by Denise and Alan Fields-great resource for helping you make the best choices for you!

  36. A pumping bra. I used the Simple Wishes brand, but any one that is appropriately sized is probably fine. I used it multiple times a day at work, and I also used it at home when I needed to multitask.

  37. I’m in the minority it seems, but I could not breast feed with the Boppy. After a very rocky start breast feeding, I switched to the MBF and it worked so much better for me. Ended up being a great investment!

  38. The only thing you really need is a place for the baby to sleep and if you´re not nursing, some bottles, pacifiers, a blanket, clothes and something semisoft for the baby to lie on on the floor.
    The bottles and pacifiers are sterilized in boiling water,( no extra gadet to make place for)
    Baby lying on the floor = excellent motor skills
    Ask all of your friends to save the money into a collegefund instead! 🙂

  39. So hard to pick one! I am cheating and saying a swing was a must have. We got our from once upon a child for much cheaper than in the store! It was the fisher price lamb one. They were still selling it in the store for around $200 I think… I don’t remember, but we bought it for $75 and it was like new. I took it apart and washed it and it was perfect!

    Also, I tried those “swaddle me” things for my baby, but I didn’t love them. They were a lot of effort I thought, and by the time I got her velcroed in after feeding, she would be awake again. However, the aden and anais swaddle blankets were amazing. I could lay her on one and swaddle her up without waking her after feeding. LOVE. It’s really easy to swaddle, but those blankets make it easier and are so perfect. I didn’t even register for mine (I think I registered for Carters..? Which were crap. Don’t bother) but a friend bought them for me and we used them every day. They are worth the money. The best!

  40. Since so many people suggested my personal must have (baby carrier/sling) I’ll suggest the product that gave me the most bang for my buck: the NoseFrida. The concept is somewhat off-putting, but it worked so much better than the bulb aspirator, and I could actually see when it was properly cleaned.

  41. We just brought our son home today (literally, at 3:00pm!), and the one thing I LOVE so far is the Medela Tender Care lanolin. I bought the Lansinoh kinda before he was born, and wasn’t thrilled with the texture; it’s kinda thick and hard to spread. Then, after his was born, he had some issues with latching, which meant me crying cause nursing hurt so badly. The nurses in the hospital hooked me up the Medela lanolin, and I already ordered two tubes of it for when my samples run out! It’s very creamy and spreads easily, ESSENTIAL when air blowing by your nipples makes them hurt!

  42. I could NOT live without one of those vibrating bouncer seats. That thing was gold around here. Both of my daughters would take naps in it and I would be able to bounce the seat with my foot if I needed to be doing something like homework. They loved it and it made those frequent naps as a small infant more manageable!

  43. Cloth diapers for sure! You should look into them. They will save you tons of money plus they are better for baby. I like BumGenius brand. I have one size diapers and they work from about 1-2months old on up to toddler. They are really easy and to do and clean! Check them out!

  44. Impossible to pick just one! But our must haves were the Rock N Play (looks like a fav on here), the Cloud B Gentle Giraffe On the Go (Eliza’s Favorite), Tiny Tummies Gas Drops, Miracle Blanket Swaddle (the only one our little houdini coudn’t get out, she hated the Woombie which alot of moms and babies love) and MAM pacifiers (have a bunch of different brands on hand since all babies like different ones).

  45. It sounds silly, but our iPhone and iPad were the best and hardest used things for our kids. We used them as a monitor by using face time and muting our end. You can spend a fortune on video monitors, when you have what you need right in your pocket. I used a great app for the early nursing days to establish a good idea when my bambinos would want to eat. So so so happy for the two of you!! I remember leaving babies r us in tears when I registered for #1…it can be a lot!!

  46. Honestly, we needed almost nothing when Henry came home from the hospital except a carseat. It’s almost comical how much I stressed about the stuff, and none of it mattered. I wrote a post about the things we used the most with Henry but I believe that every baby is different. Ryan was adamant that we didn’t need a swing and then on day three, we were packing it up for BRU to get a swing. (We had the snug-a-bunny and Henry slept it in exclusively for the first 6 months, so that would probably be at the top of our list.)

    I also got a ton of mileage out of my Moby at first and we still use the Ergo today. I would get those over a stroller if I had to choose.

    And burp cloths. The ones you sent us were the best of all. We used the heck out of those. (I’m hoping you don’t have a baby with reflux so you don’t need them as much.)

    But most of the stuff we really loved weren’t things we registered for. IT was just stuff we acquired or learned about later when we actually needed it.

    Good luck!

  47. This is something for later down the road (like 6 months and on), but it’s one of our most often used – and most often gifted – items. A clip on table seat! There are a handful to select from (ours has hippos as handles, but it’s – ahem – four and a half years old). We have used it each and every time we go to a restaurant through two, soon to be three, little ones. They’re also great for trips to grandma’s and could be used in lieu of a high chair if you were so inclined. LOVE it. I’m a total germaphobe (as will you be, certainly with your #1), so the fact that my littles aren’t sitting in a nasty restaurant high chair is SUPER AWESOME!!!


  48. Our woombie! It is a zippered swaddle that zips from both ends (great for diaper changes during the night so the little arms stay swaddled). It helped us go from up every 1-2 hours at night to 6 hour stretches when my little guy was 3 weeks old.

  49. Oh man that is a tough one! It really depends on your lifestyle and future plans as to what I’d recommend as the one item. After 4 children close in age I can tell you some general ideas/items that worked or didn’t work for our family. My don’t buy list would consist of: swing, bumbo, crib that converts to an older child’s bed (if you have another child needing the crib there’s no point), breastfeeding pillow (any regular pillow works the same). Things I have loved and used over and over: Graco bedroom bassinet (it’s a mini playpen too so great for traveling and at home), sleepy wrap (boba), Ergo, Healthy Booster Seat (compact and travels well), Phil & Teds Explorer stroller (can be single or double with just a $100 2nd seat- super narrow but with all the great features of side by side ones), Kushies Burp Clothes, Baby cubes, Wean Green, Gerber soft tip metal spoons, playtex sippy cups (no straw), zip up sleepers. Also Mother-Ease cloth diapers and Thirsties diaper covers.

    Dont forget to add some children’s CD’s and books to your registry- those will be used for many years!

  50. I know I’m late to comment, but I just want to say that baby stores trick you into thinking you NEED all kinds of stuff. My advice, is don’t buy a ton of stuff in anticipation of needing it… you may never use it. Buy WHEN you need it. Keep a few gift cards or store credits in your wallet to use when a situation arises. For example, we never bought all sizes of bottles. We just bought the small ones first and then when she was ready for bigger bottles we went and got those. I had received a huge Medela bottle set with all kinds of breastmilk storage accesories, and didn’t have breastmilk long enough to use it. (Although I would have liked to!)

    That being said, I could not have lived without the Rock N Play by FIsher Price (my baby pretty much slept through the night in this from one month old… it’s nice and cozy and when swaddled, it’s like a womb!) Also, muslin swaddles like Aden and Anais… they make great tight yet breathable swaddles… they’re huge enough for nursing covers and to lay down if you have to change their diaper in public. And soft onesies, we love Carters and GAP. Tons of them. Especially in the under 6 months size. You’ll go through a few a day.

  51. Carrie Green says:

    Thanks for sharing this amazing article. I have been also referring to https://www.whattoexpect.com/first-year/ for everything related to pregnancy and babies, and it is quite useful.
    Hope this helps your readers as well.

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