Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Makeover – A Homeowner’s Experience

 Today’s the day! The reveal of our kitchen cabinet refacing makeover!

I know some of you have been stalking the blog for weeks, so get excited because today is the day you’ve been waiting for.

Before we go into the after photos, I want to review what our existing kitchen cabinets looked like before.

Don’t get scroll happy now. Take it all in.

honey oak kitchen cabinets

honey oak cabinets

oak kitchen island

Remember, we loved the layout of our kitchen. It’s a good size kitchen with ample storage. And while the stock cabinets were in good condition, we didn’t like the look of the honey oak wood veneer builder-grade cabinets. Which is why we had the cabinets refaced by a company, instead of completely replacing the cabinets. We were able to keep the layout of the kitchen the same, but completely change the look and, in fact, add additional storage.

Ok, enough torturing you.

Drum roll, please.

kitchen cabinets and island 5

kitchen cabinets

kitchen island with bookcase

So, what do you think? Looks like a completely different kitchen, right?

As you can see we had toppers added to extend the height of the cabinets to the ceiling. Crown molding was then added.

Friends, if you ever find yourself contemplating whether or not to have your kitchen cabinets extend to the ceiling, DO IT. There should be no hesitation.

 kitchen cabinet refacing

Brad and I also installed dimmable under-cabinet lighting. As you can see, it makes a big difference.

kitchen cabinet refacing before and after

We also had hardware installed– regular knobs for the doors and cup pulls for the drawers.

kitchen cabinet refacing

We had a bookcase built and added to the island in order to give the kitchen a more custom look, and so I could display my cookbooks and kitchenware.

kitchen island before and after

Now, let’s go over a little bit of the refacing process.

Out with the Old

First, the previous cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware are removed.

kitchen cabinet refacing

Take It to the Ceiling

While this optional, we wanted the cabinets extended to the ceiling for extra storage and to make the kitchen appear larger. The toppers they built were installed on top of the existing cabinet boxes and wood was added to flush out the sides and bottoms of the cabinets.

cabinet refacing 2

cabinet refacing

Added Bookcase

To create more of a custom kitchen look, we had the installers build a bookcase and install it on the end of the island.

adding bookcase to island

Sand and Apply Laminate

The cabinets are sanded down and the high quality, white laminate is added. Then, apoxy is applied to the backside of large laminate sheets, position the sheets onto the cabinets, and then a roller is used to go over where the laminate meets the cabinets.

kitchen cabinet refacing process

cabinet refacing process

Cut the Laminate

The cabinet installers use a router to cut the veneer where the cabinet doors and drawer fronts are located.

home depot refacing

New Drawer Fronts, Door, and Hardware

New drawer fronts, doors, and hardware are added once the laminate was installed. The whole refacing process takes about 5 days.

In total, here’s everything that we had built and/or installed with this refacing project:
island bookshelf
cabinets refaced
kitchen cabinet doors
drawer fronts
crown moulding

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Cost

The cost for our kitchen project (refacing the cabinets, new doors and drawer faces, hardware, adding the bookshelf to the island, adding toppers to the existing cabinets, crown moulding) was $7,000 in 2013. But I’ve been told the rates vary depending on where you live. If you’re considering refacing your cabinets, my advice is to get quotes from multiple companies. And when you get the quotes tell them your budget and stick to it. If needed, use the quotes against companies. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. And don’t sign up the first time they come to your house. Many companies will call you in a day or so and offer you an additional 5-10% off for you to seal the deal. Don’t be afraid to play hard ball. Ask if they contract out their work. Also, ASK FOR REFERENCES. I even suggest posting on social media, and asking friends and family who they’ve used. Also ask who you should stay away from. And don’t sign off until the project is completed to your liking.

Custom Kitchen Look

It looks and feels so much bigger with the cabinets extending up to the ceiling. Going from oak to white also helps make the room look bigger and bright. They truly look like custom cabinets now. And I love how the white cabinets look with the Mint Condition (Sherwin-Williams) paint color on the walls.

Our family members and friends who have visited since we had the cabinets refaced have said it looks like a completely different room. And we haven’t even tackled the countertops, backsplash, lighting, or sink yet.

ETA: We upgraded our countertops, sink, and faucet in March, 2015. Check them out here!  (Psst, that’s not real stone.)

stainless steel drop in sink

formica argento romano 3

So, what do you think of the cabinet refacing?

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  1. Oh my gosh, it is beautiful!! I love, love, love the white!!

    I would buy carpet and a new kitchen floor from Home Depot!

  2. Wow these look great! I had no idea they could add more cabinets above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh heavens this totally changed our minds on things. If I won, of course I would use that money to redo our cabinets.


  3. Absolutely love!! If I won, I would probably do my cabinets too 🙂 We just moved into our new (7 yr old) house this summer and the cabinets are still in amazing condition, but just not my style, so I would cringe at repainting them… but winning a giveaway might just push me to have them refaced!

  4. Christine C. says:

    I would use the money to crown molding for our first floor and maybe some paint for the second floor room that need it. We love Home Depot and manage to make a trip over there at least twice a month!

  5. Christine C. says:

    I would use the money to buy crown molding for our first floor and maybe some paint for the second floor room that need it. We love Home Depot and manage to make a trip over there at least twice a month!

  6. Oh my goodness! I’m in love…really! What an amazing transformation and the fact that I have been waiting to see it says I’ve been stalking you! The white is gorgeous with your wood floors and the toppers just add that extra touch it needed. I would love to do this to my kitchen. If I had $1000 from Home Depot I would do the same thing as you. My inspiration! I would replace the fronts of my cabinets and lighten up my kitchen. Considering our house was built 20+ years ago it needs some TLC in the kitchen 🙂 It needs to be DE-oaktified for sure….

  7. Well first, if I won I would do a happy dance and die of excitement. Once I was ressurected, I would head down to Home Depot to FINALLY buy the flooring for our living room! (It needs it…bad).

    Your cabinets look INCREDIBLE! I LOVE them. You rock, girl!

    xo Kylie

  8. I love it!! It looks great. I am in the same boat as you living in a very cookie cutter house. We’re slowly going room by room making it our own. I would definitely use the Home Depot gift card to extend the cabinets to the ceiling. I have always hated how they don’t touch and we’ve been dying to re-stain them darker so that would definitely be a part of the $1,000.

  9. STEPHANIE says:

    i would purchase white paint for my cabinets and buy quartz countertops!!!

  10. Ashley S. says:

    Wow- they look great! I would update my laundry room! It needs a big facelift!!!!

  11. I would do exactly this. We have similar cabinets as your before.

  12. I had my cabinets refaced about 10 years ago but didn’t think about going to the ceiling with them. I would definitely do that!
    Beautiful kitchen!!

  13. We really want to add hardwoods throughout our first floor – so the gift card money would undoubtedly go towards that!

  14. I LOVE it! I would totally use that $1000 in my laundry room to reface my cabinets! This process is amazing. Love it girl and Home Depot, you did an amazing job!!

  15. Your kitchen looks great! We would use the $100 to open up our closed off dining room to our living room and would update our out of date kitchen cabinets! We love our house but it could really use an update!

  16. WOW!!! What a difference!!! Love the fresh white, and that they go right to the ceiling. I would definitely reface my kitchen cabinets. Hate the artificial wood laminate, white would be so much fresher. It turned out awesome!!!

  17. Gorgeous makeover! With a $1000 to Home Depot, I would definitely go with new bathroom vanities, paint, & new light fixtures!

  18. Looks fantastic! I love the effect of adding white to a room: everything is bigger and brighter! I have a stupid bulkhead above my cabinets. After I painted them white, I color-matched some paint for the bulkhead. Visually it helps a lot to have at least the same cabinet color going all the way up to the ceiling. I would use the $ to replace the flooring on my main level.

  19. OMG love it! I would probably do the exact same thing! We have almost the exact same cabinest, totally functional, just an eyesore.

  20. Love the new cabinets and your kitchen! Extending them to the ceiling makes a big difference! If I won I would replace the carpet in our house and put in hardwood floors. It was a rental before we bought it so it needs be be replaced badly!

  21. Veronica T says:

    It’s beautiful. If I won I would use it towards redoing our kitchen as well. It is open to the living room so I really want it done ASAP since it’s where everything happens essentially. Our cabinets are kind of a cherry color and do not go with my taste at all. Great job Home Depot!

  22. Wow! This is so pretty & fresh! I would use the $1000 to help finish up our bed & bathroom re-do.

  23. Oh my word, it looks AMAZING!!!!! I love it! It totally looks like a new kitchen and I love that you extended the cabinets to the ceiling. If I won, I would use the money to make over our guest bathroom!

  24. Kitchen looks great, Chelsea! Hooray!

    I would jump for joy if I won a $1,000 Home Depot gift card! And, I would use it for new blinds in my entire house! Our house is new to us, but the blinds that came with the house are broken, dirty and need to go. Fingers crossed for a win! 🙂

  25. Katy Campbell says:

    I didn’t even know they did this! That is amazing and looks fantastic! If I had known they did this, I would have had them do our kitchen in our old house instead of spending days (weeks) cleaning, sanding, painting, painting and painting the ones we had!
    If I won, I would probably put hardwoods on the lower level, but I have been wanting a covered patio and a shed in the backyard!

  26. OMG your kitchen is so much prettier now!!! not that it wasn’t before but this just looks amazing!!!! Cannot wait to see the finished product with everything else!

  27. It’s so bright! Love it!

  28. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new kitchen! The white cabinets make it so much lighter and brighter!! And the cabinets to the ceiling are fantastic! And I would love to win the Home Depot gift card. 3 weeks until we close on the new house and I need so many things… like a new farmhouse sink or blinds!

  29. Amazing transformation! I would use it to buy my mom a new stove for Christmas, because she wants one and deserves it!

  30. Looks great Chelsea! Looks like a whole different kitchen! Love the bookshelf you added to the side of the island.

  31. I would use it to redo our master bathroom!

    Would love to see a budget breakdown on the refacing– I’ve always wondered about doing it, but haven’t seen a lot of info on it out there without having to have the whole estimate done… which I’m not ready to do yet.

  32. Becky Warner says:

    Your new kitchen is beautiful! I would use the gift card to buy myself a new stove. I really need a new one!

