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Decorated Flocked Christmas Tree

Get excited. Today I’m sharing our flocked Christmas tree decorated!

Before I get to the Christmas tree, I wanted to show you how I decorated the board and batten wall across from our built-in coat lockers. You see this wall when you’re coming from the front door to the living room and kitchen so I figured it needed a little Christmas cheer.

christmas board and batten

I got the felted wool mistletoe garland and wreath last year during a sale. The red and white felt ball garland was also a sale purchase– I want to say I scored each strand (there’s two in this photo) for $10 each. Perfect little pops of red in this holiday decor!

Click here to buy the felted garland. Click here to buy the felted wreath.

felted christmas wreath

I love the felted wool because it’s so classic and timeless– I can’t see it ever going out of style. Much like myself.

felted wreath

Now onto the tree!

Last year was my first year with this flocked artificial Christmas tree. I was so awestruck by its warm white beauty that I added some picks in it and called it a day. But this year I thought I should up my game a little, so I added some silver and red mercury glass ornaments.

Click HERE to buy the Christmas tree!

flocked christmas tree

Click HERE to buy the Christmas tree!

I got the ornaments from HomeGoods. I’m sure the cashier wanted to strangle me when I waltzed up with that many breakables to wrap. But I think I surprised her by wrapping the ornaments while she rang them up. And seriously, they’re gorgeous, substantial glass ornaments for the price. I’d believe it if I saw the same ornaments priced at $15 each at Pottery Barn. Oh, and I dropped one from at least 4 feet up, and nothing happened to it. Merry Christmas to me I guess?

mercury glass ornaments

Some of you may be thinking, “Wow, glass ornaments with a 9 month old baby. Ballsy, Chelsea.” BUT Emmett hasn’t shown much interest in the tree. And I figure next year he’ll be way more into it so I need to seize this moment and do glass ornaments this year and any other decoration ideas I may not be able to pull off in the next couple of years.

red and silver mercury glass ornaments

I have to be honest, all the white boxes with red ribbons and bows aren’t even wrapped. They’re just white boxes that I put red ribbons and bows on. Easiest. Gift. Wrapping. Ever. But they make for a perfect Christmas decor under this beautiful flocked tree o’ mine.

Click HERE to buy the Christmas tree!

red and white christmas gifts

I had to share this photo of Emmett taking his short morning nap in front of the tree the other day. Cutest addition to this winter wonderland home decor, am I right?

Here’s how it looks at night. Dreamy, right?

Click HERE to buy the Christmas tree!

flocked christmas tree at night


flocked Christmas tree … buy it HERE

woven tree collar … buy it HERE

star tree topper … buy it HERE

red ornaments … HomeGoods

silver ornaments … HomeGoods

berry picks … Michael’s

flocked branch picks … Michael’s

white gift boxes … buy them HERE

You can always decorate your flocked Christmas tree however you want. I’ve seen some gorgeous ones that are all white – white Christmas tree with white ornaments and all the other white Christmas tree decorations you can think of and they’re stunning. But you know me – I love anything that resembles peppermint and I have no shame in it.

But if you’re not like me, that’s fine! Throw on your plaid ribbons or make yours more shabby chic or do all black or whatever. The possibilities are endless and it’s YOUR tree! If you use my tree as inspiration, I’d love to see it so you can tag me on Instagram @twotwentyone!

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  1. What a gorgeous tree! I’d say you might be safe even next year if you dropped one of those ornaments from four feet and it was still okay! XO

    1. Thanks, Christy! Hah! Most likely, but then again I wouldn’t want of these to fall on little toes either– they’re heavy. (I made sure they’re very secure on the tree after I dropped one.)

  2. Oh my, that red against the white flocking is stunning! I have major tree envy 😉

  3. Chelsea. this is beyond stunning! That tree is gorgeous, every detail. I love the red and sweet mercury glass ornaments, stunning!

    1. Thank you so much, Amanda! Aren’t they gorgeous? And I don’t think I’ve ever seen red mercury glass ornaments before– or I haven’t been paying attention. But I’m obviously a fan now!

  4. Kristina Hudson says:

    As always, how lovely! I love the red on your tree, absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Kristina! And I’m not a big fan of red! I only started using it in Christmas decor a couple years ago. I’m a convert now.

  5. Beautiful! I’ve always wondered for those of you who buy new ornaments each year and make pretty, themed trees – do you sell the ornaments each year or keep a massive supply so you can mix and match them? And do you not have family/sentimental ornaments? Our whole tree is made up of ornaments from vacations, new baby, etc.

    1. I’m big on using picks. And I have a stash of different colored ornaments to mix in. But to be honest, I typically don’t use a ton of ornaments. We have sentimental ornaments– I get the kids a personalized Lenox ornament every year. In the past, I’ve put all of our sentimental ornaments on a smaller tree. I’m just so afraid of breaking one, which I know sounds silly.

  6. Patricia Schroll says:

    All your decorations are beautiful. Your tree stands out with the red and white, in other words it’s stunning.
    Love your little one taking his nap!

  7. Your tree is gorgeous and so Chrsitmasy in the red and white. Love your new ornaments. Great job.

  8. Thank you for sharing your stunning tree and being a part of the home tour. Super cute pic of the baby. Looks like you wore him out from a day of decorating. Maybe next year he’ll help!

  9. Your tree is stunning with the white and red. I love your ornaments you scored at Homegoods! I think I saw them at our store too! What an adorable photo of Emmett napping in front of your tree. You’ll love this as a memory when he gets older!

  10. Marti Collier says:

    Love your tree. Its beautiful.Love your blog.Thank you

  11. Well, no one mentioned your entryway, so I will (love the tree too though!). Thank you for showing that wall, because I now have an idea for my own entryway, which has nothing, and is so boring. Both of my homes thus far have been old INCO homes built in the 40s, and they definitely lack spacious entries. I wanted to at least put a couple of hooks on the wall, but this type of design will brighten up the wall itself. And, give me a ledge to put pretty things on!

  12. Lyn Dansak says:

    Your tree is stunningly beautiful! This is the first year that I considered buying a flocked tree, but did not see one I liked. Yours is beautiful! Would you share where you bought it?

  13. Lynn Scanlan says:

    Your tree is beautiful. Where did you buy it? Would love one like that. Thank you!!!


  14. Renee Farris says:

    Can you share which tree this is specifically? The site has so many to choose from but I would like this specific tree. Thank you. Everything is so beautiful!

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