  33. Looks great! I LOVE the white. I would use the gift card to buy new light fixtures and door knobs for my house:)

  34. Looks amazing! Congrats! I love white kitchens!

  35. Brittany D says:

    I’d immediate reface our kitchen cabinets. They are the same orange-y oak cabinets and I hate them!

    1. Brittany D says:

      *immediately (sheesh)

  36. I LOVE the difference! We would be working on our kitchen too! Our cabinets are just a notch (barely) above builder grade and I can not wait until we can do something different with them!

  37. Beth Schumacher says:

    Your kitchen looks great!! I would definitely buy new cabinets for our kitchen!

  38. This looks great Chelsea! I totally agree on the taller cabinets; ours don’t go all the way to the ceiling, but they are 42-inches and there is SO much storage! I can’t even reach the 3rd and 4th shelves, but they’re perfect for the items we don’t use all the time. Can’t wait to hear how you did the under-cabinet lighting; this is something the hubs and I really want to add!

  39. Sara Baker says:

    Your kithcen looks awesome! We would use the money to reface the cabinets, and some other kitchen enhancements!

  40. LOVE.THIS. If I had $1,000 from Home Depot, I would do the exact same thing to our kitchen. Our kitchen cabinets are identical to yours, and I’m over that ugly oak!

  41. Ashley Bee says:

    What a beautiful change!

    If I won the gift card, I would probably purchase cabinets for my very barren laundry room, or get started on a deck!

  42. Holy Cow – what a difference! I was a serious doubter, but I was wrong. I’d try to put the gift card toward a kitchen facelift but I think my husband would think we have a few more immediate needs first (like an oven that actually works!)

  43. Stacey Iadevito says:

    I have the same oak cabinets and I hate them. I would totally reface my cabinets if I won! I love the makeover.

  44. Love love love!! That is an amazing transformation!! I so want to redo my upper cabinets and raise them up to the ceiling like that! That is definitely what I would buy at Home Depot. 🙂

  45. If I won $1000 I wouldn’t even know what to do with it! We are renting but moving soon so I would be super excited to use it for the new place 🙂

  46. I would reface my cabinets if I won the gift card!

  47. WOW! It looks so much brighter in there! I love the bookshelf! I’m totally jealous of all of your cabinet space!

    And for the gift card… we are currently pretty much gutting our upstairs, so I would use it for drywall, or paint, or tile, or a new vanity/medicine cabinet! We have SO much left to buy to get the upstairs ready before the baby gets here!

  48. Your kitchen looks absolutely amazing! I love white cabinets and I think the extended length makes them look so much better!

  49. Roxanne Workoff says:

    I love your redo of the kitchen. If I had a $1000 gift card from Home Depot my husband and I would redo our craft room/den.

  50. christine says:

    I would do exactly this! We have a similar kitchen issue – good layout and storage, but practically the same set of outdated cabinets.

  51. Michelle Wickham says:

    I would do exactly what you have done, and resurface my cabinets. Then I’d add organizational shelving, repaint, and put down new laminate floor–and dance a jig to never have to look at the builder grade cabinets and floors ever again! I’d take before and after pix, but I might never look at the before ever again! LOVE IT! Great job, Chelsea and Home Depot!

  52. Chelsea, your kitchen looks beautiful! Looks like a whole new room.
    If I won a Home Depot gift certificate, I would refresh our guest bath with new lighting and a faucet set.

  53. Yay!! It looks amazing! I’m partial to white cabinets anyway 🙂 I adore our new kitchen, but I would love to add under counter lighting like we had in our old house. I also can’t wait to do a tile backsplash again, so this $1,000 sure would come in handy! Congrats on your “new” kitchen. Enjoy!

  54. Wow, the kitchen looks beautiful AND brand new! With a HD gift card, I think I might try out refacing the cabinets in our new home, or use it towards more practical things like ladders, smoke alarms, etc. (first time home-owner here).

  55. This looks great! We had almost the same kitchen, and in an effort to makeover ours while saving money, I used a kit I bought for refinishing cabinets and painted them white…. and the clear coat started yellowing a few months later! I would apply the $1000 towards my own refacing!

  56. The white cabinets look great!

    If I won the givewaway I would buy tile to put in a backsplash! We recently built our home and couldn’t handle how much it cost to have someone else put up a backsplash, so we plan to do it ourselves someday. Until then we’re living with white painted walls as our backsplash.

  57. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! I have the exact cabinets you HAD. We recently upgraded the counters/sink/backsplash in an attempt to “make them work”. While it was an improvement, I still hate the oak. With $1,000 to Home Depot, I would do exactly as you have done! It is PERFECT! I never knew Home Depot did refacing, what an excellent option! OUr kitchen is open to our whole mail level (family room and dining room, etc) this would make a HUGE difference! Great job!

  58. Your kitchen cabinet makeover is incredible!! I love the white cabinets and that bookcase is fantastic!! I am in such need of a place to store my cookbooks. If I had a $1000 I would put it toward changing out my flooring and getting rid of the builder basic cat-ruined carpet.

  59. Barb Hesselgrave says:

    If I won, I would redo cabinets, and add a backsplash-on and a new counter top. ha. I’d do a lot with $1,000. It’s almost identical to your kitchen and we have builders grade ugly brown, almost dark brown oak, and the wood laminate flooring like you have. I like the flooring, but too much mismatched wood in our house. We have open concept so we have more wood in the great room. We have sunlight streaming in so it isn’t dark, but I would love to extend cabinets to the ceiling. I didn’t know that could be done. COOL

  60. Love the new cabinets! I would purchase a new washer & dryer!

  61. Rachel M. says:

    Love the new kitchen!! I would extend our current cabinets to the ceiling (no more wasted space!) and replace our kitchen counter tops. I would also add a backsplash to add a little more color in our mostly light/neutral kitchen! (Our current cabinets are maple.)

  62. Good job refacing your kitchen.
    We had a new kitchen installed a couple years ago, but we still need to upgrade our kitchen appliances. If I win the card I probably will get a new stove first since my daughter is into “baking”.

  63. They look great!! I’m so jealous! I’ve had repainting our oak cabinets on my to do list for a while. If I won I’d buy the paint & supplies to redo them for sure. And maybe some white subway tile for the backsplash 🙂

  64. jennifer agard says:

    I have been WAITING!!!! And the reveal was worth the wait!!!! To. Die. For!!!!! I am staring at the two strange little cabinets above my microwave and wondering why?????? What am I supposed to put in those, anyway!!!! LOVE both the look and the ability to store even more in what you’ve done!!!!! Call me jealous! If I had the gift card from Home Depot I would do EXACTLY what you did, but in off white. Love!!!!

  65. Priscilla Escobar says:

    If I won the gift card I would use the money to update our kitchen! !

  66. What a difference! I love the cabinet extension and would love to have a dedicated cookbook bookshelf!

    If I were to win Kevin and I would get started on our big bathroom reno! It would go towards the subway tile, new drywall, new vanity and all the supplies we’ll need. 🙂

  67. I love it! What a difference!

    We’ve been in our house (which was built in 1991) for just over a year and being in the midwest it is FULL of oak everything! The worst is the kitchen- oak trim, oak cabinetry and oak wood floors. In order to open and brighten things up my husband and I have been getting estimates to have our oak cabinets painted white. I’ve never heard of the refacing option so this has me super excited! So excited I just scheduled a free consultation with Home Depot! If I were to win the $1,000 Home Depot gift card I would put it towards having the refacing done!

  68. It’s SO bright! What a huge difference! I’m curious, do you have plans for a backsplash?

  69. So fresh! I love it so much 🙂 Painting our cabinet was the best thing we ever did. It makes our tiny kitchen feel brighter and bigger.

  70. Oh my goodness! I love it! It really does look like different room! If I won the giveaway I’d probably do the same thing and tackle my kitchen! I’ve been wanting to paint the cabinets for a good long while!

  71. Your kitchen looks AMAZING!! I would also have my cabinets updated to white (we have builder grade honey oak, too!), extend them to the ceiling with moulding added, get a new farmhouse kitchen sink and also replace the lighting above the sink. Whew! Think $1000 would cover it? Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂

  72. I would purchase new countertop & flooring for my kitchen which desperately needs to be replaced. Your kitchen looks great & so nice & bright.

  73. Wow – what an awesome upgrade! Beautiful! If I won $1,000 from Home Depot I would RACE to the carpet section so I can get rid of the 1970’s shag that is my ENTIRE house!!! Congrats on the new kitchen!

  74. Just love what you did! We JUST refinished our maple cabinets to white this weekend, and we were at the local Home Depot 4 times!!! What a process. I am still exhausted to say the least. If I won this incredible giveaway, I would certainly get new counter-tops. It would be so amazing to not have to paint our counter-tops, and to be able to afford a new counter-top instead. Great job again, and thanks for the giveaway!

  75. Wow! What a difference! I LOVE how it came out. It looks so bright and fresh and gorgeous. And the shelves at the end of the island are an awesome addition! I’d love to extend our cabinets upwards, too, but not sure it would be an option at my house–the ceiling is slanted above the cabinets. I’ll admire yours instead 😉 If I had $1,000 to Home Depot, I’d put it towards fixing up our terrible basement to turn it into an awesome craft room/play room!

  76. Looks great! If I won, I would do the same thing to my kitchen!!! We also have the honey oak builder-grade cabinets and since we just replaced our flooring, they look even worse now!

  77. Jill Brown says:

    I would do exactly what you did. We have a relatively small kitchen. Having our cabinets extended to the ceiling would give us so much more storage. Your kitchen it absolutely beautiful!

  78. What a huge difference! I love the tall bright white cabinets. With $1,000 from Home Depot, I’d probably replace the carpet in my home.

  79. So pretty! If I won I would buy new lighting for my kitchen. 9 years since we built and we still have the builder grade sad lighting.

  80. Emily Maron says:

    Love how you extended the cabinets and added the bookcase!! Love!1 A little too white for me in there, but it sounds like that is just the start of your project 🙂 Can’t wait to see what is next!

    If I won the giftcard, we would tackle our masterbath! It is UGLY! I want to make it a spa like haven 🙂

  81. Love it! We are doing something similar. I would definitely by some more kitchen accessories/replace lighting. Question:did you get new cabinet doors up top?

  82. I’ve been thinking about refacing for a while! I love that you added height to your cabinets by adding those boxes, super smart! What WOULDN’T I do with $1000 to Home Depot?! I’d actually probably use it buy some trees and pants for around our pool area! Great giveaway, and love your kitchens new do! XO

  83. Hey Chelsea,
    I would definitely use the money towards a kitchen makeover. Our kitchen is the only room in our home that hasn’t yet received any major love or makeover. I have my heart set on white cabinets with the Whirlpool White Ice appliance collection. Your reveal is beautiful!


  84. The cabinets look amazing! It’s hard to choose, but if I won that gift card I would either do my garage – floor epoxy, shelving and peg board, or I would have built in shelves added to either side of the fireplace. Decisions decisions!

  85. The makeover is gorgeous!!! I have the same cabinets and I hate them. I have been saving to upgrade them since I bought my condo. If I won the gift card I would definitely tackle the kitchen – refacing and new counters!

  86. That looks awesome! I would probably look into having them reface or bathroom cabinets/vanities…or possibly get started on the basement reno we’ve been wanting to do!

  87. Beth Shurtleff says:

    I would give my cabinets and counters a big update!

  88. I would do my countertops and backsplash! Your cabinets look great!

  89. Love it! Now I just have to talk my husband into doing that to ours.

  90. Erin Meza says:

    Your kitchen feels so open and airy in your after pictures, definitely a cozy gathering space! I really dig the paint color too- a perfect compliment to your new cabinets! I would love to win a Home Depot gift card to use towards new carpet in all three upstairs bedrooms. We have been in our home 9 years, and with two little ones and a little puppy, we are definitely in need of new carpet. Thanks for sharing all of your diy wisdom and creativity! It’s fun to follow you and be inspired!

  91. Your kitchen looks beautiful! I love the cabinets! I would use the Home Depot card to update our kitchen! We have several projects we are wanting to do in there. Thanks for the giveaway!

  92. Anne Crabtree says:

    Beautiful!! And I love the pictures of the process – it’s amazing to see the transformation!

    My new husband and I live in, what used to be my grandmother’s house. She passed and left the house to her grandkids, so I had been living there. It’s the house that my mom grew up in, so it’s great because of all of the memories… but it’s a fixer upper!! We would love to have the roof insulated, or the tub redone! My husband would probably love a new stove – we have a 40 year old stove with only two working burners!! He’s a chef and he hates it!! Thanks for showing off your renovation!!

  93. It looks amazing! If I won, I would re-do my master shower…it doesn’t even drain…yuck!

    Gorgeous! Enjoy

  94. I love it! I think my favorite part is how the cabinets are taller to meet the ceiling.
    If won the gift card I would buy a new fridge. Or crownmolding and paint for the family room. Or new counter tops…It would be awesome 🙂

  95. Wow! Your kitchen looks amazing! I wanted to add toppers to our cabinets but we have an arched ceiling above them and I don’t know if that would look right. What do you think??

    If I could purchase anything from Home Depot it would be a toss up between tile for our kitchen or laminate flooring for the first floor. Decisions decisions.

    1. Fabulous name, Chelsea! 😉 Hmmm, I don’t know if that would work with an arched ceiling, especially when adding crown. Maybe search the Internets and see if anyone else has cabinets going up to arched ceilings. Sorry I’m not of much help!

  96. stephanie says:

    I’d spend it on new cabinets. Ours look just like your old ones.

  97. Dorinda Selke says:

    I cannot believe the difference in your kitchen – it is just jaw-dropping !! I have the same honey oak cabinets that I would love to have changed to a light dove gray or a white – haven’t yet decided – would just love to have the money from Home Depot to make that decision easier !! LOL 🙂

  98. Beautiful! I love the handles that you chose – I never thought something so small like that would make a huge difference. If I won, I would buy tools! There are so many projects we want to complete, but are lacking in the proper tools (there’s only so much that a hammer and a glue gun can get done after all!)

  99. Wow! what a transformation! I had NO idea Home Depot would do that sort of thing – that is so amazing! I have got to call my Mum – this is exactly what she needs in her teeny tiny kitchen! It would be amazing to win the $1000 gift card – I could do so much with it, but our most pressing need is for a side door. Our door is old and I love it because the side lights let in so much sun, but it’s freezing cold and so drafty – I know we are loosing a lot of our heat there. I found a door at Home Depot that I love, so the $1000 would go a long way towards that.

  100. In case you were wondering, your “before” kitchen’s ugly step-sister is located in a 15th floor condo in the Twin Cities. 🙂 I wouldn’t hesitate to take the $1000 from Home Depot and renew my kitchen cabinets. Your results look fabulous. So fresh and so clean clean!

  101. Natalie Bradford says:

    I would love to replace the awful white vinyl flooring in my kitchen for some nice rich wood floors!

  102. I would get new carpet for our master bedroom!

  103. Your kitchen turned out great. Love it. We too are refinishing our kitchen and will be installing lights under the cabinet. I can’t wait to hear what you used for lights.

  104. I would use it once we buy a house–my fiancee just installed new tile flooring in the kitchen and we’re hoping for new counters before Thanksgiving. Then we can put it on the market and move on to our next adventure.

  105. I would use it for our floor. We our fixing the kitchen but have to save for the floors. Little by little. :@)

  106. Janalyn H. says:

    Wow, your kitchen looks so great! Love it. I would buy a whole bunch of wood and sheetrock to get started on finishing my basement…can’t wait for it to be done! 🙂

  107. Yay! So excited to see it done, and it’s beautiful! $1000 at Home Depot? Nothing in particular – just a lot off the honeydo list 🙂

  108. The cabinets look great! Like new!

    If I won I would buy tiles to redo out kitchen floors!

  109. Wow! I LOVE the transformation! Looks like a brand new kitchen. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

    If I won, I would buy garage door openers. SOO tired of having to open them by hand!

  110. I had no idea you could add cabinet toppers like that! Looks great!

    If I won, I would buy a fancy snow blower to help my back out this winter!

  111. I would love to re do our cabinets!! Love that you took yours all the way to the ceiling…looks great!

  112. Oh my gosh, Chelsea. This is so awesome. LOVE the new look of your room!! It’s so bright and happy and definitely looks way bigger. We’re renting currently so I would be really tempted to keep the gift card and spend it on a new home’s needs, but if I had to use it now, I’d buy paint first because the paint in the house we’re in right now is crazy and it’s driving me crazy!!

  113. christine says:

    I wish I could say I’d reface my cabinets if I won but I’d probably have to spend the money on a new hot water heater. Not nearly as exciting!!

  114. Barb Hesselgrave says:

    I have a question; since you extended the cabinets to the ceiling, the old doors on the cabinets would not fit. Did you buy new doors for the top?

  115. OO This looks AWESOME!!! Looks so clean and fresh. Id LOVE a gift card…we’d love to add toppers to our cabinets…and I’ve also been crushing on new light fixtures and vanities 🙂

  116. Oh my gosh, Chelsea. This is so awesome. LOVE the new look of your room!! It’s so bright and happy and definitely looks way bigger. We’re renting currently so I would be really tempted to keep the gift card and spend it on a new home’s needs, but if I had to use it now, I’d buy paint first because the paint in the house we’re in right now is ridiculous and it’s driving me crazy!!

  117. amy starkey says:

    i would buy new light fixtures!

  118. michelle maddox says:

    I have been waiting to see the results of your kitchen. I have heard of this and always wondered how they did it and what EXACTLY it would look like. If I could win the gift card I would buy a new fridge, saying hows mine quit. BTW it was only five years old. Ya…….thats quality.

  119. Love the updated kitchen. We have pretty much the same cabinets and I have considered refacing them but did not realize I could extend them up to the ceiling. What an improvement! Why did they ever leave that wasted space above the cabinets??? It only collects dust.
    I would get some paint and a screen door and install a “barn door” to replace the double doors that go into our study.

  120. LOVE IT!!! I would use the money to replace my countertops. I’m pretty sure there are 3 different types of counters in my kitchen (and I don’t have a lot of countertop space!).

  121. I would purchase new flooring for our kitchen. I love the new white cabinets.

  122. I love your new kitchen! Home Depot is like a second home and they are in the consideration for a new kitchen in the next year or so. My 1970s kitchen has to go!

  123. Hey Chelsea,

    I have to say that I love your blog. I have for a while now but the last few posts have seemed very egotistical to me. You continue to tell us to “stalk away” or “I know you have been stocking” etc. And during the Holiday party last night, you said we could only pin things that were made in the last 30 days yet you chose to pin recipes and gift ideas from like…months ago. I just don’t get why you have become like this. I hope you reply and don’t just delete my comment. I don’t mean to be rude, but just wanted to let you know.

    I hope I don’t offend you.

    1. Hey Mel! Thanks for your comment.

      I have to say that I don’t understand where you’re getting this egotistical vibe in my last few posts. The “stalk away” at the end of each post with icons to my social media, is a funny way of me saying “follow me”. Same goes with when I said “I know some of you have been stalking the blog for weeks” in this post. Stalking = following. And I said that because people have been emailing me and contacting me on social media saying they’ve been checking the blog daily to see if I posted the reveal. I don’t feel like encouraging people to follow, or stalk, me on social media is egotistical. Clearly, I don’t want people to actually stalk me. I just feel like saying “follow me” is boring. I know my humor may not come across if you read it in a certain tone, but trust me– I’m being humorous when I use the word “stalk”.

      In terms of the holiday party, the only thing I pinned beyond 30 days old was the malbec truffle recipe, but if you read the post from Sunday you can see that we changed the rules to include any fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s post from 2013. So I don’t really understand why this would be an issue.

      I hope this clears everything up for you! Have a great night!

  124. Juana Rodriguez says:

    OMG..I love them.. I would totally put new white cabinet like yours .. I just purchase a home and the kitchen is disgusting. It so nasty . But I can’t wait until I can afford a nice white kitchen.

  125. Elizabeth Dennis says:

    You have just accomplished what I have been dreaming about doing to my builder grade oak cabinets for years! I just haven’t had the time, funds or guts to it. I absolutely LOVE the look of these cabinets. I didn’t even know refacing was an option. I would definitely do either reface or renewing!

  126. A new water heater! 🙂

  127. I love the new look! It looks so much bigger!
    I would start that bathroom fix up that I have been putting off like crazy!

  128. I would buy new carpet for our downstairs! We bought this home as a foreclosure and We are in desperate need!

    You kitchen looks wonderful!

  129. We close on our new house on Friday and our cabinets need this exact treatment. Your post came with perfect timing!

  130. I have been stalking your blog 🙂

    I would use the money to update my kitchen. Paint cabinets, replace stove, get a dishwasher. There probably went $1,000…but I’d also replace the countertops and do new flooring, too.

  131. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to resurface my kitchen cabinets in white as well. Your new kitchen looks so fresh and bright! My kitchen could definitely use some TLC.

  132. LOVE THE WHITE!! So pretty!
    And you wall colour is gorgeous too!

  133. Looks great!! We’ve been thinking about going white with our cabinets so I’ll be stalking for sure to see the end result once you do the counters, etc! Not sure yet what I would spend the $1,000 on. So many little projects I want to tackle! I really would love a privacy fence though and since that is the most expensive project on my wish list, I’d probably use it for that.

  134. Wow, what an amazing transformation! I especially love the bookshelf add. Exterior paint and deck finishing materials would top my HD list!

  135. Jessica R says:

    Oh man, great job!!! I would get new cabinets for my kitchen!!! Its a repainted but outdated white kitchen, the drawer fronts keep falling off..this would be a great start to the kitchen!

  136. I would love my kitchen cabinets to be white, and if I won that is exactly what it would go towards. I’d also like new counter tops too 🙂 Your kitchen looks so pretty. Enjoy!

  137. Harmony B says:

    I would buy a new countertop and a kitchen island. I have a lot of floor space to use

  138. Looks great! It looks like we have the exact same cabinets. I would do the same thing, so over the oak.

  139. Wow, looks great! I would use the giftcard to do the exact same thing to my kitchen cabinets!!!

  140. Wow, looks great! I would use the gift card to do the exact same thing with my kitchen cabinets!

  141. I would definitely give it to my parents for Christmas! They have wanted to build a deck since I was little but have never had any extra money laying around. They would be so excited! Also, your kitchen looks incredible!

  142. christine says:

    I would want to do pretty much the same thing (and also update my floors). I have pretty much the same kitchen dilemma as you. Big kitchen with lots of storage and a good layout, but the cabinets are builder basic and look like they’re from 1994!

  143. Your kitchen looks gorgeous!! I would use the money to buy tiles for our kitchen backsplash.

  144. Wow! What a difference! Love this makeover! This is exactly what we want to do with our kitchen! We have been trying to sell our house for a while now, our last attempt was over the fall and no luck again (we need to get into better schools for our kids). So we took our house off the market for the winter with the hopes to make some updates mainly to our kitchen cabinets and our kitchen flooring. Turns out we have had some medical issues that are pushing everything back, but its still on our list of things to do (and we were already looking at home depot for both the cabinets and for the new laminate flooring). So thats what we would do! Love the new cabinets!!!

  145. Your kitchen looks amazing!!!!! It was large before, but looks huge after! I would use the HD card to finally finish our guest bathroom! We gutted our house in 2005 leaving our guest thinking we would be able to live in the house! Well, the day that I walked in the house and it was raining INSIDE the house, I decided it was time to go! 8 years, a son, and 1 dog later….time to finally get that bathroom finished! I am ready to demo!!!!!

  146. I love what you have done. What color is the wall behind the island?

  147. Wow, looks awesome!
    I would use the money to redo our 3/4 bath, especially the shower. We bought our new house a few months ago and that shower is brass, cracked and leaky!

  148. Jessie C. says:

    I would get new cabinets and a kitchen island. Love your makeover!

  149. Natalie G. says:

    It looks amazing! I would buy a new fridge!

  150. Wow! What a transformation! I LOVE it!! I love the open shelves on the end of the island too! So pretty!

    If I won, I would love to update the light fixtures in our entry and dining area. Great giveaway!

  151. I was going to say that I would probably replace our carpeting with hardwood floors because we have 4 kids and carpet gets dirty and worn out really fast in our house. However, after seeing your cabinets, I may change my mind!

  152. Erin Prohaska says:

    So pretty and bright! I would love to reface my cabinets as well…at the very least paint them, add moldings and crown molding to my ugly and unfortunate above cabinet soffits. I would also love some of their decorative corbels I’ve been dreaming about to make some kitchen shelves to display my milk glass and cake stands just sitting in a box right now. 🙁 Thanks!

  153. Love the new kitchen! I wish I could replicate this in our house. A home depot gc would be great as I would love to install a new floor in our kitchen. We currently have a yellow brick road of ceramic tile with brown grout. 🙁

  154. Love the cabinets! We’ve been talking about refinishing our oak ones for a year, but haven’t got around to it. If I won, the $1000 would be the incentive to finally get it done. I’d like to have Home Depot to do it, but my husband would want to buy the supplies and DIY. If we go that route, it will probably cost me an additional $1000 in therapy!

  155. melissa tichy says:

    oh la la…I would put it toward doing the same thing to my cabinets!!!!!

  156. Andrea Anderson says:

    I would completely redo my whole kitchen. I’d take down a wall to open it up to the rest of the family room. I’d keep all my appliances but get new flooring, cabinets, counters and back splash.

  157. looks amazing…all I can say is I’m so jealous!! We have been contemplating painting our cabinets, but I think we will definitely be looking refacing them! Congrats on a great new kitchen!

  158. Wow! Looks fab! I’m showing this to my folks…they have those exact. cabinets. and my mom hates them. 🙂 If I win the gc we’d be buying supplies to finally updated the 1980 builder’s bathroom we’ve been living with for 13 years. 😉

  159. If I won, I would definitely invest in our bathroom! We need to get rid of some old yucky fake tile floor! Love the kitchen!

  160. Kimberly H says:

    I would purchase new appliances! Probably a new range!!

  161. I especially LOVE the shelves at the end of the island and the drawer pulls are beautiful! Way to go!!! 😀

  162. The kitchen is so beautiful. I’d really like to do the same to mine, but I’ve got LOTS of other stuff going on too. Closets mostly. We’ve been ripping out all the wire racks in the closets and building custom shelving.

  163. It looks fantastic! I love our kitchen but really wish it was white as well!
    I adore white kitchens 🙂
    If I won a 1,000 to HD I would have our backsplash installed, or replace/add some of the
    ceiling fans in our house.

  164. It looks AMAZING!!! I would refresh my master bathroom. We’re in dire need of a shower door and with peeling cabinets it would be money well spent.

  165. I would do the my cabinets as well. I have been wanting to paint them white but this is so much better. I have top cabinets over cabinets never thougth about using tall doors. I would love to win and you can feature my kitchen done like yours 🙂 My cabintes are Deep brown and no real light so it makes it so dark we have been there 10 years and I totally need a make over. thank you for the ideas! LOVE your site.

  166. Jenna Nicholson says:

    The ‘new’ kitchen looks awesome!

    I would use the giftcard for tools and to upgrade our kitchen.

  167. It looks awesome!
    I would install wood flooring in our living or even redo our guest bathroom!

  168. Jessica Richards says:

    Looks SO good!!! good job. I would redo our bathroom with the giftcard. the black bathtub is just not doing it for me ANY MORE!

  169. So jealous! It looks awesome!

    I would use it to landscape our backyard–make it into an awesome backyard getaway.

  170. Mary Pattengale says:

    What a beautiful transformation! I noticed the under-cabinet lighting right away! It really adds sophistication to the space. The bookshelf at the end of the cabinet looks custom! Overall, I love this kitchen:)

  171. What would we not purchase at Home Depot? We are about to start a kitchen reno so backsplash, appliances, or a sink

    Your kitchen looks amazing!

  172. I would do my kitchen too! And add an island…my dream!!! <3

  173. Charmane Beverly says:

    Your kitchen looks fabulous! If I won this giveaway I would buy hardwood floors. I am so over my pink carpet!

  174. Oh my goodness what a difference! Nice job! So beautiful!!

  175. Looks great! We just bought our first home and we need to redo the cabinets too. Plus we want to pull out the old carpet and put in new floors. That $1000 would go along way to help!!!!!

  176. OMG these are beautiful! My kitchen is over 30 years old and needs much help. We riped up the broken floor tile and have not been able to replace the flooring, the cabinets are in need of refacing. Because of health problems we retired before we planned. Now we are on a fixed income and unable to purchase this redo, so this would be a big help to win. Thanks for offering this giveaway. God Bless

  177. Looks amazing! Love white kitchens! We’re planning to reface our cabinets next spring. Will you be doing some sort of cost breakdown or approximation. Especially cost of materials, since my hubs will be doing the refacing. That would be soo helpful!

    Since our master bath is being renovated right now, that probably where the gift card would go if we won! 🙂

  178. Looks amazing! Love white kitchens! We’re planning to reface our cabinets next spring. Will you be doing some sort of cost breakdown or approximation? I would love to know the cost of materials, since my hubs will be doing the refacing. That would be soo helpful!

    Since our master bath is being renovated right now, that probably where the gift card would go if we won! 🙂

    1. Ugh! Sorry for the double post!

  179. I would get some appliances and things to fix our deck.

  180. Terri Smith says:

    My list is long. First I would get a new front door, repaint the house, new cabinets for the kitchen and a double oven. The $1000 would be a nice start! Thanks for the giveaway.

  181. Allie Venhuizen says:

    Those white cabinets are my DREAM cabinets.. love them! If I won the giveaway I would definitely resurface my cabinets to white, they are very outdated right now! I would also love to redo my bathroom from its old teal tiles!

  182. Kate Mauss says:

    It really does look so lovely! We recently moved into our first home as newlyweds and are pinching pennies but still have many rooms empty and also rooms in need of sprucing up. If we got the gift card we would first jump up and down and hug and then probably head right then to home depot. We don’t even have a lawn mower or garage door opener yet! Those would probably first be on the list, but then we have all kinds of projects we are looking forward to doing with Home Depots help.

  183. I would put the money toward new kitchen supplies, probably looking at doing the “reface” option. 🙂

  184. Kelly Hall says:

    I would use the money to add some molding to my cabinets and maybe a tile back splash. LOVE your choices!

  185. Lindsey H says:

    What a great makeover! The cabinets look great! If I won, I would put the money towards our own kitchen remodel!

  186. Brittany Kirkland says:

    Well your kitchen has got me dying to redo my kitchen cabinet! As soon as I saw your post I took to pinterest and decided that I am going to upgrade my kitchen! I was always so scared to but your post gave me the guts. I emailed my husband pictures right away and now were are just saving up for it! If I won the give away I would definitely put the $1000.00 towards a kitchen renew!

  187. Looks Amazing!!! We are putting in another bathroom in our house so I would definitely use the giftcard towards that!!

  188. Gorgeous! We just got new white cabinets ourselves and I’d love to be able to add a glass tile backsplash and some under cabinet lighting. Can’t wait for your tutorial on that!

  189. Oh wow- absolutely stunning kitchen! If I won the $1000 gift card we would be able to put new floors throughout out house that we just bought. It would be a dream come true!!!

  190. Beautiful, we had white cabinets installed in our previous house and it made it seem so much bigger and brighter. I would purchase laminate flooring, there’s carpet throughout the entire house and we really want wood floors.

  191. This is gorgeous! I would probably put $1000 towards tile for our bathroom that we need to redo- think old wallpaper and blue toilet, sink and tub. Not pretty but with $1000 I could make something happen!!

  192. Elizabeth says:

    Love the white cabinets! If I won, I would either use it to refresh our kitchen cabinets and add a backsplash or replace our bathroom countertops. Plus, pick up a few fun new tools!

  193. I love this makeover–so fresh-looking! I’m truly in love with your island!! If I won the makeover I would definitely use it toward new countertops (we have TERRIBLE old vinyl) and new kitchen flooring: my heart just swoons thinking about it:)

  194. If I won, I would finally be able to redo my home office/ craft room. The walls have the worst wallpaper board I have ever seen (not wallpaper attached to drywall but actual decorative wallpaper board straight out of the 1970’s), and there is very little to no insulation or drywall behind the horrible particle board. The room also needs crown molding and baseboards to match the rest of the house. So it will be a major DIY project in my 1950’s ranch style house.

  195. Love the makeover!!!!! It looks so great!!! Love what you did to the island. If I win the $1,000 I would love to buy a headboard and maybe some other bedroom things. We have never done much to make our bedroom look nice. It would be such a treat! 🙂

  196. I would put the money towards buying all the standard hardware tools we’re missing. During our time in a commuter marriage for 2 years, our budget was super tight so we didn’t have extra money to invest in buying the “usual home goods”. Now every time we want to attempt a project, we have to go out and buy the tools for it prior! It would be great to have a variety of usual tools on hand already.

  197. Looks great! What a big improvement and it’s incredible Home Depot takes care of it all. Who knew?!

    What WOULDN’T I buy at HD with an extra $1000 to spend? I know it’s out of season now but I think I’d take a giant portion of it and do some awesome landscaping or yard work. Maybe update some fixtures inside. Update our bathroom…. I could go on forever with my hopes and dreams for my current home.

  198. Jessica Galati says:

    Great job! I love the resurfacing! I painted and didnt like the look as much as what you guys did! I’m in the middle of redoing the kitchen for my mother ( I still live home!) And after painting the cabinets I replaced the floor and appliances! I’m almost out of money so waiting a little bit to finish. If I won the girftcard I would suprise my mother with a new counter and back splash for christmas (its currently PINK laminate counters/back splash) Happy Holidays!

  199. It looks great!! I would use that money towards new countertops! They are desperately needed!

  200. I need materials from Home Depot for kitchen and bathroom upgrades!

  201. I would add toppers to my cabinets JUST.LIKE.THAT. This is gorgeous!

  202. I would do the exact same thing as you and reface our cabinets. I love the white!

  203. Hi! I love your new cabinets! I would either do what you did (!) or get new counter tops. I would looove butcher block countertops. And if I did that, I am sure I would need to get a new sink and faucet… 🙂
    Love your blog, you are hilarious! ps.. I live in Indy too!

  204. Jessica O says:

    Beautiful:) We’re moving into a new home at the end of the year, and there are endless projects to work on over there! Specifically, we would like to update the outside with new shutters in the spring, and the grift card would help so much!

  205. I would definitely work on our house we just bought! We’ve done so much to it already and there’s so much more to go. I can’t imagine how awesome it would be to have $1000 just to spend on our home!

  206. WOW! What a difference. I absolutely adore white cabinets and have big dreams to remodel our kitchen too– someday! I had no idea prior to reading your posts that refacing was even an option, much less from Home Depot. Needless to say, I’m very happy to learn this news. If I had $1000 from Home Depot, I’d definitely spend it making a dent in our kitchen makeover.

  207. I love the updated kitchen. I love white cabinets. They always make a room brighter and feel bigger.

    If I won the giveaway, I have a list of things that I would love to buy. I would have to decide between my kitchen or framing my inside windows. My kitchen sink and faucet (it’s leaking) then of course countertop. But I would want to paint my kitchen cabinets white (right now they are a cream and look sad), so I would need paint and hardware. But then I also want new lighting and floors in the kitchen. It’s a long list. But my windows were replaced in April and still are not finished on the inside, oh one day!

  208. It’s gorgeous! I would so get my kitchen redone…our cabinets are 30+ years old!

  209. Your kitchen looks fabulous! I painted our oak cabinets a creamy white 2 years ago and it made my kitchen look like it fit our style and it definitely fit my budget…but there are still issues with it being small and not enough storage. My father in law built me a cabinet for our dishwasher and it has additional storage but I would love to add some vertical storage above it. I also need to add storage cabinet above the fridge and since your under cabinet lighting looks so good I am convinced I NEED it too. I would add hardware to all the doors and drawers – I love cup pulls and crystal knobs (if I can convince the hubs). Now with that said another thing on my wish list is new interior doors…I am sure would have a hard time narrowing down the list of things I could purchase at Home Depot!

  210. If I won the Home Depot $1000 giveaway, I would use it towards new kitchen countertops.

  211. katie greenlaw says:

    Your kitchen looks great!! I love our kitchen, but it is starting to show it’s age. Cabinets are chipping, the oven doesn’t heat evenly, etc. I’d love to give this room a little love!

  212. Wowzers!! What a beautiful makeover! If I had that money from HD I would purchase crown moulding to trim out our entire first level!

  213. Lisa Brown says:

    i would use it towards new kitchen cabinets, ours are warped terribly.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  214. Amazing transformation! I love the white. If I had a $1000 gift card from Home Depot I would get new flooring for my kitchen and start working on getting new cabinets!

  215. Jenny De La Cruz says:

    Your kitchen looks just like the “dream” kitchen that flashes through my mind when I wake up at 2am and can’t sleep!!! I love the color, the hardware, the counters, EVERYTHING!!! If I won a home depot card, I would immediately reface all of my cabinets. They are only 3 years old, but the person who flipped our house before we bought it put in these really dark cabinets, and the galley style kitchen looks sooooo dark. I would also dish out the money to put in new tile floors and a new sink (one of those trendy farmstyle ones).

  216. I would use the money to makeover my parent’s bathroom and paint their house.

  217. Danielle Bentley says:

    I would definately put the money towards resurfacing my cabinets!

  218. Crystal M. says:

    If I had a $1000 gift card for home depot, I would use it redo my master bedroom by painting, installing crown molding and new closet doors.

  219. You’re kitchen looks fantastic!!! If I won $1000 from Home Depot I would buy a new vacuum and a ride on mover for the hubby! OOOOOO or maybe materials for a DIY headboard!?

    1. Ugh! I meant *Your Kitchen and ride on MOWER not mover lol I got a little excited and made a few mistakes!

  220. Everything! We just purchased a fixer upper. It was the way to get into the neighborhood we want and it needs a lot of work! We’re going to start with the garage doors, kitchen and bathrooms, then tackle flooring and ceilings and new windows!

  221. Beautiful cabinets! We’re a month away from moving into a new house.. if I won I would buy a new washer/dryer set to keep up with all the laundry my 6 month old creates!

  222. Oh man, where to start? I would love to put in new cabinets too. I just love white cabinets!

  223. Your kitchen looks fabulous. Love that you turned the wasted space above the cabinets into usable space. It I won the $1000 I’d rework my laundry room.

  224. Your kitchen looks awesome! You did an amazing job putting it together. If I won I would get new appliances or new carpet. Thanks for the chance.

  225. Glory me! Your new kitchen is gorgeous! I love the white & extended cabinets – you’ve such a great eye for it all. As for the gift card, I’m really crossing my fingers on this one. It’s a toss up between new cabinets (how I found your post!) and wood floors. In any case, our house is builder’s grade glam from the 80’s and desperately needs some updating. Thank you so much for this giveaway.

  226. Lovely transformation! I never knew re-facing cabinets was an option. Taking my cabinets off, painting and re hanging them was such a test of my patience.
    If I was $1000 from HD I would purchase tile for my backsplash to finish my y own kitchen renovation 🙂

  227. Oh my gosh! I love it!
    If I won, I would use the gift card to do the same thing to our kitchen! It’s so small and lacks storage. I’ve been wanting to extend the cabinets, repaint them, add a new sink, counter top and back splash.

  228. Love, love, love it all! And thanks for showing the “behind the scenes” on how the toppers worked. The under cabinet lights and bookshelf were great additions! And we got the cow creamer for a wedding gift also – one of my favs;) Since we’re renters, if I won the gift card, I’d use it to buy a washer and dryer after our next month! No more apartment laundry centers!

  229. Love it! Looks so fresh and bigger! I would put in new counters in my kitchen or eedi our shower in the master

  230. I’d put that puppy towards new countertops for sure. Your kitchen looks fabuloso!! Loooove it!

  231. What a difference! I love it! I would love to rip out our gross carpet and lay hardwood. I would also love to add built ins into our living room to help out with storage/organization. With a family of 7, life gets messy.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  232. Fantastic new kitchen! I would put that cash towards new lighting and blinds throughout the house. Lights so that I can see inside my house. Blinds so that the neighbors can’t.

  233. I would use the HD prize to add hardwood flooring to my home.

  234. That looks amazing! I would absolutely use $1000 on a new kitchen floor 🙂

  235. I would use the gift card towards a new refrigerator!! I love the cabinets! I am into white right now and I want to paint my kitchen cabinets white, so I’d probably buy some paint too! 😉

  236. love this kitchen! we have white cabinets but they don’t extend to the ceiling. would love to do that! From HD I would get new hardwood floors put in. that would be awesome!

  237. Very well done! We have been considering either refacing or replacing our cabinetry through our local Home Depot, and this has definitely convinced us to go for it! We would do one or the other with a gift card. Thanks for the inspiration!

  238. I just got married, so a Home Depot gift card would allow us to add all sorts of fun things to our new home! A $1,000 gift card could help us stock our home with a little bit of everything we need to continue to work on small projects in our home 🙂

  239. We would use the gift card towards new white cabinets. We’ve been planning on replacing our kitchen cabinets ourselves and already picked them out at Home Depot! Your kitchen looks fantastic!

  240. gorgeous transformation!!! we are moving into a new house that needs tons of construction and updating. Home Depot here we come!

  241. I would love new flooring from Home Depot! The kitchen looks great!

  242. Ashley S. says:

    I would re-do our carpets and/or cabinets!

  243. Candace Anthony says:

    I would use the gift card to renew my kitchen cabinets! This looks great!

  244. I llove it! Would do the same refacing !!

  245. The white is so bright and refreshing! I would definitely use the Home Depot card on my kitchen as well, have always dreamed of a yellow and blue kitchen!

  246. The refacing looks great! It seems like such a more budget friendly option yet I haven’t seen many reviews on it. Thanks for sharing. I would definitely buy an area rug for our home with the money.

  247. Christine F. says:


    I would replace our upstairs flooring, for sure! Bye bye nasty carpet!

  248. We are saving up to replace the flooring downstairs. We alao have the same builder cabinets and want to refinish them as well. We have an open floor plan so it would all benefit from some sprucing.

  249. Natasha d says:

    Reface cabinets too!

  250. SO many things!! We have a yard that needs to be ripped out and started over — so probably the stuff we need to do that!

  251. Cathy Sommerfelt says:

    I have so many projects that I would like to tackle; or have someone do for me. I definitely love this idea for resurfacing my kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them. Being retired and on a very strict budget makes it very hard to update things in my home that really need updating. This would be one of the top contenders on my “to do” list.

    Thank you so much for the ideas.

  252. Amanda R. says:

    I love your new kitchen! Our house was built in the 1950’s and the kitchen has not been updated since (except some new appliances), so I would use the gift card to help update our sad, old kitchen.

  253. I would use the gift card to get new flooring for my living room, and I would also get resurfacing for my kitchen cabinets! Awesome job on the re-do!!

  254. We are redoing our master bath so I would buy supplies and paint!

  255. Very nice, fresh-looking makeover! We have the same color cabinets, and though I wouldn’t go white I do like your new look. As for the gift card, we’d get wood flooring for the dining room and FINALLY get some furniture in there (only been 15 years…).

  256. Wow, what a great before and after! I would love to have white cabinets in my kitchen. We just bought a condo and the kitchen is so dated! I would do the refacing option. Plus, I would love to get a new backsplash, sink and new tiles for the floor. Oh, the possibilities!! 🙂

  257. Ashley Busse says:

    I would get our cabinets refaced in white, too! Have been wanting to do that forever!!

  258. I love this! We’ve been thinking about refacing our cabinets as well. I’m glad it worked out so well. I’d probably get new lighting though with the gift card!

  259. Iris Dondlinger says:

    I would buy new flooring for our home. Love how the kitchen turned out.

  260. This kitchen is beautiful. I would buy a new snowblower or just a bunch of stuff for DIY projects!

  261. I’d love to re-do our kitchen and add wood flooring to our living room as well.

  262. Katie Davis says:

    I love this and so want to do this! Thank you for sharing about the service Home Depot offers – I didn’t know! 🙂
    With the money I would either have my cabinets redone or I would get laminate flooring put in. Both will really brighten up and modernize our home!

  263. I love your new kitchen! Nice and bright….so pretty. If I won, I would buy a fridge from Home Depot…and look into getting a cabinet or wine rack. Need more cabinet and pantry space for sure.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  264. rachel switzler says:

    i love your kitchen, it turned absolutely amazing. if i won the home depot gift card, i would use it to replace my back sliding glass door and my front door, or possibly raise the hideous dropped ceiling in my kitchen and install a new light fixture.

  265. If I won I would buy a new vanity for our bathroom. One with a granite top!!!

  266. Your kitchen looks so beautiful and polished. I think one of my favorite things is the new bookcase – I love storage and the things you display there really, truly pop! Yay bursts of color!

    If I won the gift card, I would give it to my mother. She’s had the same kitchen cabinets for 25 years and they’ve gone through a ridiculous amount of wear and tear. They look retro (her house was built in the fifties) and have a weird reddish orange grain, not to mention they’re scratched and have oil stains from years of kids grabbing onto them to open them. I think she’s the most deserving person I know and it would be amazing to see her face light up if I told her she would have new cabinets. 🙂

  267. Love love love your cabinets!

    If I won a $1000 to Home Depot there would definitely be a bathroom reno in my future!

  268. Yes! I love white cabinets! We painted ours ourselves at the beginning of the year, and it makes such a big difference in the feel of our house.

    Later on we want to extend the tops of our cabinets to fill in the dead space too, so it was cool to see how they just used taller cabinet doors on the fronts (right?). I’d like to see a picture of the finished cabinets with one of the doors open to see what will fit in the new top space.

    If I won the giveaway, I’d use part of the money to buy cabinets for our bathrooms (need more storage!) and part of it to buy a new light fixture for my entryway and a chandelier for my closet (fun splurge).

  269. The makeover looks beautiful!! My kitchen cabinets also need a desperate makeover, along with the bathroom cabinets!

  270. What a difference! I’d love to get my cabinets refaced, but I would use the gift card to update my bathroom vanity and flooring. Priorities!

  271. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    So beautiful! If I won I would get new light fixtures for the kitchen and bathroom. I would also redo the tile in the kitchen!

  272. Love your kitchen makeover! Gorgeous! If I won, I would buy new flooring for our family room because our current capeting is just gross. Thanks for the chance!

  273. I want to do the same thing to my oak cabinets! Looks awesome! If I won I would put it towards a cabinet reface also!! YAY!

  274. Hollie Jahnke says:

    Your kitchen looks amazing!!! We have the exact same cabinets. I never liked them and I’ve always wanted to paint them black but I’ve been way too chicken! Now that I see your transformation and how awesome yours looks, I think we might be able to do it too!!

  275. Your kitchen looks amazing! I would love to replace our kitchen floor!

  276. I would buy a new washer and dryer. I desperately need them, but they are a big expense. $1,000 would make it a much easier purchase 🙂

  277. Nice work! I would re-do my half bath which lives in 1985.

  278. Love ~ Love the new redo on the kitchen !! Such a smart idea to extend the cabinets up higher !! If I won I would replace our kichen cabinets on the bottom – they are warped from water damage – then I hope there would be enough to think about a new dishwasher ! Your kitchen looks awesome !! Great job !!

  279. Love ~ Love the new redo on the kitchen !! Such a smart idea to extend the cabinets up higher !! If I won I would replace our kichen cabinets on the bottom – they are warped from water damage – then I hope there would be enough to think about a new dishwasher ! Your kitc
    hen looks awesome !! Great job !!

  280. Michelle L says:

    Wow, our cabinets are still stuck in the 70’s. LOL I, too, would possibly do a cabinet facing refinish OR buy wood flooring to replace our HORRIBLY stained carpeting in our dining room 🙁 Looked beautiful when we bought the house, but 9 years with 5 children – BLECH 😉 Thanks for this opportunity!

  281. Nicollette says:

    Ahhh there are so so many things I would buy with $1,000 gift card from Home Depot. It would probably go towards new countertops for our kitchen! 🙂

  282. Donna Ingalls says:

    Just love your kitchen redo. Wow, what a difference!

    I would replace my kitchen countertops and buy paint for the inside of my house. I’m tired of living in a world of ” builder’s beige.”

  283. Omg…. if I had $1, 000 to spend at Home Depot I think I would pee a little! LOL! I would probably use it towards a new washer and dryer! I need new ones badly, but they aren’t cheap! Also some shelving for under our stairs to organize it better!

  284. Michelle L. says:

    I live in an old drafty house so I’d probably put it toward either insulation or new windows. $1000 would help a lot with that!
    Like your “new” kitchen & wow! That’s a lot of white. It’s kind of hard to see there’s so much white in the after pics. LOL!

  285. Sam Spaulding says:

    My goodness… A thousand bucks! That’s like Christmas for this gal! Though the hubs and I want to completely gut our main floor bath, it’s just out of the question right now. (Seven years of alimony payments to recoup from.) Now that we ‘re making the final payment, we’ve got so many ideas to redo the house! But so many other obligations… I’d take this money and replace our leaking shower and open up the space, redo the cabinets, paint… I’d also buy a gorg chandelier for my dining room, because. I mean, come on, who DOESN’T want something sparkly?

  286. Eleasa Strain says:

    I’d probably do the same and refaced my cabinets! Or buy some flooring!

  287. I would buy the supplies to reprint all of the trim in my house, as well as sprucing up our bathroom. And a new light fixture. For the front porch 🙂

  288. Amy Schauland says:

    I’d absolutely Reface our kitchen cabinets – they sorely need a facelift. And no handles here either, gah!

  289. I love your new kitchen! We just bought a new to us house and I would use the $1000 to update our kitchen and any left over would go to my new craft room! 🙂

  290. I love how your kitchen came out! I have oak cabinets in my kitchen, and wonder if I should reface them at some point. If I won the money, though, the first thing I would do is put it toward replacing the carpeting in my home! (And putting in hardwood floors!)

  291. Or… my kitchen could use new countertops, too. Maybe I would go for that if I won!

  292. Barbara Gardner says:

    I would {LOVE} to replace the carpet in my bedroom! and add knobs to my own kitchen cabinets that I already {LOVE}

  293. I would get granite counters and tile floors for the kitchen.

  294. I would love to get fencing for my home’s backyard — we need some privacy! (OUr home backs to a playground.)

  295. We need some curb appeal.

  296. My family would love to buy wood look tile to replace the old builders carpet in our home from Home Depot. Home Depot’s prices were the fairest and I would truly appreciate the help.

  297. I would get a new front door- we need one!

  298. I would love to replace the linoleum in my home’s entry way to tile!

  299. I love your kitchen & that island! I can’t believe how much the wall color pops with the white cabinets!

    We would buy paint for about a million and twelve different projects and also tile for our two tiny bathroom floors! 🙂 That gift card would be like my Christmas dreams come true!

  300. Kaitlyn Cennamo says:

    I absolutely love this! It’s such an inspiration! If I won, I would use it to finish my craft room/office makeover!

  301. Christine McDonald says:

    New washer & dryer!

  302. Just bought a new house so I would use it to do some much needed updating.

  303. I would definitely update OUR kitchen, and finish de-brassing the house- there are still brass doorknobs and hinges that need to go!

  304. Wanda McHenry says:

    If I won this giveaway I would get a shed.

  305. Carmen Lucero says:

    Chelsea, what an amazing makeover! Home Depot did an awesome job! The kitchen looks so much brighter and bigger. My husband and I have been thinking about renewing our kitchen cabinets for months now. They are the same color of the ones you had before, so if I won the $1000 I would have my kitchen cabinets redone too! Thanks for the chance!

    Carmen L

  306. Jammi Smith says:

    Love your makeover! We are trying to finish our kids rooms in our basement, so probably something relating to that.

  307. deb rhoads says:

    I would start off w/ a compound mitre saw so I can add crown moulding! after that I might look into new lighting and faucets and bathroom mirrors. oh wait, how about a new kitchen sink! There are so many possibilities!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  308. I didn’t even know you could “resurface” those awful builder’s grade cabinets! I would love to do that with mine!! We also need some new vanities for our builder grade bathrooms!

  309. There are so many things I need to purchase! I had never thought of extending my standard cupboards higher, like you did. What an excellent idea! I have been wanted to paint my cabinets for a while and so i would buy new countertops so I can complete my kitchen refresh project!!!

  310. D SCHMIDT says:

    Your kitchen is beautiful! I really like the sleek, crisp look of it. If I were lucky enough to win I think I would probably purchase a new built in microwave with trim kit (those kits are surprisingly expensive). I would also love a new kitchen sink because mine has seen better days.

  311. Adrienne H. says:

    Beautiful make-over. The bookcase is my favorite part of your kitchen. If I won the Home Depot gift card I would renew our cabinets and turn them white like yours. I’d add a pretty tiffany blue glass tiled backsplash to the walls. I’d remove our old,scratched double sink and add in a clean,white single farmer bowl. It’s so dreary in the Pacific Northwest during the winter with all the rain. This transformation would brighten up our kitchen and hearts!

  312. Dani Ramsey says:

    LOVE IT!! So many hard choices—but probably paint and new doors

  313. Elizabeth Apostola says:

    Awesome! I have the same builders grade bleh –I would totally put the money towards refacing our cabinets as well!

  314. Wow! Your kitchen is beautiful! My kitchen was built in 1964. New cabinets would be fantastic!

  315. What a big difference with those toppers! I’d love to reface our cabinets or maybe make out fantasy family friendly backyard more of a reality! I look forward to creating a space where my family can make happy memories in!

  316. I am jealous, but we’re moving in the next year or so, so redoing my cabinets seems goofy. I’d use the 1k toward resale options – most likely however far I could toward granite counters

  317. Great transformation! I would definitely use the gift card towards my kitchen… I need anew cooktop.

  318. I would love to remodel the kitchen. This post has inspired me.. what a transformation!

  319. That’s amazing! I really need a new washer and dryer! I could definitely use the gift card for that!

  320. Love it! I would use the gift card to start on one of our dozens of projects as we just purchased our first fixer upper. Someday I will love my kitchen…Someday! 🙂

  321. I love how the white cabinets instantly breathe new life and light into your kitchen!
    How would I use a gift card? So many options! But, first would be built-in bookshelves to flank my fireplace! I’ve been dreaming of those for quite awhile! Any leftover would be used to create storage in my children’s playroom. Hooray for organization!

  322. The white cabinets look fantastic! For me, it would be a tough call between new counter tops and replacing the carpeting with hard flooring.

  323. Love the new look! I would replace my kitchen floor.

  324. Looks great! I’d use the money for a new dishwasher and garbage disposal!

  325. Elizabeth says:

    The cabinet refacing looks so nice, it really does transform the entire kitchen! I had no idea Home Depot did that. We just had them install new windows in our house and love them so far! There are so many things I would do with $1,000 dollars from Home Depot it is hard to choose one, but we would probably add insulation to our attic and duck system. I know it’s not very exciting but it is very much needed and would save us so much money long term.

  326. Elizabeth says:

    Oops meant duct not duck! LOL 🙂

  327. Jennifer Monroe says:

    I would love to buy supplies to redo our kitchen!!

  328. Bethany C. says:

    Very pretty. I would buy new floors for my kitchen!

  329. Katherine Kealey says:

    Wow! I would totally reface my cabinets!

  330. Gorgeous makeover! I would definitely rock the cabinet refacing if I won.

  331. ow! I’m blown away! I would use the money to reface my kitchen cabinets as well. I, too have builder grade cabinets. Thanks.

  332. I would apply to a master bathroom update…flooring, paint… Thanks.

  333. We are in desparate need of some handicap upgrades to our bathroom! $1000 would sure help with that! Love the new clean, crisp, fresh kitchen! So inviting!

  334. Melissa Walker says:

    If I won, I think new flooring would be amazing.

  335. Lynn Saavedra says:

    If I won, I’d look into replacing my cabinet fronts.

  336. The floor in our kitchen is warped from water damage and if I won I would replace it! Thanks!!

  337. Beautiful kitchen!! If I won I would reface too! I have light wood cabinets and have wanted white for a while! You’re looks great. I would do the same to give my kitchen an update!!

  338. Chrystal L. says:

    Wow, it is a beautiful transformation! I love how the cabinets look extended to the ceiling. What is the color you have on the walls? I’ve been looking for a fresh, light blue-green color; this looks perfect. If I were to win, I would use it towards new cabinets/countertops in the kitchen of the house recently purchased. The countertops are warped and the cabinets need to be replaced.

  339. I am totally satisfy to see your creativity and this is a Brilliant and authentic design as well as information and I think this will really help people like me who don’t have enough experience on decoration. Can you provide me your Facebook page URL or Pintrest ? I want to share with my followers. Thanks for all your information.

  340. Love the cabinet extensions! Such a big difference and update to the look of the whole room. And I didn’t know you could do that so easily. The whole room looks really lovely. I’m not sure if the contest is still open, but if it is, we could really use new appliances in our kitchen. 🙂

  341. Huge difference in your kitchen! Beautiful! If I won this contest, Carpet and paint would be my first choice from Home Depot. I love that place. It is one of my favorite stores!!!!

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  342. Jennifer C says:

    Wow, what a beautiful job. The kitchen looks wonderful. I absolutely love the toppers on the cabinets. I will have to keep that in mind. If I won the Home Depot gift card I would look into having our kitchen cabinets refaced as well.

  343. Looks beautiful! Just like the cabinets I dream of having one day!

    If I won the giveaway, I would have plenty to use it on…we will be buying a house very soon! I think the first room I will tackle is the kitchen, so I would probably use it for refinishing cabinets making a new kitchen layout!

  344. Joy Elise says:

    I have always wanted white cabinets! So happy for you!

    I would use the card for a new floor to replace the 65 yr. old laminate in my kitchen!!

  345. Sherri smith says:

    This is my dream!!!!! To turn my orange cabnits white!!!!! I’d def get mine refaced if I won!!!!!

  346. Christy Tuell says:

    We remodeled our kitchen a few years ago and I love it! I now need to redo the adjoining laundry room to make it complete. I keep the laundry room door shut at all times so it doesn’t take away from my beautiful kitchen!

  347. Christy Tuell says:

    Your kitchen is beautiful…so fresh and clean!!!

  348. Meagan Buck says:

    I would get a new dishwasher and microwave. I’ve been slowly upgrading my appliances as I can afford it. This would be great!

  349. Aubrey Gillespie says:

    I’d probably my kitchen cabinets with the $1000! And add a backsplash! Your kitchen looks awesome 🙂

  350. I have no idea how far $1000 would go, but 1st I would focus on all new appliances (dishwasher, fridge, stove) because all of mine are SHOT and starting to not work! I am betting that would eat up the whole grand!

  351. Wow, what a great transformation. Now that I’ve seen your kitchen I would definitely put.the prize towards renewing my cabinets.

  352. If I won the gift card we would redo our kitchen’s backsplash… the bright yellow from the 1960’s is cramping my style! 🙂

  353. Amanda Gurski says:

    I would get granite counter tops to replace my stained white laminate ones!!

  354. I love white kitchens and it makes it so easy to clean! Good choice!

    We have an extra room with our home that I have been wanting to convert into a nursery! I want to use the card
    To install a bigger window, dry wall, and carpet to make it cozy!

  355. Mario Giambanco says:

    We would buy a new vanity, tub and anything else for a new bathroom!

  356. We would put the money towards our deck expenses, as well as the enclosed patio–they are our next projects in the home renovation!

  357. I would love to redo our countertops and try to fit in a trash compactor.

  358. I would purchase some tile and a new area rug if I won!

  359. Sierra Stortz says:

    I’d finally buy my husband the tool set he wants!

  360. Ryan Nicole says:

    I LOVE the White in your kitchen! Our kitchen is very similar and I cannot wait to change out the oak with WHITE! If I won, I would put the money towards new counter tops and tile for the kitchen!

  361. Definitely a new closet system. And probably also loads of spraypaint for DIY projects I’ll never get around to, lol.

  362. Christy B says:

    We would buy new tile for the master bath and hardwood flooring for the laundry room! Love love love your kitchen makeover. We’re thinking of doing something similar with our builder-grade cabinets 🙂

  363. We have been working on our home for over 6 YEARS. We knocked out the back wall with the sliding doors and added on. We just finish it bit by bit as we get the money. This money would sure help out. I would be able to get the carpet for a couple of bedrooms with this money.

  364. I would get new kitchen cabinets

  365. Wow, what a change that was! Hard to imagine that changing the cabinets made that much of a difference. I a won, I would get a new sink and counter tops.

  366. I’m redoing my home office and I would love to spend the gift card on that! Oh, that would be fun!

  367. I would put the $1000 toward remodeling the master bedroom.

  368. Gorgeous. If I win. I would deck the halls inside and out. I would suprise my
    95yr old grandma by decorating her new apt. I also would help the Providence
    Rescue mission by buying some building supplies for their new homeless shelter

  369. Susan Smith says:

    Looks great If I won the $1000 GC I would use it to replace our kitchen floor.

  370. Tearsa Harlan says:

    If I were to win the gift certificate, I would use it to make repairs to the basement rooms where there is water damage. I love your kitchen renovation and hope to make some improvements to mine some day. Although, I have to admit I do like my kitchen quite a bit even like it is.

  371. I would not hesitate to give your work full marks. Really all the kitchen cabinets are well-designed and perfect match for every kitchens. We have tried Brookhaven kitchen cabinets for our house. They look similar to those about which you have mentioned here.

  372. I love the new look. All white does really open up the space. If I were to win I would be getting new kitchen floors and countertops.

  373. Sonya Morris says:

    I love the refacing you did on your cabinets! I really need to remodel our master bathroom so I would use it for that if I won. It still has the original yellow/gold tub that the first owners put in over 30 years ago! Of course, it may be the ugliest tub color, I have to say it has held up extremely well!!

  374. Whow! Beautiful job. I really don’t know where I would start. I need so much but again, thank you for the post!!!!

  375. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would buy a snowblower.

  376. I”ll get new appliances (stove is 30 years old) and new cabinets and a new floor. Thanks for the contest.

  377. I really like the cabinet refacing! I would probably re-do my balcony and get furniture though.

  378. Sandra bridges says:

    I would basically do the EXACT same thing you did. Our cabinets are old as dirt and as sad as it is, I live in my husbands ex-wife’s house. Bleh. Help!?!

  379. We totally need to update and refresh our kitchen!

  380. i would do some serious xmas shopping! ho ho ho! 🙂

  381. I would love new quartz kitchen counter tops!

  382. I would use it to update the bathroom (new faucets, tile, flooring, and the list goes on!) and of course, buy some paint!

  383. I”m considering cabinet refacing. Yours looks fantastic!

  384. I’d definitely get my cabinets refaced!

  385. I had no idea that Home Depot does this kind of work! That’s incredible! We have standard oak cabinets and I’ve always wanted them darker, but when we tried it in the bathrooms, it doesn’t look as good as I would like when we did it by ourselves. I’m definitely going to look into Home Depot’s prices! I’d love to win to get our cabinets done!!

  386. It REALLY does look like a new kitchen! What an amazing transformation (although I would have loved your “before” kitchen too.)

    I would use a gift cert for new flooring in my kitchen.

  387. We would finally be able to get the flooring that connects our family room and kitchen together! It’s been a dream of our’s for a VERY long time now!

  388. We would use the gift card to buy a new fridge for our kitchen. The current one no longer makes ice!

    Your kitchen looks fab. I need to do the exact same thing to our cabinets!

  389. That is so amazing! The transformation is just awesome. I love how it looks!
    We would use the reward to redo our kitchen cabinets as well!

  390. Great transformation! We have 2 feet above our builder grade cabinets. Could we just add doors to the toppers or should we just replace all doors?

  391. Molly McLendon says:

    I absolutely love this! Your kitchen turned out fabulous and I know it’s just going to keep getting better. We just moved from Texas to Michigan and purchased a home that has the exact same problem. We would definitely use that money to reface them from the oak to the white. It’s a small kitchen and I need to brighten it up!

  392. If I won I would purchase new flooring for my kitchen — that white linoleum is getting on my nerves!!!

  393. Heather ODell says:

    The Kitchen Cabinets, we were just talking about painting them white, this would be much better

  394. I would work on my kitchen. After 20 years it needs a facelift really bad.

  395. Would have been a better article if the price for that was mentioned. From the looks of things, refacing can cost as much as tearing out a kitchen and installing new cabs.

  396. Your cabinets look great! We are looking to do something similar with our cabinets, but would probably use the gift card first to update my kids bedrooms with paint and closet organizers. My daughter is ready for a big girl room! If money was still left over I would love to update our cabinets.

  397. Your cabinets look great! I had no idea HD offered those services, besides of couse all new cabinets. We had the same yellowish oak cabinets and painted them white also with similar hardware – love it, so worth it. Now I need to tackle our builder grade 90s bathrooms and could definitely use the giftcard for paint, hardware, sinks, countertops, and new tile to replace the awful tile border.

  398. I would use the money from Home Depot to reface my ugly cabinets.

  399. Your “new” kitchen looks awesome! I love the transition from oak to white. I’ve been bugging my husband for years to let me change our cabinets to white. That’s what I’d do with the gift certificate! Finally, get our kitchen fixed up. We live in an old house and it’s the only room that hasn’t had a makeover.

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  401. I just discovered your site. I just love your kitchen! Could you tell me what size it is?

  402. Everyone loves what you guys tend to be up too. This sort of clever work and reporting! Keep up the awesome works guys I’ve added you guys to blogroll.

  403. Custom kitchen cabinets are an opportunity to give your kitchen an updated look in Rosedale Custom kitchen cabinets are available in array of styles in Baltimore

  404. Lisa Blair-Rogers says:

    This is amazing!

  405. Stunning! I love your new kitchen! My cabinet door hinges are breaking one by one and can’t be replaced so I would love to do this to my kitchen! What a great makeover!

  406. This is exactly what I want to do to our 1958 kitchen. We do not have a kitchen island. When we bought the house, the previous owners (badly) painted the kitchen salmon pink and a beige white paint for moldings, etc. The stove is original as is the range, and most of the burners on the range don’t work and the frills of the oven fizzled out years ago. The oven is longer than wide and space for the fridge is small (glossy white). The counters are old-time laminate and the double sink is porcelain, as is the backsplash.

    I would do everything you have done except replace the original oven and range. I hope to find an appliance store that would know how to “fix” the problems of the appliances. The only other difference would be to add the “classic” black and white tiled floor as the house has a real 50’s feel. (I have a black & white round table & chairs popular in that era.) Unfortunately I am unable to perform the tasks you did yourself and would have to hire someone for the labor which probably puts my dream transformation out of reach. But I can still dream and admire your kitchen!

    Thank you for posting everything you did as you reworked your kitchen and you made me rethink having a double or undermounted sink!

  407. Stunning! Our kitchen looks identical to your “before” kitchen. These might be silly questions, but did you paint the toppers and around the cabinets white, or did you cut out laminate to go around the wall cabinet openings, like you did with the island?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. The toppers were attached the to tops of the existing cabinets and the laminate was glued to the fronts of everything, like what they did with the island. Hope that helps!

  408. Just wondering how your kitchen cabinets are holding up after using them for a few months? Interested in knowing if the laminate is sticking well to your cabinets and are they easy to clean?

  409. I love the colour of your kitchen walls! Are they mint green? Any chance you remember the name of the paint and who it is by?

  410. Kathleen Nugent says:

    Could you tell me where you go the bookshelf addition? We have an overhang for a breakfast bar that we do not use and would love to add shelves in that space.

  411. I see the kitchen cabinets (standard) then the box cabinets created to go to the ceiling. Wondering how much it costs to make those boxes for the top? If we are starting from scratch and wan the least expensive way to get floor to ceiling…would it be standard cabinets from california closet or home depot and then get someone to build those little boxes and paint finish all to match or coordinate? Thank you

  412. Your original cabinets look a lot like the ones I have in my kitchen right now. Who knew you could reface them. My husband has been talking about painting them ourselves but this seems like a better idea 🙂

  413. What a great transformation! I am planning to do our old kitchen cabinets which we recycled and placed into a sort of utility / mudroom. Lots of info and inspiration – Thanks

  414. Such a great overhaul! I love the addition to the end of the island. Its all, so PRETTY

  415. I think you just won the award for most comments, Chelsea!!! What a beautiful transformation. I’m so happy you linked up your kitchen to Inspiration Monday Party. I just featured it in my Newsletter. I included 1 photo of your transformation and a link to your post. Congrats, and I hope to see you next week! XO

  416. I love it!! So gorgeous!! I also love your food prints on the wall.

    Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty!!

  417. That’s a very impressive makeover. I think the toppers make so much difference!! Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday!

  418. I had no idea you would add to the tops of your kitchen cabinets like that! Brilliant! Love your light and airy kitchen! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity at the The DIY Collective this week! Please come back next week to show off your latest project!

  419. what did you pick for your backsplash?

  420. What are the dimensions of your kitchen? We are wanting a similar layout but are unsure if we have a wide enough kitchen.
    Thank you!!

  421. When you need to hire a subcontractor to do work in your home. Ask for references, make sure you get them, even if everyone you know says the person is terrific. Call every single reference you receive and if possible go look at the work he has done. Ask about more than whether or not he ‘does he do a quality job’. Ask questions about his work ethic; does he come every day, does he drink or smoke while he there, does he have excuses for leaving earlier, do they know if he has ever walked out in the middle of a job, how does he handle criticism. If you have a completion date that can’t be moved, I would add something to the contract that says if he isn’t there on time or skips day, there is a reduction in the labor costs or he agrees to work late or on Saturdays so the job is completed on time. Also, agree beforehand on how to handle questions. changes, criticisms, and areas that you consider sub-par work. You don’t want him quitting in the middle of the job, it is almost impossible to find someone to finish a project started by someone else.

  422. Maimnashoaibmunnee says:

    Very beautiful kitchen cabinets look very very nice when will my Queen Elizabeth 11i Wil used I can’t wait pray for me I will come soon thanks for everything so many love and thanks

  423. Hi Chelsea, thank you for sharing your beautiful home and idea with us. I read 99.5% of the messages above in hopes to find the answer without bothering you but hence I didn’t find what I was looking for……. Where did you get that amazing 3 tier holder on your countertop? I’m in love with it and now I have the space for it I would love to get it. Of course I know this is a 3 yr old post but I girl can wish right?! Thanks

  424. Sara Saxon says:

    Love how your cabinets turned out! I’ve been wanting to do this with mine, but thought the opening would be too small for the added space on top. How large is your opening? Can you actually use it for storage? My husband is a carpenter so he can do this project himself, but he thinks adding boxes on top would be pointless as the opening would only be around 6 inches.

  425. Julie Mullins says:

    Have you had any issues with the white laminated peeling or coming off?

  426. Great work! These kitchen cabinets are so beautiful. I was searching kitchen cabinets ideas for my new kitchen and your article is very helpful for me. Thanks and keep sharing.

  427. Great featured photos. Impressive beautiful designs. Thanks for sharing these kind of kitchen make-overs. Well written article. Great work.

  428. Hey Chelsea, That’s a stunning makeover! The choice of white Shaker style doors is definitely better than honey oak finish. $7000 for such a reface sounds like a great deal too! Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Holiday!

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